Co-Op Mutation #267: Violent Night

You’d better watch out! Amon is exacting vengeance on those he deems naughty, and this most certainly includes you. There’s still plenty of reason to be jolly-it’s the season of giving, and there are gifts for everyone! But be warned: Amon does not like sharing.

Gift Exchange - Gifts are periodically deployed around the map. If you don’t claim them, Amon will!
Naughty List - Player units and structures take increased damage for each enemy they’ve killed.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Knowledge Seeker] Piky Devouring One
[CtG Evolution Master] [Aommaster Apex Predator]
[CtG Merchant of Death] Ziemson Renegade Commander
[CtG Network Administrator] Supertroller Lord of the Horde

Gift Spawn Timings:

  • 03:00
  • 05:10
  • 07:20
  • 09:30
  • 11:40
  • 13:50
  • 16:00
  • 18:10
  • 20:20
  • 22:30
  • 24:40
  • 26:50
Gift for Players [Randomly and separately determined for each player]: Gift for Amon [If Amon steals or claims the gift before the players do]:
Gas pickups [50gas each] are dropped. Number is 15+ game minutes elapsed A temporary mutator activates for 180 seconds
Activates Chrono Surge for the player Amon receives 30 Widowmines, burrowed Banelings, or Stasis Wards around the map
Player receives a free unit depending on race [Herc/Scout/Brood Queen] Amon receives 15 Scourge or Banelings, depending on whether the players have 5 air units
[MULE PARTY] in the player’s main base Amon receives a Hybrid army spawn, [5-8 Hybrid, depending on the game time]
Grants 10 layers of Avenger buff for one of the player’s units Amon receives an invincible Kill Bot that expires after 30 kills [50 kills, if after 10:00]
Clears Naughty List counter for all of the player’s units 5 current or future Shuttles receive Super Overcharge [80dps]
Player receives [an Archangel] All players’ units get half HP and damage for 60 seconds
[Everything is FREE] for 10 seconds
Fully heals all player’s units and structures, with constant healing for the next 60 seconds

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  • Any unit [including heroic] that gets 15 kills will receive 50% extra damage, then an additional 6% for any kills after that up to 150 kills [+860% damage received].
  • When a gift spawns, it will [appear on the minimap]. However, players [cannot begin to claim gifts] until 40 seconds after the gift spawns.
  • [Players must send any unit] near the gift and clear any nearby enemies to begin claiming it.
  • Claiming a gift takes 20 seconds.
  • Whenever players get two consecutive gifts, Amon always [steals the next one]. Players cannot stop Amon’s thievery. What a jerk.
  • A [red star thing] appears over units that will receive extra damage due to naughty list.

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Yay…Easy mutation to quick level my Prestige commander.

Zagara P1 on the way

Amon’s always on my naughty list… them sexy tentacles.


32,101,138 … this week 4th…

this week 1st clear Raynor P3+Tychus P1

Mutation (Violent Night) play list.

1st clear. Tychus P1 and Zagara P1. Archangel twice, Mule Party twice and all for free.

As if P1 Zagara weren’t already good enough lol. Can’t imagine doing this with Raynor bio. :joy:

We did it with Raynor P1 and Fenix P1: it was especially funny when we got 2X all for free in the beginning and my ally was maxed out on carriers at 5:20 :stuck_out_tongue: . Reynor P1 also works especially well here.

I would rate this one as Normal, definately not hard, and lightyears away from brutal let alone brutal + X.

Christmas on Memorial Day. WP blizzard.

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Easy one this time. Got it with Zagara P1 and ally Stukov P1.

Imagine an avenger stetralisk with stacks of the best oil.

This time, when I came with Zagara P1 in Hard, there was no surprise, easy map domination after all.
Got those useless Avengers (give them their air unit transformation, even if it’s a warp-like feature where the unit just take to the air, then is uncontrollable until reaching destination, and it will be worth it).
Amon played the has-been villain with his gifts, picked the Shrinking Ray™ twice, the little stalkers of my ally were so cute :heart_eyes:.
I clumsily and lazily built Hatcheries near each ship destination (microing queens and tumors felt too much bothering, though would have been more optimal), to set a bunch of defenses, but didn’t need them that much (good considering Naughty List apparently would affect structures if the description is right).

Easy XP, it’s only that Zagara anti-air suck (free banelings eat supply faster than free scourges, that eventually can’t spawn, having a lower priority, sort of).

~blinks~ What? Banelings also spawn 8 at a time vs 4 at a time with her P1. If you are at max supply, feel free to send them on a suicide run to make room for scourge.


Well, just disable the automatic spawn of banelings from its nest if you have a big amount of them until you need more.

Imagine Alarak’s Mamaship with avenger stack. :smiley:

2000 Health/ 2000 Shield
Machine gun attack speed
+3 armour
It also regens health

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This was fun, used Karax P2 for this with an allied Stetman P2. Actually glad he rushed super gary because amon managed to get an early hybrid wave. After that initial hurdle the rest of the mission was easy, especially since the gifts chained vespene and chrono waves, which of course I extended with my own chrono waves.

Done as P3 Alarak with a P3 Stukov ally. Enemy comp was Hydra Ultra Lurker. Just built eight Destroyers to have the regular Death Fleet count, and went for Ascendants and just a few Wrathwalkers otherwise.

My gifts were like three to four Scouts. :weary: At least they were affected by my Protoss upgrades, while the Archangel wasn’t.
1x Chrono Wave, 1x Healing and an Archangel just before the final waves. Amon’s stolen gifts were mostly Hybrids. For some reason the Stukov ignored the very first gift right above his expansion, which he already cleared out, then he got some Hybrid visitors. Helped him with Overcharge. Near the end, I also had Hybrid in my expansion, but I didn’t care since we were dealing with the final shuttles.

Alarak quickly was very high up on the naughty list. I heard his Sacrifice callouts quite a few times and had to make sure to spam Supplicants. The Mothership was fine, thanks to 9 range and massive shields.

On a sidenote, I recently had to switch out my old trusty mouse (USB has gone weak), and I’m still getting used to the new mouse. It’s weird, even though I have the same dpi.

Was pretty fun. My ally and I also typed “Merry Christmas” at the same time when the game started.

Did this as P3 Karax with P0 Artanis. Being able to spam Solar Lance was nice. Saving Purifier Beam for big waves was nice too! I didn’t even have to do any level updates (save for at Solar Forge). Towers set up would’ve been our backup plan, but Artanis ally was intercepting shuttles mostly before they reached then.

I’m going to play this one repeatedly not only to go towards Brutation wins, but it was also quite fun! I ended up getting three archangels! :open_mouth:


Another game with lv10 Zeratul, got 2 “everything is free” sprees. Mass X’N Ambushers/Stalkers for the first one, and mass X’N Enforcers/Immortals for the 2nd one :sunglasses: (probably the only time I’ll have 12 of them)

went in with level 10 p3 dehaka, come out 2 levels richer :grin:I don’t like being dismissive of my allies normally, but I had a level 1 fenix ally who only made zealots against sky zerg on void launch. I had to solo it pretty much but it’s a fun mutation. gg’d my ally at the end for trying his best, he seemed to be a new player.


On the first attempt, we didn’t bother with the first gift and it spawned a killbot. It ate my 3 stalkers and my ally’s handful of supplicants. We both quit out by the 4 min mark. Those first two gifts can really make or break the mission, don’t ignore them.

The 3rd attempt demonstrated how gift randomness can dictate the match. By the end of the game, I had and Avenger, and me and my ally both had an Archangel. Those were in addition to everything is free, vespene rain and a chronoboost. I don’t need to say that we steamrolled that match.