Why punish people for leaving at hero selection?

Doing something you hate and getting punished for not putting up with it is the opposite of fun. The opposite of a game’s purpose, even.


Ur wasting my time. Don’t do that


You sure it wasn’t the setup screen? I leave at the hero selection screen all the time and the only thing that takes a hit is my endorsement level.


What do you mean?

Horizon Lunar Colony is the only 2CP map.

Some people… :roll_eyes:

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ofc, but the devs put “fun” on back burner moment they forced e-sport mentality on game.

get use to it sadly.

but i love that map v_v


If you’re in Quick Play and you leave during Assemble Heroes you’re not punished.


Yes the endorsement level goes down…


I know this is a dead horse but it has never been addressed in 3 years…Blizz please make escape key bring up the escape menu. It STILL THROWS YOU ONTO THE HERO YOU HAD SELECTED. Its baffling how programmers still haven’t touched this glaring problem


is punished yes … the level of endorsements decreases


Could you fix refills joining after assemble heroes not being punished after leaving, this is pretty unfair considering that the player joining fills after one that had little regard for the enjoyment of other players.

In any case, refills should be rewarded just like Tanks and Healers in WoW for instances, not the opposite.

As a software developer myself I can answer this one for you: This would almost certainly be classified as a very low priority issue that has very minimal user impact and literally zero gameplay impact. There are far more important issues to work on than the user having to hit escape twice at the character selection screen to exit the game.


Would you be willing share how much of a concern leavers during both casual game modes and Competitive game modes are to you guys right now and if there are any plans to increase or modify the actions done to deter leavers in Overwatch?

I am in the middle of composing a topic about this (not ready yet) but while its on the subject here, I know the community would love to get an update on this.


might wanan check your system then…because i can confirm it DOES punish your endorsement for leaving during it. (i found out hard way when i was alt tabbed and didnt click leave after prior round but left before the match started.

i rarely ever leave (i usually commit but i actually had to stop for life reasons) and went from 4 --> 3 endorsement moment i clicked leave.


I am not sure if he elaborated the full rules. There is an older post from former Community Manager Lylirra about that:

Source: Overwatch Forums

In addition, if you are not earning enough endorsements over time, you can decay your endorsement rating.


misinformation is bad D:

and i know not getting one can lower it. (i stay in the 3-4 99% of time)

and it was few months ago but it was when i left during hero selection but not in the room.


Is their a possibility of map and mode vote at the end of games, could maybe combat this, while I dont actually know if you can get punished for leaving as some players say they do in qp, but having this could be something to have a little more player control on what is played, could even help show player data on popularity to play certain maps and modes, kinda like cs-go giving a brief idea of what maps and modes could do with changes without the need for initial written community opinions.

While also causing less of the back filling that can happen sometimes, and then sometimes games getting cut at the start, as for me personally it does happen quite often for less popular modes, i personally dont mind for qp but some really have no desire to play those maps and it sometimes makes everybody else have to wait all over again.

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Well he did deliver the correct fact correctly, if it was during the Assemble Your Heroes phase, but not the Setup your Defenses/Prepare to Attack phase, leaving then has no impact. However, as I said, you can decay if you are not earning enough endorsements in your most recent games played (even if you receive endorsements in the most recent round completed).


If the Match did not start and you leave a qp game the endorsement should not Go down …


Whats with all these people leaving Mystery heroes all the time, arcade is out of control because no penalty.


When I did it we were defending, map had just loaded, I left and ended up with with -75% xp for 4 matches.

Only 2 people on the team had pick heroes.