🛑 Bastion is being forgotten (370+ likes, 5000 responses)

For those seeking more detail about Bastion, then check out this megathread that discusses things like his first-shot bug:

Where did he go? Where is he now?

F-tier, straight after his rework. Funny enough, he’s been there for over a year now, which he only got out of for a week when he became OP. Prior he was also F-tier, but he was at least usable back then.

Wasn’t his rework suppose to fix him and make him better?

I thought that too, but the problems that the rework fixed were either bandaids over a broken bone or created new problems altogether.

The net result of his rework.

The positive:

  • Recon is better
    • Healing while moving
    • More accurate

The negatives:

  • Tank is now more fragile than before

    • 20% Ironclad only equates to 60-ish HP, and before his rework he would get 150 extra armor.
    • Said armor would be applied AS SOON AS he pressed Q, but now IC only gets added after his animation so he’s stuck in a 1.5 second animation (twice) without any protection. I can’t think of any other hero needed protection while ulting.
    • He’s basically old Hog’s self heal when it locked him in place, and Hog then needed the mobility AND the 50% DR. Bastion is suffering like Hog used to.
  • Sentry was suppose to trade DPS for sustainability, but now it’s gutted.

    • Headshot removal and extra spread were given in exchange for 35% Ironclad, but everyone, including me, realized that was a bad idea.
    • 35% IC was then nerfed to 20% without any compensation.
    • This turned him from a Glass Cannon into a Glass Pea Shooter.
    • 20% IC only equates to 60 HP, so his TTK (Time To Kill) being gutted was for nothing, when he only got 60 more HP in return.
    • Recon is not suppose to be his primary mode since if you want to recon, you’re better off playing Soldier 76, since he has smaller hitbox, more mobility, more reliable healing, and burst damage.


  • Tank bugs still exist.
  • His tank-tread sound is louder than the air raid sirens during WW2, which was added during uprising and gave his ult a free “avoid me” feature.
  • Still no gold tank cannon (But Genji has a gold melee knife).

Why does no one care about him.

I think it’s partly because of Pirate Ship, aka his only relevancy. The other half was because people still have PTSD from his rework that invented the OG Pirate Ship… aka Protect the President.

Ever since his niche became ‘barrier busting’ he has fallen behind, because before his rework he was a tank counter. Currently, he sucks at his job and that’s because he can’t punish (TTK was lowered) but in return gets punished for anything he does.

Why his niche is trash.

  • Orisa has hers on such a low CD (which promotes the Pirate Ship)
  • Rein has enough counters already
  • Dive can literally jump right past any barrier, making Bastion’s existence null.
  • Every hero counters Bastion aside from Winston since his damage is so low.
    • I’ve even done it as Mercy, and before you say “well the enemy Bastion was bad” just note than when you’re jumping around him it’s hard for him to track, on top of his TTK being gutted then being slapped with 60 extra HP that does nothing for him.

What I want from him:

Either a rework listed in this megathread about Bastion:


Or simple fixes that evens out his TTK with his survivability. SInce 35% IC was proven to be a bad idea, he needs his TTK buffed.

The TL;DR of it:

  • Sentry:

    • Less spread in Sentry.
    • Headshots allowed in Sentry.
  • Tank:

    • 30-35% IC on tank (this would be fine as his ult only lasts 8 seconds)
    • First shot bug fixed
    • IC is applied BEFORE he transforms, not after, like how old armor used to work
    • Golden Tank Cannon

That is what I consider to be fine for him to not suck, but ideally I’d want a whole revert for Bastion where he was at before his rework, since he was fine back then. Since Blizzard doesn’t do reverts, Can they please look into the stuff I suggested above?

I’ve waited patently for him to be fixed, but with each passing Bastion thread he gets no acknowledgement and he’s actually the worst hero in OW at the moment, since Mei is technically better than him.

Mei: 0.72%
Bastion: 0.57%

Mei: 50.17%
Bastion: 50.05%

The fact that the ‘F-tier Warriors’ didn’t advocate for Bastion buffs only proves that he has been forgotten by everybody. It’s time for Bastion buffs, because those who play him, like me, have gotten tired of how poorly he plays out, and feel severely limited by him to the point that picking him is irrelevant, or if you do pick him that his kit works against you and it leads to frustration.


The main crux of his problem was that his rework brough in elements that were unnecessary for him, made him OP, and Blizzard reacted with nerfs a week after his rework so NO data was collected and said nerfs completely changed how he plays out now. Neither Mercy, Dva, or now Sombra had to deal with these gut reactions that crippled him.

The biggest problem currently is how low his TTK is. Ironclad was nerfed but his damage was not adjusted. The mutual agreement was Bastion traded sentry damage for sentry survivability. When his survivability got gutted his damage is still at the rework level, and it severly limits how good he is at any type of combat.


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BTW his tank bug has been in the game since launch and has yet to even be noticed. It’s so frustrating having to fight around a bug that could have and should have been fixed a few years ago.

Also it’s nice to see my megathread still being linked. BTW a better way of linking posts is to quote just a tiny section of the OP (even 1 letter) then replace that with the link to the post (with the proper means if putting an unclickable link). This means people can click on the quote to go to the linked place instead of copy pasting the link and it shows that you’ve linked a post underneath your OP in the popular links section.

like this:

My megathread is kind of dying though :stuck_out_tongue: I was the last to post and it fell into obscurity and I can’t bring it back up.


Bastion is a hero I want to get better at, but he just…isn’t that viable. I wanna see a buff to our bot!


I started playing Overwatch after all the Bastion nerfs were up so I don’t have full context on this but IMO I think he’s fine as he is now. The only thing I noticed about Bastion is his very limited kit. Basically aside from the “pirate ship” if you play Bastion what you do with him is just shoot around, wait for opening and spray people on sentry. I tried to play him a lot the other day and the reason I dropped him was simply because it got old fast after playing with him for awhile since you’re doing the same thing over and over again. At least with other like Soldier 76 you can still derive some pleasure from COD sort of gameplay. Anyway just my 2 cents.


The problem is, his self-healing is just a needless ability since he could be easily healed by the teams healer. I would remove that ability and add something new, better, more fun.


Just add 30% extra damage reduction when healing and he is fine. This will boost his survivability.

He does not need his sentry headshots back, which always felt really cheesy-cheap, or any kind of damage boost.

His survivability however is a problem considering how large his hitbox is.


Not anymore. :grinning:


It’s sad to think Blizzard just ignores every good post about serious problems about specific heroes, while actively responding to very useful posts like “Introduce Yourself” and polls about your favorite map.

I really wish I could refund this game.


You still can’t buff him cuz like sombra he’ll instantly be oppressive and no counterplay and don’t forget unfair to play against so he will go back down to f tier and the cycle begins again


Good post.

I’ve always thought they overdid the Iconclad nerf - it was necessary but they went too far.

I think a 25% Iconclad version (i.e. +5% from now) should be tested as a short-term easy change to see what effect this has.


So is Mercy. :man_shrugging:t3::joy:


Ironclad has a pretty strong stacking effect with armor, it’s a bit more than a simple +60 hp in most situations. (And it’s actually +75 if you do the math)

You know how in Team Fortress 2, if there was a tricky sentry, and you were playing soldier, you could equip the Direct Hit to easily 2-shot it? I think that’s what the devs see Bastion as. A tool you use for certain situations. Whether you agree with this approach is up to you.
I myself don’t, because the Direct Hit is just a weapon, but OW heroes are actual characters with personalities, that people get attached to. Oh and ult charge mechanics prevent switching freely as well.


They need to increase Tank Mode’s Iron Clad to 35% damage reduction, and decrease the spread for Sentry Mode. They do not need to add headshot back to Sentry Mode. If they just decrease the spread it should be fine.


I recently played Tachanka in the RS6 PvE event and it made realize how much i miss old Bastion’s sentry gun. The entire idea behind his design is to allow the player to be this powerful but stationary machine gun.

I wouldn’t mind a partial revert on the Ironclad nerf but i’d prefer a sentry spread reduction.


I’m guessing Blizzard is putting him in the same place as Mei as in they don’t want him to be overly popular because he’s very overwhelming to play against. Even when I see a bastion now I’m triggered.


They gave him a rework. So it was time to move on.

Yes, it was fail, but no reason for blizz to fix their own mistakes, there was so many heroes to ruin left.


What’s a Bastion? /20chars

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Soooo Brigitte is coming out, can heal and give him armor…I foresee much defensive cancer comps


I think the developers have too much work to do before balancing more heroes.
maybe a quick easy buff could be the answer for now. like increasing its passive to 30% from 25%

A type of fortification that allows for cannons to fire at different angles against sieging and catch them in crossfires. Very effective when the most advance weapon on the battlefield were cannons.

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