Portraits mismatches - Reports & workarounds - TY bugfix team!

This thread aims to report avatars related issues ; and to provide a match-table as a work-around for users (and possibly a speed-up for the devs).


Two issues have been reported :

1 - Websites <-> ingame avatars mismatches :

EDIT : that bug has been fixed (11-2020)

The forums’ portrait/avatar doesn’t matches with the one selected ingame. For example Gronkmen’s displays the Trophy avatar while he has Carbot marine selected, and I the Kerrigan XelNaga avatar while I have Stars’ party selected.

    • At first it was believed to be an NA forum related issue, but it seems to originate from ingame <-> profile website lists mismatches as it applies to EU & the profiles interfaces as well, and as most often the forums’ ones do match the profile websites’.
    • 2020-10-04 : The mismatches aren’t bi-directional (mirrored). For example selecting Ornatus ingame produce the Queen of Blades of the websites, but selecting the Queen of Blade ingame does not leads to Ornatus.
    • 2020-10-11 : the portraits are in fact mismatched by batches, with the 8th batch leading to black avatars, and the 9th and above being systematically mismatched by +1. For example Carbot Marine, which is placed as 0 in the 13th batch, leads to the Unknow WCS Trophy blue, which is also 0th but in the 14th batch. Avatars which would’ve been in the 14th batch ingame are them shifted to a 15th batch, which doesn’t exists, leading to 0404/empty website portraits. I suspect the websites’ object lists around the 8th or 9th batch to be the source of the issue. Detailed batches mismatches below.
    • 2020-10-18 : as I suspected, the batch °8 is the transitional one :
      — Batch °8 portraits from 0 to 7 (some Classic/Cerberu/Ihan-rii portraits) aren’t mismatched.
      — Batch °8 portraits from 8 to 35 are black avatars. Among those are the WCS 2019 portraits.
      — There are missing references which seem nowhere to be found (such as the Tyrador Thor or the Cerberus Lurker), which were also supposedly uploaded in 2019.
      My theory is that there was an error during the 2019 re-upload of the batch °8 which uploaded black avatars instead of the WCS 2019 ones. And that this led the system not to have enough place for the missing references, interposing a virtual °9 web batch which doesn’t exists ingame. And thus, shifting all the web batches ≥ 9 from exactly +1.
  • Since about the 5-7 of November 2020, that issue seems to have been fixed on the profiles websites. Kudos for the concerned technical teams. :+1:

For those being mostly on NA for the forums/community, at match table is being built below, to inform you which selection leads to the desired portrait, until the bug is fixed. That bug has been fixed since 11-2020.

2 - Stalled avatars :

EDIT 12-2020 : that bug has been mostly fixed. If you’re still among the few profiles still affected, see below (2020-16-12) :

Some users don’t have any US forum avatar detected, despite having played on NA in the past. Others have their account stuck to an old portrait.

  • It doesn’t seems to be fixed by playing recent NA ranked games, nor to a particular status (MVP for example).

  • 2020-09-21 : The portraits seems to be stalled only on the forum, as there have been reports of avatars being stuck on the default forum one despite being mismatched to non default one in the profile website and ingame.

  • 2020-10-04 : There might be a workaround based on the interactions of the profiles systems of different regions. I will describe it here once we’ve confirmed its reliability, but in the meanwhile see below.

  • 2020-11-02 : since the 23 & 26-10-2020 new waves of stalled avatars did hit the forums, and now do affect ≈ 50% of profiles. It now seems independent from any ingame behavior (ranked, unranked, recent activity or portrait selected, including the older ones). Subsequent to this, the workarounds found previously seem not to be effective anymore. Changing or resetting an account’s password to forcefully refresh it also fails. It is suspected it is due to minor website profile changes while not updating simultaneously the forums.

  • 2020-11-11 : the stalled forums avatar bug persists despite the logins issues being fixed for the forums (and the mismatched avatars reuploaded on the profile websites). We can hereby conclude this is an independent worldwide forums issue.

  • 2020-12-09 : it seems the stalled avatars bug has now been fixed for most users !
    To get your avatar back, simply do one of those two refresh maneuvers :
    ◦ Log out and back in.
    ◦ Delete your browsers’ cookies, and log back in.
    Thank you, bugs fixing & forums teams !! :star2: :+1:

  • 2020-12-16 : some of the few, older profiles still affected are getting fixed as well.
    If your profile still displays a stalled avatar :
    1 - Try refreshing your profile (log-out and back in, or delete your browser’s cookies).
    2 - If that doesn’t work, try changing your NA avatar ingame.
    3 - If there’s still no change, post a message on this thread or open a ticked with the tech support (and link them to this thread). It’s possible some profiles require manual fixing, and those are ways to catch their attention. :slight_smile:
    For all those now enjoying their avatars back, thank the bugs-fixing teams !

Here’s the original thread.

Those are quite minor inconveniences (and I’m fine with my mismatched avatar, personally), but as it seems lots of people are affected, it seems legit to report it so that when more pressing matters are settled, it gets a bit of attention. :mag:


EDIT : since the issue has finally been fixed (11-2020), this match-table is of course obsolete.


Non mismatched batches :

  • batch 0 IG —> 0 web (Katchinsky, Cade, Tychus artifact)
  • batch 1 IG —> 1 web (classic protoss)
  • batch 2 IG —> 2 web (ladder view)
  • batch 3 IG —> 3 web (Stats WCS 2017)
  • batch 4 IG —> 4 web (Bob Toss)
  • batch 5 IG —> 5 web (iNcontroL)
  • batch 6 IG —> 6 web (TY WCS 2018)
  • batch 7 IG —> 7 web (classic zealot, 9th anniversary)

Batches shifted by +1 :

  • batch 9 IG —> 10 web (Lucky 7)
  • batch 10 IG —> 11 web (Void Ray)
  • batch 11 IG —> 12 web (Aberration)
  • batch 12 IG —> 13 web (Banshee lvl 17)
  • batch 13 IG —> 14 Web (Stars party, Carbot series)
  • batch 14 IG —> 15 = 0404 web (Adept lvl 45)


  • Portraits 0->7 -> non mismatched
  • Portraits 8->35 -> black avatars (WCS 2019)
  • Missing references (other 2019 additions)


It may take some time before the devs take a look to it. So meantime, for those of us who exchange on the US forums, it might be useful to know what ingame portrait links to what forum avatar. It may also speed-up the fixing of the issue, when the time finally comes to address it. Anyway, here are the correspondences established so far :

    INGAME                        —>        FORUMS


10th anniversary [NA EU]        —>     Egg hunt protoss [9-27]
2016 Summer Championship [NA]   —>     2016 Summer Championship    
7 Lucky number [NA 9-33]        —>     Lion Marine [10-33]
9th anniversary [NA 7-30]       —>     9th anniversary
Aberration team 250 [NA 11-10]  —>     Marine Lvl 3 [12-10]
Adept XP Lvl 45 [NA 14-31]      —>     0404 (nothing) [15-31]
Adjutant Classic                —>     WCS TRUE (World championship Spectator9-18)
Adjutant Katowice Ink [NA]      —>     Adjutant Katowice Ink
Aldaris Classic [NA]            —>     Violet WCS 2016 [9-20]
Archon Katowice [NA]            —>     Archon Katowice
Banshee Lvl 17 [NA,EU 12-15]    —>     Templar TV [13-15]
Battlecruiser Classic [NA 8-4]  —>     Battlecruiser Classic
Battlecruiser solo 750[NA 10-2] —>     Executor team 250 [11-2]
Bob Toss [NA 4-19]              —>     Bob Toss


Cade [NA 0-1]                   —>     Cade
Carbot Marine [NA 13-0]         —>     Unknown WCS trophy [blue 14-0]
Carbot Zealot [EU 13-1]         —>     Unknown WCS trophy [yellow 14-1]
Carbot Zergling [NA 13-2]       —>     Keystone [artifact 14-2]
Carrier solo 750 [NA 10-10]     —>     Aberration team 250
Cerberus Lurker [NA]            —>     Byun WCS Champion 2016 [9-24]
Classic WCS 2019 [NA]           —>     0404 (black portrait 8-12)
Dark WCS 2019 [NA]              —>     0404 (black portrait)
Dark Voice                      —>     Archon team 750
Defenders of Man [NA 2-10]      —>     Defenders of Man
Dehaka Zerus                    —>     Dehaka Zerus
Diablo Marine Devoted [NA]      —>     Diablo Marine Devoted
Diamondback solo 1000 [NA]      —>     Diamondback solo 1000


Ghost Lvl 21 [NA]               —>     Ghost Ultimate Boss
Ghost Ultimate Boss [NA]        —>     Solar Core
Gosu Zerg Trophy [NA]           —>     Vorazun Matriarch
Gumiho WCS 2017 [NA]            —>     Gumiho WCS 2017 
Hall                            —>     Kachinsky
Heromarine WCS 2019 [NA]        —>     0404 (black portrait 8-16)
Ihan-rii executor [NA]          —>     Stukov Monster Mash [9-25]
Immortal solo 100 [NA]          —>     Infested colonist Team 25
Infestor                        —>     Kerrigan Level 29 (primal Zerg)
iNcontroL [NA 7-5]              —>     iNcontroL


Kachinsky [NA]                  ->     Kachinsky [0-0]
Kerrigan Lvl 29 (primal)[NA1-22]—>     Gul'dan Legionnaire
Kerrigan Sarah [EU]             —>     Kerrigan Sarah
Keystone (artifact) [NA]        —>     0404 (nothing)
Ladder view from top [NA EU2-22]—>     Ladder view from top
Lowko caster [NA]               —>     Lowko caster
Marine solo 10                  —>     Viper Swarm beta 
Mutalisk solo random            —>     Goliath random team
Nova Hologram [NA]              —>     Nova Hologram
Nova solo 1000 [NA]             —>     Mohandar team 500


Ornatus [NA]                    —>     Queen of Blades solo 1000
Overmind Classic [NA]           —>     WCS TY (World championship spectator)
Panda Marine [NA,EU]            —>     Panda Marine
Phoenix solo 50 [NA]            —>     Drone team 10
Proleague 2016 [NA]             —>     Proleague 2016
Protoss 15 years [NA 1-30]      —>     Protoss 15 years (classic)
Queen of Blades solo 1000 [NA]  —>     Warhound Swarm Beta
SCret admirer [NA]              —>     SCret admirer
SCV team 10 [NA]                —>     SCV team 10
Selendis team 750 [NA]          —>     Oracle Lvl 14
Sentry Ihan-rii [NA]            —>     Egg Hunt terran [9-26]
Siege Tank Special Forces [NA]  —>     Siege Tank Special Forces
Stalker solo 25 [10-5]          —>     Artanis team 1000 [11-5]  
Stars party [NA 13-14]          —>     Kerrigan Ascended (Xel'naga)[14-14]
Stats WCS 2017 [NA 3-27]        —>     Stats WCS 2017
Swan Master Mechanic [EU,NA]    —>     Swan Master Mechanic	
Swarm Host Lvl 14               —>     Khalai Chinese Collector


Tassadar solo 1000 [NA EU]      —>     Brood Lord team 500
Templars TV                     —>     Karax Darkness purged
Terran symbol Lvl 50 [NA]       —>     0404 (nothing)
Tespa Collegiate Hero [NA]      —>     Tespa Collegiate Hero
Thatcher [NA]                   —>     Thatcher
Tiger Marine [NA]               —>     Tiger Marine
Tracer [NA]                     —>     Tracer
Trap WCS 2019 [NA]              —>     0404 (black portrait)
TY WCS 2018 [NA 6-23]           ->     TY WCS 2018
Tyrador Ghost color [NA 7-35]   —>     Tyrador Ghost color
Tychus Artifact [NA,EU 0-18]    —>     Tychus Artifact
Tyrador Thor [NA]               —>     Nova Covert Ops 3 [9-22]
Tyrael marine [NA]              —>     Tyrael Marine
Ultralisk Lvl 27 [NA]           —>     Ultralisk Lvl 27
Ultralisk solo 750 [NA]         —>     Tempest Beta
Ursula Legacy                   —>     Ursula Legacy


Void Ray solo 250 [NA]          —>     Infested Terran Team 50
Vulture team 50 [NA]            —>     Vulture
Wardi Adjutant [NA]             —>     Wardi Adjutant
Wizard Templar [EU]             —>     Wizard Templar 
Wolf Marine [NA]	            —>     Roach solo 25
Zagara Mission officer          —>     0404 (nothing)
Zealot Chef [NA]                —>     Infestor solo 500
Zealot Classic [NA 7-33]        —>     Zealot Classic
Zerg Symbol Lvl 50 [NA]         —>     0404 (nothing)
Zergling solo 10 [NA]           —>     Swarm Host Lvl 14
Zest WCS 2018 [NA 6-24]         —>     Zest WCS 2018
Zurvan Lvl 30                   —>     Zurvan lvl 30

V0.6 - (2020-10-18)

A list of the available avatars can be found in StarCraft Wiki. :diya_lamp:

If you’re affected by the bug, please report here which avatar your selected ingame (NA).


I’m one who is stuck on the generic SCII insignia. Over 3 accounts:

This account (MVP) - stuck on generic/unchangeable
2nd account (not MVP) - stuck on generic/unchangeable
3rd account (not MVP) - displays selected/changeable

…so it’s doesn’t seem to be MVP related.

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You can use my account as an example. I most definitely don’t have this avatar chosen in game. Additionally, my account is very old (if that matters).

I am in the same boat as Pythagoras who also seems to be a Starcraft veteran.

My own US account isn’t that old, so I think the avatars mismatchs are something general on the website.

Leviathan’s case is different, as he has an avatar selected, but which still is displayed as if none were.

I relogged after my 30 days saved info expired and yet again my portrait was force-ably changed to what you see now. And of course it won’t change no matter what I set it to.

I think it would change if you de-logged, changed your US region avatar ingame, and then relogged 24H after. But my guess is that it still wouldn’t be the avatar selected (in my case the Stars party -> Kerrigan Xel’Naga). :thinking:

I’ve tried re-logging and changing my avatar several times now and it still persists.

You’d have to stay for more than 12-24H for the ingame avatar change to be taken in account ; not only relogging. Anyway, if you did that it could mean the some accounts are bugged with a still avatar issue, comparable to the one of Leviathan. :thinking:

SC2 profile bugs still exist.

And it may for a while. That’s a very low priority bug, on a website which is itself low priority compared to the game itself. We’ll have to be patient ! At least it’s reported now. :face_with_monocle:

Keep it coming:

Added a correspondence table so that website users may know what ingame avatar matches which forum one. :bulb:

If everyone affected by the bug could mention here which avatar he selected ingame, we might end-up knowing exactly which avatar to select, or speeding up the fixing for the devs.

Hey Jaycee, could you remind us what avatar did you select ingame ?

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v0.2 - 20-09-2020 :

  • 8 added to the match-table : Adjutant classic, Artanis team, Banshee lvl 17, Dehaka Zerus, Hall, Mutalisk random, Overmind classic, Zurvan lvl 30
  • Thread updated and reworked.
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My current one. I’m stuck with the SCII logo on the forum. My in-game avatar on NA is the Void Ray pilot (250 1v1 protoss wins).

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The difficult point in your case is that you might be affected by the stalled avatar bug and so we can’t conclude that the Void Ray solo 250 leads to SC2 insignia.

So I took the liberty of checking your website profile, and compared it with your ingame NA one. And did get :

This one ingame (D3, MMR 3303) :

And this one on the profile website (D3 MMR 3303 as well) :

From that we can deduce :

  • That the stalled avatar bug is a forum issue only (as it does not affect the website profile).
  • That the Void Ray solo 250 ingame is mismatched with the Infested Terran team 50.

I’ll update the first post next Sunday, but the things are getting clearer. I will use the opportunity to check the rest of your clan’s avatars. :thinking:
Thanks for your report ! :smiley:

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You’re welcome! Not sure how I feel about my MMR currently!

Bah it’s still a diam MMR, and lose-streaks happen. Additionally the global ladder MMR tends to decrease in leagues below master. Anyway, spotting possible issues in your style, and working-upon them is the only way outta this one. :wink:

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That works for me - I’m better at identifying bugs and trying to reproduce them than I am at playing this game. Well, here’s another one to squash!

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Glad to see someone trying to understand how this bug works :smile:

My ingame avatar is Swann’s portrait from the Master Mechanic achievement, on both my EU account (main) and NA (made just to see if it’d change).
But on three forums (US, EU-EN & FR) it’s also blocked on the SCII default (at least for me), maybe because my accounts are recent.
Is it just the “stalled avatar bug”, or is my avatar mismatched too? (is there a way to check your own profile?)

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