What's the most brain blasting discovery you've made in co-op?

So, today I learned Alarak can overcharge stetellites, which means you both get shields, heals, AND an anchor for some extra firepower, which is just… awesome in every way. What things did YOU discover that made your brain just explode in a total “OH!!!” moment?


That’s pretty good, ever have a Stukov walk a Barracks into an enemy base where you both infest and overcharge it?


Umm off the top of my head holding shift to give units strings of commands. Especially to build stuff. I played for a good long while before I knew about that.

Particular to co op would probably be…nothing. I’ve got nothing. Anything that blew my mind would be classified under “using the commander’s kit correctly,” like planting and then salvaging turrets to clear an xpac with Swann.


Oh hell yes! Bullets and broodlings and lasers like WHAT’S UP B*TCHEEEES!!!
Did you know this works on bunkers? Infest and overcharge it then uproot it =)

What took me a long time to figure out was that if you get matched with a player who is playing a harder difficulty you get the average of your and your partners difficulty bonus. So if you are playing casual and your partner is playing brutal you get a 50% bonus and their bonus is 100% and the actual difficulty is half way between casual and brutal.


Whaaaaaaa??? How did you confirm this??

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Swann can start Tech Reactors while training a unit.

Stukov’s bunkers can load nearby Infested Marines.


Not specific to coop but I didn’t know you could hold down the button to instantly fill the build queue. It’s a game changer for mass producing units especially for commanders like Zagara, Mengsk, and Raynor who have to spam units.


Raynor can use Swann’s tech rectors.

Mengsk toxic calldown can actually reveal cloaked units.

Alarak’s Havocs can provide range aura buff to air units while inside war prism.


Consider me brain blasted.


A Brutalisk can fit inside an overlord while the Symbiote sadly floats outside.


Alarak can overcharge his warp prism while it’s deployed. A portable pylon, sort of. No need to hope for Stukov or Stetmann partner.


Well, you can overcharge or infest Hyperion’s drones too. Deployed Warprisms can’t be infested sadly, however.

Barracks and Bunkerlisks are fun cause they can walk while doing it though.

But yes, Warprisms and overcharging is a very useful trick to Alarak, it was quite the entertaining addition when they revamped Alarak.


Especially useful if you need to turn more swarmlings (Zagara) than the selection screen can display into banelings (was also true in Heart of Swarm).

Regarding discoveries:

  • I once thought Karax Energizers resurrected mechanical units with Reclamation, so I never used it for a long time. But it was really just a mind control for living mechanical units after all.
  • At first, I didn’t know that Stukov Infest Structure don’t disable allies buildings and even provide them with self-healing.
  • Flame throwers (default being Prima Igniters) are a superb sight when Dehaka with Devouring One provide them with extra range in Dead of Night
  • Terran SCV somehow can repair Protoss buildings, but Protoss still don’t have their own repairers.
  • In the map with Void Slivers, that destroying the slivers in some order change the path of the Giant Warp Prism is both a brain-blasting and bonus-objective-unit blasting discovery sometimes

I noticed that if you infest a flying build the broodlings seem to fly too

It’s an old one, but still quite a stark contrast to Versus/Ladder…
There’s no friendly fire! Nuke, Storm, blast away! Quite a change since in Versus, Lings and Zealots will do things like rush into Terran bio, but their own Tanks end up doing more damage to their own units then Zerglings and Zlots ever would!

Granted, there’s still “explicit friendly fire”. In the heat of battle on DoN Brutation, as Artanis, I defended my ally’s base, but accidentally A-clicked on his Joeray’s Bar structure. I stopped in time to keep it from being destroyed, but it was in the red. I pinged him that he needed to repair that.


I forgot about this. There was this one time a Swann built tech reactors and let me used it. This was a wow moment for me, both the usage and how nice the person was.


That Should be made to work like Abathur/Kerrigan Omega Worms/Network (when Swann Gets Tech Reactors, all his Terran allies should get Tech Reactors… although Raynor is the only one it would help)


My brain-blasting discovery is how a Ghost in Oblivion Express can aim their nuke behind your primary base.

Fortunately I discovered where from the ghost aims now.
Link: Starcraft 2 Blind Nuke Spot in Oblivion Express - YouTube


Not recent… but It was a brain-blasting when I discovered you can reflect the cannons and even the stunt towers of Zeratul

And not a brain-blasting, but it was useful to know that you can Snipe with Nova those annoying Red Pylons on the Scythe of Amon mission