Winston Buff? Potentionally new abililty


Ok so I’ve been playing a lot of Winston lately and one of the biggest problems is that any hero with mobility abilities can get away from Winston before he can kill them. His damage is so small and I think a very small buff of damage, or some other damaging ability of sorts could help out Winston so much more.

If you want to give him a new ability i’m thinking something like a pulse grenade or something that when thrown has a small radius that shoots out lightning all around it. Kind of the way that Mei’s ult works but shorten the radius of effect and remove the freeze effect, and replace it with the lightning form Winston’s Tesla gun. That Would allow Winston to have a some what ranged attack to get rid of low health enemies he couldn’t get to, or our ran him. I think it would be his Right Click on pc.

As far as a damage buff I think that a very minimal damage buff is ok, IF he doesn’t get a new ability. With a new ability he would easily be able to make up for the damage he would need. But if there is no new ability he show get anywhere from a 5% to 10% damage buff. That little buff should be enough to be able to chase down enemies and kill them before they kill you, reach a health pack, or get to a teammate.

I know Winston is still strong but a small buff would be nice. What do you guys think?.


thats… actually kind of a nice idea. as for whether its sticky or bounces like a junkrat, idk but I do like the idea of a tesla grenade acting similar to a moira ball. Just sapping them down a tiny bit.


I think the position he’s in is good except this meta really limits him.


50hp quick melee instead of 25hp? I think that could work, but I’m no expert with Winston.


Winston is currently useless because hanzo now counter him… if you jump on hanzo he will leap away and burst you with storm arrow…
Brigitte also counter him.


Last time they buffed winston, it gave us dive meta for over a year


Winston is not bad, and his role previously was very prevalent.

Maybe instead of another ability, when his shield breaks the same tesla effect occurs within the radius of his bubble shield? The device he places down is the working shield version of Tracer’s pulse bomb, so THEORETICALLY it should have some minor electric/explosive effect when the shield breaks and damages the device.


Am I the only one that thought about borderlands when I read the grenade idea?


Winston is fine. The current META just makes him useless.


I agree with everyone else winston himself is fine its just the meta that doesn’t work for him. Also with everyone being able to get away Winston is a hero that requires you pay attention to what everyone else is doing and deciding to dive based on what they’ve done. Moira faded? dive her when you see her coming out. It pretty much kills her every time. Like wise with Genji and his dash. Once you know enemies have their abilities on cooldown Winston can be very effective.


Winston is fine he just wasn’t great in the Meta


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He’s fine. Please let the scientist be…
This meta just limits his ability to dive.


I gotchu Dream!

(Jeff Kaplan) #14

We’re not currently considering buffing Winston or changing his kit.

Winston is useless and desperately needs a buff
Winston Tune up?
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Winston Tune up?

RIP Dive. Thanks Jeffrey!


Papa Jeff has spoken


Praise Jeff as he has gave us knowledge and balance updates


How embarrassing!

Just kidding. I also think Winston is alright where he is.


And make him an even bigger sym counter where he doesn’t even have to endanger himself? Eh


Come on man. I wanna trow people like Donkey kong in Smash bros.