What's the most brain blasting discovery you've made in co-op?

Not sure if this has been mentioned or not, but if you get Regenerating Biosteel, your mech units actually gain the “biological” tag and will be able to get healed by medivacs and such.

Are you sure you weren’t just watching a Hellbat?

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Pretty sure my wraiths were the ones getting healed

Are you sure it was a medivac (Mengsk) and not a Raynor Medic?

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I could’ve sworn it was a medivac but now that you say it my memory probably just has holes in it.

Abathur’s Archangels gain biomass: The Archangels you get in Gift Exchange, like in the current mutation, pick up/get biomass if you’re playing as Abathur. Mine had 5415 HP, instead of the usual 1500 HP. Probably wasn’t fully biomassed up. https://imgur.com/T1WW6xt

(Will post weapon stats later, will need to check the replay.)

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I was thinking of sharing this after seeing people talk about how they want more maps:
I’m keeping track of the temperatures of my computer, and I noticed that Co-op make the temperatures go at lower peaks than Campaign or Versus, even when Stetmann/Zagara/Stukov go full lag.
Maybe there’s an unknown kind of optimization required of co-op maps that make them harder to create than imagined? The truth is and will remain out there though :flying_saucer:

Nova’s Perforator turrets do not detect stealth units. I never actually noticed that until I saw a ghost attempting to nuke my base next to one of the turrets…

I always thought they did for some reason.

Nowadays, I’m just thankful when my ally actually lays down magmines

Terran lifted structures like Baracks, CCs, Factories and Starports moves faster during chrono boost.

A bunch of missile turrets can take care of the 1st Pirate Ship in the mission where it appears, if the way things develop allow it.
Then the turrets can be salvaged (I think all turrets building commanders can salvage them).

Nah, more brain blasting than that is when you play SoA and start to reverse clear Slivers.

Then your ally goes for a different one amidst you half taking one down. Given that he went after a less contested, closer to main for reinforcement, with likely more firepower. The 2nd sliver you’ve been working on that’s almost to 0 Shield is now back to full cuz they were just slightly faster than you.

Then they keep going after a different Sliver (either oblivious or completely idiotic), so all game long you waste time and effort taking down shields 2-3x for no reason. And a game of sub-15min SoA turns into an almost 20min SoA. Meanwhile, all you can do is complete the mission twiddling your thumbs, while thinking unbelievably how many times this happens.

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Replayed the “Dead of Night”-like mission in WoL, and discovered that the reapers quotes are the same as Tychus, or they share a lot of them.

Tychus’ outlaws have no unique quotes

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I think H&H reapers also have the same quotes

What about Cannonball? Since the unit he is based off of is… basically nonexistent, would his quotes be unique?

Wiki says he’s based off the Terran Mercenary HERC. However, I haven’t played all the campaigns, so dunno if that ever made it in as a non playable unit.

You ever had this happen and instead simultaneously destroy two Slivers? It’s only happened to me once, but I’ve always wondered if it’s realistically possible to do it intentionally.

In other news, today I learnt that P2 Vorazun can destroy every trains by having Shadow Guard manually cast Void Stasis on it to de-sync a carriage. I didn’t discover but, but it sure as hell broke my mind. Also got me playing P2 Dark Archons, which can one base solo defend the main base surprisingly well with a Dark Pylon wall-off to assist.

Not for me despite the 500+ SoA. Although in theory this should be possible. I’m just generally stuck with the regenerated shield T.T

HERCs are units avaliable in one mission of Nova pack missions, I don’t remember if the quotes are the same but I’ll have a look.

Edit: The quotes are also the same, just played Tychus with cannonball and here you have the video about the HERC unit quotes.

h ttps://youtu.be/BievQ0VEdz0

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