Re-leveling 54 times MUST go

I changed my mind, wanted to point out the hypocrisy. Is it okay with you that I comment my thoughts?

Or is it trolling because I disagree with you?

Must be cool for you to keep calling others a troll.

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Remember everyone, We should be happy to spend literal days of leveling just be able to access the smallest portion of the new content. We should be happy to play commanders at low levels where they are missing core aspects of their design, and gameplay. We should be happy they gated this content behind an arbitrary order of progression. We should happy that new content exists at all, regardless of implementation.

Or maybe we should have some standards for the games we play, and the way they are managed, and developed by their creators.

This is what? The 10th thread about this exact same issue? This is very clearly not some small group of players, that can be easily ignored. A lot of players are upset about the implementation of this latest wave of content. But the same people (FearrWhalins, BurnD, Holo, and more…) come in to every thread about this, and they tell the masses that they should stop complaining, and just be happy. We shouldn’t complain about anything. We should all just accept it. We should just take whatever is given to us without question, or preference . . .


I think we’re likely to see some adjustments to the system.

That said, it’s not even been out a week yet and I’ve already leveled to 15 4 times and 2 other commanders are level 7 - meaning I’m about 8% complete already out of 54 Prestige. Today my friend and I started Zeratul and Alarak at 1 on Brutal, after the first mission we were like “screw it” and went straight to Brutal+.

I still wish Prestige sent us to level 5 instead of 1, or maybe the EXP was a bit faster, but more than that I’m glad to have something to work towards on the long term.

I do however believe that some of the reward values could be looked into. Bonus objective EXP, for example, could be increased. It’s also annoying that holiday bonuses only apply to the base mission reward and not all of the EXP combined, so it doesn’t feel like a true holiday bonus. The bonus for Random Mission could even be increased so that people aren’t grinding the same map over and over.

And to this day I’m still waiting on bonus EXP for Random Commander :stuck_out_tongue:

Lastly, I don’t know how anyone expects Blizzard to take in any actual feedback when a majority of the thread is players fighting. Instead, just leave your feedback, don’t play the content yet if its implementation is unsatisfactory, and wait until it gets adjusted (as things generally do in online games). Changes ain’t gonna happen overnight, though. For now maybe only look into acquiring Prestiges in the 1st tier, regardless of how juicy some of the 2nd and 3rd ones look, and hopefully after a bit you’ll see the changes you desire.

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Yeah, the demand for “instant gratification”.

Yeah, that’d be nice.

That would either be worse or equally bad. 17 Ascension levels @ 200,000 XP per level = 3,400,00 (3.4mil) XP. Right now, levelling up from 1-15 is 1,045,000 XP. So your suggestion is more than 3x the current time/effort. Even if you levelled at Brutal using your full Mastery vs Normal from 1-15, getting double XP, that’s still 1.5x the effort.

I do like the basis of the idea though. My suggestion would be: 5 levels of Ascension (or 1 million XP for sub-ascension), using that commander with no Mastery points assigned, but all lvl 15 abilities. So it does take more effort than regular gameplay but allows you to utilise your COs capabilities at whichever difficulty level you’re comfortable with. And, for some CO’s, Brutal can be difficult without 90 Mastery points - especially the slow-start non-OP CO’s.

How long did Co-op exist without Mastery? Was it always 90 points?

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Side note: If I did have and play all 18 Commanders, I’d be pretty angry at having to re-level 54 times to get the 3rd prestige. Whether re-leveling 54 times stays or goes, we have to be able to choose the prestige(s) we want and not have to grind 3 times to get the 3rd if that’s the one we want.

And if you get yourself a new CO like HH on 40% discount, or they release a new CO, that’s 4 levelings to prestige 3. Even if you spent a decent amount of time to get to know that CO in vanilla mode, that’s just extra grind.

On the PTR Feedback these two posts are the first to mention it:

  1. Decrease 3 Prestige Reset to 1 reset?
  2. Please reduce the time taken for prestige grind

In that past, some have posted about wanting a way to redo level 1-15, well just put that in as an option called “re-level”, where you get nothing additional for it, possibly just the standard XP added to your Ascension XP points.

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Wait a minute, weren’t you guys complaining about the amount of grinding for Prestige?


Karax is decent at 4, when you can get his ascendants to rebuild. Allows you to zerg down almost anything… Air Zerg still blows at that point though.

It is an absolute mindless grind and I will NOT do it. Most of the prestige talents are pretty underwhelming and not worth it anyway.


That’s a good question, it’s been so long that I honestly can’t remember.

I know coop came out in 2015 with 6 commanders. Then mastery came out later on after a few commander bundle releases. As far as the 90 points, that was always the case.

Honestly, this just seems like a lazy patch to encourage long-term replayability at the cost of actual new and exciting content. It would be exciting if I could gain access to all the prestiges after reaching level 15 again once, but instead, we have to do the grind AGAIN and AGAIN to unlock all the prestiges. And hopefully we don’t have to wait a year or longer until the next content arrives.


People have their good and bad. I have never seen people who say “You shouldn’t talk about your good and bad. Just accept it.” in real world. Maybe, people like you imitate normal people in real world, but reveal your true nature in online.

No desire to listen others, no desire to say politely, no desire to be a good man. Keep it up, it’s your own life and how can others talk about that?


Players: “give us a prestige system!!!”

Blizzard: gives system

Players: “we didn’t want THAT prestige system :O”

Blizzard: visible confusion


That’s rich since the only person who has been consistently attacking me on here is you, for nothing more than disagreeing with you on this topic.

Meanwhile you repeatedly accusing me of “suppressing your opinion”, which I don’t even have the power lol (but by god if I did lmao).

You sir are the epitome of iron-E.

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I’ve seen very few posts and only from some people asking for a re-leveling system. Iirc, it was about wanting something new and challenging to do. My reply at the time was “set your Mastery points to 0 and play B+4~6”.

I don’t think most players wanted to re-level at all (more than once), let alone 3 times in sequence for a wanted skill. Allowing ppl to re-level a CO could have been an option that existed before, and not tied to a skill-upgrades.


A content which requires to play tons of games without previous contents to be used. I definetely didn’t want THAT content.


Well, hopefully you guys (the most players) will get what you want. I guess I don’t really care what happens going forward.

To each his own I suppose. GL getting what you guys want.

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I am quite happy with the system. It needs some tweaks, would be better to choose your prestige, it would be nice to have some kind of visual reward on the overlay like a star for each prestige on the commander or something. Some of the prestige’s are not fully tested (see zagara 1 etc) and many of the level up bonuses need to be moved around to fix some of these (just have different order of level up bonuses for each prestige maybe).

Apart from these little niggles, I like it and I think most people have been fairly positive in co-op chat.


I really like the idividual prestige’s. I just wish I could:

  • Choose my unlock order.
  • Didn’t have to re-level commanders 3 time from level 1.
  • That it didn’t take quite so long.

There’s my feedback.