@DEVs - Prestige 'progression' system was VERY unclear

The way I saw and read about the system… by prestiging I would gain 1 talent point to CHOOSE which 1 of the 3 additional modes/talents I wanted… and if I wanted all 3 new modes/talents, I would have to prestige 3 times.

Instead, what I got was a progression system… where the one i want is gated behind a different one, which I did not want and won’t even try.

This feels like a major bait and switch.


I don’t know if I’d call it a bait and switch, but I am also disappointed to learn that there is a set order that they can be unlocked in. I’m a very casual SC2 player (I have 73 levels of mastery in co-op), so realizing that for some commanders I would need to level them from 1 to 15 three whole times just to unlock the 1 talent that compliments my preferred playstyle? That made this super unappealing.


It’s not clear on the fact that you cannot choose. However, it does say “prestige level 0” right under where you would activate the reset. And the reset does double check with you twice that you want to do this.

I’d caution anyone who isn’t reading things more carefully to think twice, I guess.

I wish you can choose the order of your prestige


I completely agree. A few I considered using are 3rd level Talents and to be perfectly honest I’m just not going to bother working towards it, to much of a grind through things that I have no intention of using just to slightly alter my playstyle (for example, I want Swann’s 3rd talent but I don’t NEED it, I can still do Hercules + Siege Tanks without the Hercules buff).

Honestly this patch was just rushed through for the anniversary and I don’t think the devs actually care about our feedback so I’m not holding my breath for a change any time soon.


Also agree about the order of these. Different people like different prestige options, would be nice to unlock a specific one first.


I also thought it would be a prestige point you can spend to unlock one prestigie talent. And I have to say, even if I like the fact that you have something new meaningfull to do in Co-Op, I would have preferred to be able to choose which talent i want to unlock and which not.


I feel bad cuz I’m sure many didn’t check the PTR, and without it you could definitely fall into this “I reset but now I’m level 1 and getting to prestige 3 will take a lot of work”.

I really wanna try out Abathur’s unlimited ultimate evolutions but I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally do not want to play him three times over from 1 to 15.


You realise no one here is saying they don’t like going back to level 1, that’s not the point in the topic. The point in the topic is that you should be allowed to select the order you unlock talents, it shouldn’t be structured so that you HAVE to prestige 3 times to unlock the 3rd talent, if you want the 3rd talent only then you should be allowed to select that 1st.

I was gonna just let it slide but twice now you’ve said in this topic about people not reading or not understanding that they go back to level 1 as though we don’t actually read (some don’t, no one on here has said it though).


Can I mark this (edit; The post above… I tried to quote it but F) as the answer to the thread? <3 Yattien

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Posts with the same sentiment.

Really, that’s the only place where it indicates that it might be tiered/sequential. Everything else around this (the announcement, the UI) does seem to imply picking the prestige you’d want. Apart from being displayed vertically, there’s no indicator that it’s ordered, or any number associated/displayed with it. Prestige “level” could also just have meant how many of the 3 were unlocked, rather than Prest 1, 2, 3.

People who didn’t realise they’d be reset to lvl 1 - that’s on them. That part was pretty clear.

Playing on PTR is when I found out it was ordered. That’s still = :frowning:


I started Swann as first cause i really like the “third” prestige which is about Hercules transports.

Imagine my surprise when i got forced into the first one (imho worst one in the game and most boring one) and i have to grind 1-15 THREE times before i can try out the Hercules prestige…

Blizzard you can’t be this thick and out of touch with reality…
Making us grind in RTS for gameplay mechanics is already bad but the fact you do not let players choose their first prestige is mind boggingly dumb.

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What exactly is your issue with me? This is literally all I said…
I feel bad cuz I’m sure many didn’t check the PTR

And as a result of that it’s easy to reset without realizing you can’t choose the prestige… and as such now trapped into a grind x3 to reach the one prestige they like.

This is what I mean that you people are projecting so f’ing hard, I really don’t even know what to say anymore.

Like is it not possible to be a sensible human being like Aneroid’s post? Read what is written rather than make up a villainous story about how I’m your big bad? Lol, I’m so… lmao not sure what it is even xD.

Imagine my surprise when i got forced into the first one (imho worst one in the game and most boring one)

TBF Vorazun’s 2nd prestige is practically unplayable and Stetmann’s 3rd prestige literally does not function, so Swann 1 isn’t the worst.

Also I’ve found that a laser that slows, burns crowds, and empties bunkers is kinda neat - I like having a bit more utility with my mapwide support. But I would be in favor of a bit more gameplay - like, make it ground-targeted, so you don’t have to spin up over and over when clearing crowds - and it could use a bit more numerical strength, too. I think the splash falls off too fast.

(Swann 2 is the least interesting, IMO. Turrets??? Seriously??? Swann’s turrets are boring as hell! He has other worthwhile archetypes to look into!)

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I don’t think I will even bother to lvl some of them. Someone like myself that works and doesn’t get home late in the afternoon I really really don’t want to keep shooting myself by resetting the commanders to 1 because I just want to -try- a commanders prestige


And that’s why there is M’s maps.

I agree, they should make it so you gain 1 prestige point and able to select which set to unlock by using 1 prestige point.

Having to prestige 3 times if you really like and want to use prestige set #3 will take you a very long time of grinding, which in the end will deter you from even going for it.


I’m sure people being people will simply spend that 1 point on the one they like and never do the others.

That said, I party with different friends online and already have reached prestige 3 (just one commander tho). I mean everyone will have different progress cuz of life stuff, but the post prestige play is a long and indefinite time. That’s plenty to still enjoy the reward.

I chose two commanders that I like the most and will prestige these. Others can stay as is. If grind gets easier in time, there are two more I like, but that’s about it. No point grind them all if you play 90% of time specific commanders.

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