Grinding Prestige on brutal is tough

Never said I agreed with them, I was meaning in general, as you’d done in your post. I followed up my answers to you with

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Regardless of days passed, we suffer from irrational system which punish us for wanting new system added with 10th anniversary.

In PTR, only 4 games of lv4 allow us full prestige. Now, even with holiday bonuses, 50 games without full talents and any master attribute are needed.

The fact that players suffer can be talked regardless of quick or late.

Players now have less fun for no rational reason. This is enough to complain.

Of course.

Yeah I didn’t agree with setting our base commander to 1 again and you should be able to select the prestige you want, not lvl it 1>2>3.

But what can you do? Just level it and not think of it as a tedious grind. If you think low lvl commander is too weak just go down one difficulty.

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That makes me playing the game with less fun for longer time so what I can do is just playing the game without prestige and continuosly complaining to Dev.

The recommended difficulty levels are:
Normal: lv1 to lv6
Hard: lv7 to lv14
Brutal: lv15+

Isn’t this what “we should be doing” when leveling up the Prestiges?

Granted, if you’re good, have an ally who can carry, and/or using an OP CO like Zeratul or Tychus, you could get away with shifting things one tier down (so for example, start on Hard, and go to Brutal at lv7).

In case this wasn’t a rhetorical question, it sucks. I had to do it twice. (Once on a public account that belonged to a video game lounge, and again when I reverted to my own, personal account). The 2nd time around, you have map knowledge, know the game better, and manage to learn some neat new things. However, knowing what you’re missing out on ([cough] Kahlai Ingenuity) makes it bad. It’s like when I leveled up Raynor. I took over a fully leveled up Raynor when my ally left. I was taken aback to learn that his “instant Supply Depots” come at lv8!

Word. It’s one of those missions where your towers can do both defense and offense (although make sure you have enough DPS. If trains get away, you won’t be able to chase after them).

Yeah, we should have been able to select which Prestige we are re-leveling for; rather than having it in sequential order. That’s how I understood the patch notes, and the UI when I tried it on PTR. Then was a disappointed when it wasn’t. I suppose they could still change this with a patch.

Recommended by whom? But I fully agree. Main issue with Normal was that I’m not used to that game speed anymore. And I keep forgetting that we don’t need the usual large armies to complete missions. Brutal could be started a bit earlier depending on the upgrades on that CO:

  • Vora needs Emergency recall lvl 13 but if you wanna go mass Void which won’t get ER unless under DP, then after TS at lvl 10, Brutal is do-able on some missions.
  • Karax and Swann can do VL or OE on Brutal once they have insta build (lvl 11) and Adv construction (lvl 8).
  • Can’t go full aggro/attack of course, but can do Brutal if not trying any map clearing.
  • Having said that, I’ll stick to Hard on the Random queue until lvl 15. Brutal only if I’m in a party with an ally who’s prepared to do a partial carry.

But then there will be those who compare it to doing VT in 16-17 minutes without the bonus rather than OE in 25 mins with the bonus (XP per minute effort). But that’s mind numbing and pure grinding.

When you complain this much and deem that a game (you chose to play) is punishing you and that you are suffering really puts some real perspectives lmao.

I’m a filthy speedrunner so I have a second account that has a mastery Raynor + Abby to speed-carry my main account through the prestige grind.

9min SoA rounds go zoom-zoom.


Mentioned in-game. When you click on the various difficulty levels, the level recommendations are given.

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Nice, I never noticed that.

So you play two CO’s on separate comps/SC2 instances at the same time?
Or… you just idle your prestige CO while solo’ing it with Raynor/Abby? Ok, that makes more sense.

Not surprised. I believe many of us just leave it on Brutal. I’ve switched when leveling up a new CO, but do it regularly when attempting Mutations.

Even though LilA is joking, he does eludes to an important point.

Make a friend… I mean coop is 2 players playing together (whether those 2 are the same person xD or usually not).

People carry people to help level commanders, level new commanders, and now to relevel commanders all the time. So it’s really not that difficult to try to make a friend to do that. And it would probably be worth your while if queuing up random matchmaking gets you a poor ally who needs your level 1 commander to carry them? You know? Think of solutions.

LilArrin soloist extraordinaire, what do you think of raynor’s prestige and the grind?

Problem with having to reduce difficulty is that it reduces XP gains so it slows down the grind. Giga-genius design by blizz.

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Well they aren’t exactly going to give you the same xp for every difficulty, are they? No point in playing the higher ones then to level if you can stick it on normal all the way to 15 and get the same as brutal.

Here’s the thing: no one said you haven’t. But that doesn’t change the fact that all - as in every single one - matches I had on Brutal was with a low level player. Not sure how what you said helps with that.

“Preconceived notions”… Now listen you bag of hot air. Who was talking about you? I made it clear who I was talking about - my experience, playing on Brutal. You just said you are not grinding this on Brutal.

It’s really ironic that you are calling people out for expressing their views and explaining what their experience is by replying with what your own experience is. If you’re happy with this then fine, but I don’t know why you’re bringing it in. I don’t care. I have zero issues with you liking it. But don’t negate my views and especially don’t do it by implying I was talking about you or other people who enjoy the changes.

Chill, I think Ultima misunderstood that post in that they thought you meant everyone is miserable while you just meant all aspects of it are miserable for you.

No need to be like that over a misunderstanding. :slight_smile:

I know it used to be there, but I can no longer see it (since the added Brutal+).

Anyway, I start at lvl1 at hard, and switch to brutal after some significant buff at level 2-7 (depending on commander - for Zeratul it could be lvl3, for Vorazun probably 2, for Tychus probably 6, for karax I think 7 …).

After just 2 games on hard I am at level 5 so it’s not that slow.

I usually play brutal because hard would be too easy and also to get achievements for playing that. XP is not really the reason.

I got very lucky yesterday when I started the grind.

There’s me, a freshly prestiged Alarak level 1, and a freshly prestiged Abathur. He did not use the prestige though, which apparently was a good idea.

It was an enjoyable game, so we formed a group and kept playing until we were level 12. Abathur’s Regeneration is very good for Alarak, and Alarak’s AoE power compliments the tanky evolutions well.

Next day in the afternoon, I kept getting Raynors who apparently didn’t really know what to do. And the mandatory brainless Tychus player. No matter which ally, on Malwarfare I always had to buy the bonus three times myself, which obviously drained a LOT of resources. The ally’s camera was never on the bonus. Looks like some people just expect the one who gets there to buy everything? That’s so wrong man…

So please, fellow Co-Op players, support the completion of the bonus objective on Malwarfare through resources. The faster we donate the necessary resources, the faster I can get back to assist you on the main objective.

For some reason it’s always me going for the bonus. Or does someone want to tell me that 1050min 300gas is not worth 20% bonus XP? Hmm… it is 10% per bonus, right?

On Miner Evacuation for example, my ally always cares about the bonus, to the point they throw their army at Blightbringer and lose it. Why not on Malwarfare?

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t really talk about fresh grind on brutal. It’s definetly a different feeling, but to be honest, I enjoy it! It also seems some waves are spiced up.