Known Mac Technical Support Issues

Hey there, everybody!

We’ll be using this forum thread to track known technical support issues, like conflicts which cause performance errors, crashes, and connection problems. Check out the list below, and please take a look at these known issues before creating a new topic! Additionally, more bug-related issues can be found in the Bug Report Forum’s Sticky.



Crashing on Launch “Quit Unexpectedly”

We are aware of an issue where the client may crash due to conflict with your Mac OS Computer Name. The developers are working on a resolution to this issue. To work around the error, you can change your computer’s name. Further updates can be found in this thread as they become available.

Crashing or freezing issues on MacOS Catalina with Radeon Graphics
We are aware of the performance and crashing issues for MacOS Catalina. Please check out this thread for future updates and information.

Mouse Scrolling/Panning not working after 4.12
There have been reports of being unable to use the scroll or panning after the patch. We are tracking reports and workarounds regarding this issue on this thread.

We’ve currently seen the following workarounds that may temporarily fix the issue:

  • Use CMD + TAB and CMD + TAB back into the game.
  • Try windowed mode using CMD+M
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