1.30.4 Patch Notes?

There was a release today and no thread forum is open.


Maybe they even cancelled the last tiny bit of communication that was left :smiley:


i updated to 1.30.4 … but i cant find patch notes…

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i opened wc3 just a min ago and realized it too. strange there is no patch note :confused:

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To be honest, there was barely any communcation with the communtity to being with.

We were too fast :).

Too bad there are tons of bugs still to be fixed…

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What are those errors? When i find a 1v1 game, screen scratches menu pop up shows to quit the current match/game OR i find a game and i instantly got a win without playing a second and in stats and profile it is shown as a lose.
There are still maphackers and desynchackers out there

All in all currently the game is unplayable