Winston is useless and desperately needs a buff


Some heros need a nerfs. But no buffs

jeff said that winston doesn’t need buffs

I remember when Winston was a counter to Dva. But now she can just blast rockets in his face and he’s almost dead. Her ult is a gamechanger too.

Brig I get but why does Moira affect him? I always find her pretty easy to deal with as Winston.

How many new heroes ago that was?

To Feif: Moira healing disables all Winston damage with ease and Winston can’t defeat her because her attacks return most damage.

Er… Zero. In fact I’m pretty sure this comment was even made after Brig had been in Comp for a few weeks.

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Well, that sucks. By the way, forgot that he’s useless against Hanzo too now.

He’s basically decent against Genji and Widowmaker now and useless against anybody else.

What?! I resent that! He managed to beat Doomfist!

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That may be true but can she…

MAKE SHADOW PUPPETS WITH HER FEET?! I think not kind sir! Haaa Hah! The monkey triumpts once again!

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Um…what? I still eat Hanzos because they’re always spamming their storm arrows. Even then Winston should be bubble dancing when he jumps on an enemy so…majority of those shots should be wasted.

I disagree with many of your comments here. While it’s true that Winston has essentially fallen out of favor due to the release of both Moira and Brigitte, both of whom provide the exact things Winston is weak to, burst healing and/or armor, that does not mean that his kit is bad, which it isn’t.

  • His Jump Pack is on a very short cooldown compared to most of the cast in terms of mobility abilities.
  • His Barrier is relatively weak and on a much longer cooldown than other main tanks, but this is to balance out the fact that he has much more mobility than the likes of Reinardt and Orisa.
  • His Tesla Cannon is debatably weak, it was never an issue during dive meta due to the high amount of squishy targets (Genji, Tracer, Zenyatta, and Mercy), however he’s still very useful now seeing as both Hanzo and Widowmaker can be seen paired in matches as a viable DPS combo, and Zenyatta is STILL meta.
  • Finally, his Primal Rage ultimate is far from useless. This ultimate is less about damage (unless you get someone in a corner) and more about displacement of the enemy team. Single out that Zarya or Rein and shove them to your teammates for a quick kill, dive the supports and harass the backline, contest the point with your 1000 HP, or knock foes off cliffs and ledges if the opportunity presents itself.

As I see it right now, Winston is simply a victim of the meta for the most part shifting out of his favor. He’s not useless, but he’s nowhere near the “must pick” that he was previously. I like the spot he’s in right now and feel that no changes are needed.

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Funny how people argue that he shifted out of meta, but everyone moaned about Dva needing to be nerfed, or tracer, or genji, etc etc etc.

Double standard logic here if I have ever seen it.

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Well the thought process behind that is yes its true. What Moira cannot heal from is dps on shields. Bubble dancing is priority here as well as distracting the Moira and exhuasting her resources. So you have to fight at an angle and wait for the right moment.

Leave her panicking and distracted from healing and her value as a healer goes down.

He is not weak, some heroes just need nerf, you are not only one who feels under powered right now.

Dva has a 49% WR , Winston has a 46% WR. Winston is F tier with sombra. Dva is B-Tier.



*a hero isn’t meta for a month *


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Bubble dancing can only get you so far. It’ll save you from Mcree or Soldier 1 on 1. Maybe somebody else. But if you’re going against two targets it’s useless. And Winston is designed to damage multiple targets.

From what I’ve noticed during dive meta, all characters except Winston had people crying nerf. I’m almost certain that the nerf to Tracer was made simply to appease the crowd, seeing as it was unexpected and nobody asked for it.
For the Deflect nerf I’m totally for it.
D.Va I have conflicting feelings about. I really don’t like how they brought her into a more DPS role rather than the damage absorbing tank that she was before, with that being said, I am for the nerfs to her damage but now she has mediocre damage AND tanking ability, which feels really bad to play IMO.

I think Jeff & Co’s style of balancing is to make heroes stronger one by one and see how it goes. They don’t really nerf all that much.

Then you’re not doing it right.

Beforr you engage you need to confirm that your team is going to come in afterwards. The most basic thing about Winston is knowing when to go in and knowing how to get out.

It takes a lot of gamesense knowing the flow of battle and keeping an eye on both enemy movement and your teammates’ movement. Which honestly if a Monkey is having issues jumping in on two people he needs to wait for a partner then jump in to provide ditmstraction and maximum dps.