The game loading time after patch 5.0.0 is too long. The sound disappears during the game

The game loading time after patch 5.0.0 is too long. The game load in about 15-45 minutes. I have also sound problem. The sound disappears during the game. After that 3-4 minutes of playing without sound, the computer no longer responds and game freezed. So far there have been no problems. I have no technical problems in ather games.

I have the same problem. The game load in about 10 mins. after patch. I reinstalled the game a few times and I updated graphic drivers but I could not fix it. Any idea?

Hey, TigrMan! For the loading issues, it sounds very much like something we’ve seen come up again.

The sound issue could be relevant, but it’s definitely a bit different from what we’ve seen with the loading problems. Do you run into the same issue if you try an alternative connection or if VPNs are allowed in your area, does that make any difference to the loading or sound issues? If neither of those are an option, does it help to try offline mode or disconnect the internet for a bit?

Hi Caterpepi, thank you for response.
The sound issue, i think has caused because i had 32 bit, 96000 Hz. I downgrade property to 16 bit, 48000 Hz. After that game works without problem. Still weird, why this cause problems.

Running issue still a problem. Oc course it’s helps, to disconect internet connection and after game has started, again to conect it. This is not very confortable to do that every time.

Thanks for the details and giving those a try, TigrMan! Glad to hear the sound issues were resolved with the sample rate changes :slight_smile:

You’re definitely not the only one running into the loading issue. The internet disconnect and reconnecting is only a workaround for the issue, not a resolution to the problem. The issue before did require our team to look into this issue and with us seeing reports for this issue again, we’ll likely need our developers and engineers to intervene on the situation.

We’re gathering information for our team now on that thread, if you wanted to add the details there, we can get this information sent up to our team.

Hi Caterpepi,

today i have same issues with sound, now with low bitrate. The game crashed and I got a message that “You were dropped out” after the sound disappeared about 2-3min. I tried to make a video, but the compiuter just did’t respond at all. After the sound disappeared Ii tried ctr-s to switch it on and off and nothing happend, I even didn’t get a message whether the sound was off or on. After restarting the application on the main screen of SC2 all icons had disappeared and I got this error message: “We are currently investigating reports of login issues. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN on Twitter for further updates.” I made a screen shot, and can send it to you if you need this. Also all my options in SC2 were reset - graphic, sound, etc. This happened twice only in sc2, other applications did’t cause this problem.
Best wishes TigrMan