Please do not change the original Lore!

It is possible that there will be an option to toggle between old and new graphics akin to StarCraft: Remastered (where pressing “F5” switched between the original and remastered graphics at will). This may not be possible, however, due to the complications of toggling between a sprite and 3D-based engine. However, it is intended that players will be able to switch between the different graphical settings, even if it’s not instant.

With that in mind as well as the fact that there’s cross-play and slaps you with a Warcraft 3 CD key. I’m going to make an absolutely absurd impossibly off the wall guess that both versions of the campaigns will be available with the new art.

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Then that would cause even more problems… like what if we want the original art?

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What if blizzard gives this option? (something I bet it will happen!)
War3 maps are fully compatible with Reforged.

Just keep in mind that the War3 player is also, for the most part, a WoW player.

And many others who have never played war3 (but have played WoW for years) will now play Reforged.

If an RTS game is not popular enough to give a huge return of investment, why in the hell are they making Warcraft 3 reforged!?

I said it before and I’ll say it again. Warcraft 1 and 2 had no story outside mission briefings and the manuals, they also had multiple endings. Warcraft 3 had lots of story and just 1 ending. You can easily continue from that 1 ending without retconning anything.

Chinese players and WoW players. This game tps into the potential markets that had never played WC3 and now have a reason to for purposes of catching up lore from the height of its potential - the story of the Lich King.

That’s practically the one and only reason why this game is being remade and not just getting a SC:R literal Remaster.

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So are you just being a numbskull on purpose now, or what? You legitimately just asked me how to play Warcraft 3, that game you’ve been playing for 16 years.

Why would WOW players jump to reforged just because of story changes? Why does the story even need to change to bring WOW fans in? None of what you are saying remotely makes sense, it’s way too generalized and inaccurate. Marketing sells games, not changing the story.

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So basically you can’t play online if you want the original art… that sounds fair… not. Also sounds like a massive hassle having to turn patches on and off… they should leave the original game alone…

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Yeah they should’ve just released Reign of Chaos on July 23rd, 2002 and never patched it.

Then when Frozen Throne came out on July 1st, 2003 they should have never patched it again either.

EDIT: In fact, Blizzard is a bunch of hack frauds. Why did they even make an expansion for Warcraft 3 in the first place?!

It didn’t have one ending. It had many open thread points all over the world.

There was no ending for Kael’thas and the Blood Elves - they just lost a battle at Northrend. What is the inevitable outcome? Would they all be turned into Darkfallen? Would he escape and redeem himself? Would he damn his people and turn them towards joining another faction like the Horde?

You can posit that the game should have had a different outcome, but just the same we might have had a potentially worse one like Arthas-Jaina’s baby becoming Luke Skywalker.

This is no different than you waiving away WC2 lore. Yeah, because it was obvious that because it had 2 endings, Orcs were definitely going to be honourable demon-corrupted race that wanted to take back its shamanistic roots, right? WC2 had a story to it. Alterac betrays the Alliance, Lothar is ambushed during a diplomatic mission, Gul’dan betrays the Horde. These are strong story beats no matter which ending became canonically true. WC3 undermined much of it by having its interment camps ending, which only served to paint the Orcs in a better light through the lethargy and paint the humans in a bad one with an abusive nature we’d never seen before.

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There’s patches to fix a game and then there’s patches to ruin a game… big difference.

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Yeah but they’re remaking parts of the campaign to fix the lore for the whole series.

hurrdurr checkmate i got u

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Yes there were things we didn’t know about… but there were certainly things we knew about and those could have lead to something. Arthas became the Lich King, this is certain.

Still a Warcraft 4 could tell us what happened to Kael’thas, did he die? If so is he with Arthas now as an undead?

Fix lore that doesn’t need fixing?

More like breaking the lore… but that wouldn’t be the first time would it?

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Again dude, 25 year old series with entries across all sorts of media. There’s a lot of context you’re choosing to be stubborn and ignorant about.

Hard to break lore you own, write, and dictate what’s canon and what isn’t.


That’s not Warcraft 4 though. That’s Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor 2. I think it’s definitely something fun to explore, but I also think Heroes of the Storm’s Altered Fates and Hearthstone’s Knights of the Frozen Throne were very interesting concepts too.

If we’re gonna assume a universe that ignores WoW then can I assume it ignores WC3 as well and just take WC2 down an evolutionary path that it should always had stayed on? The Dark Horde was always more interesting than native american Tauren and island trolls. Green Jesus was the worst thing that happened to the Horde.

Also I have my own interpretation of WC4 that would just barely touch on WoW as history that I think could work. I don’t think we need to abandon anything from WoW for the series to progress. Warhammer even did this multiple times.

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Actually it’s very easy to break lore, Blizzard are very good at doing it.

I know all of the lore that happened prior to WOW. I own the Archive, I have read it from beginning to end, I am not ignorant in the slightest.

Quote button exists for a reason, use it.

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It’s almost like, again, they own the IP and can do with it as they please. wow real shocker there. What’s next, someone remakes the Spider-man movies?

Except for the part where you continue to somehow let the ‘25 year franchise’ detail slip your mind or give a nice whoosh sound as it passes over your head.

Clearly you will defend Blizzard on every single thing.

Ever considered the possibility that Blizzard are wrong for ruining the lore?

It doesn’t matter how old it is, it should be faithful to the original. It’s called treating your fanbase and series with respect, something Blizzard doesn’t seem to do well at.

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Owning it doesn’t mean you’re doing a good job with it…

The point is, the lore is screwed up badly since WoW and 15 years of WoW don’t justify to impose that indescribable mess to Warcraft 3.


Why? There’s nothing worth quoting, unless you forgot what you said.

So is this the point where you’ve given up, just slap that label on me, and call it a day because you aren’t able to refute points anymore? Despite me saying earlier myself in the thread that Blizzard isn’t immune to critique, it’s just that we should wait to see what it is exactly we’re critiquing?

Never said they were, just that they can make changes as they wish.

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