1.30.4 Patch Notes

:smiley: why are you so super mad?

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Nice one, keep up the good work!
Dont listen to those ragekiddos and '19 will be fantastic!


Are they gonna fix any the issues before reforged comes out?

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And the Blizzard team probably isn’t paid to fix that one particular map that you want lol.
I’m just saying - if you want to make things go faster. Then complaining about it on forums is a far weaker way of doing it then helping test stuff and providing feedback from the PTR.
Otherwise, they’ll fix it when they get around to it. :]
Classic team is a small one and they don’t have much to work with probably. I get that you don’t care about their work conditions but that way of thinking goes right back at you, and so what you care or don’t care about doesn’t really matter to Blizzard. :}


… please give back ingame kick, ban or at least vote kick.

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Vote kick = love. At least that…

Thanks for all the updates. I love playing wc3 again!

Hail keepers

Ye, so accurate.


Dear Blizzard,

AT invitation is still not working. It stopped being fun 1 month ago.
Do you know what debugging is? Start using it



doesn’t seems to work

Pete, if you’re reading this, don’t give in to trolls, don’t acknowledge them because it is that when you lose, as long as you ignore the trolls nobody cares about them. Some people just complain about anything.


it does, !swap john steve

There is a workaround that seems to be working here


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I did test, as much as I could but I couldn’t get more people to test with me after the initial 2-3 games.

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Still waiting for proper balance patch. At the moment I don’t even bother playing against NE, just insta quit. Not very fun for Orc player if your only chance to stay alive is to keep all units in base until you have at least 2 walkers with adept training. Of course you’re getting destroyed by that time with mass huntresses/archers and cheap, overpowered KotG spells.


amount of dcs got down alot. Nice fix.

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Thank you for your work.
I only wish the balance changes were released faster.
No need for KOTG/NE to be broken for 6+ months.


Hi Pete,

Thanks for the update.

Is there anything in the works regarding ping playability from players in South America and the Oceanic (AUS/NZ) regions? Before bots enabled players from these regions to enjoy custom games with low ping. Now any custom game we join has over 400 ping which is higher than normal bnet games!

I know SC2 has a server based in Australia - is there any possibility that this server can be utilized for WC3 too?

Thanks a lot


Hmm but your example is not correct because there is not a slot number. Maybe name first then slot number?

Useless patch! I just joined 4v4 RT ladder in Northrend and was disconnected in 3 straight games, one stupid game against these team killers “ReadyToLose” and “TheWalkingPeons”. Seriously Blizzard, why don’t you take stern action against teamkillers? I never thought that after all this talk of upgrading the game and remastering, you guys broke the game patch after patch and refuse to address team killers which is the number 1 reason why people are hating on this game and your brand. Is time to wake up and do something Blizzard if you really care about your brand.