Crashing on Launch for Mac OS Users After Patch 2.44

We are aware of an issue where the client may crash due to conflict with your Mac OS Computer Name. The developers are working on a resolution to this issue. To work around the error, you can change the name of your computer. Further updates can be found in this thread as they become available.

  1. On Mac Apple menu, go to System Preferences/Sharing
  2. Change Computer Name to something different.
  3. Click on Edit and then Okay.
  4. Close Preferences window.
  5. Test game again.

FYI the map editor crashes when you try to resize the window. (on mac)

That worked! Thanks!


Thanks that helped. But I think that this is not an elegant solution. One of my games should not define the name of my whole system.

This did not work for me. Mine crashes at the same spot every time during the legacy of the void campaign… right after the “brothers in arms” mission.

imac - 16gb - catalina

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That may be your problem. Catalina is giving lot of issues, specially when you play on ultra. In my case it gave three kernel panic in a row, and one just for having my laptop idle. Y downgrade to Mojave and my life is good now.

Did the rename, updated to Mojave from High Sierra, uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, using both Blizzard uninstaller and a third party uninstaller. No, change still crashes on launch.

This helped. Thanks a lot!

I have no idea why a computer name, aka hostname, is required to start SC2. Other multiplayer games don’t have that requirement.

For some unknown reasons, macOS can forget the name of the computer it’s running on. When you follow Blizzard’s instructions to change the computer name, then you may find that your computer seems to be named “Mac Pro” or “MacBook Pro” — but that is only a placeholder. What Blizzard should do is, instead of letting SC2 crash, give the user the explicit instruction to rename the computer.

A workaround is known, the exception cause is identified; all it takes are a few lines of code.

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This works. No idea why. Ran 2 updates on MacOS Catalina, first time formatting computer helped. Now after another Catalina update (15.5.5), I have changed my computer name as descirbed in this issue and IT WORKED. No idea why, though.

Worked for me! Such a weird solution. Thanks!

Da brat mir einer nen Storch! Auf meinem nagelneuen iMac 2020 27" lief alles - außer SC2. Auch hier: Ändern des Computernamens (Systemeinstellungen => Freigaben) und den Namen des Rechners geändert.


Great information! I was able to resolve my crashing game problem in my Mac by changing the name of my computer :slight_smile: