Wait...does this mean a huge mmr reset?

With the new dev update he didn’t speak at all about mmr.

I hope it’s around the same. I really don’t want to grind back up to masters again.

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Hmmmm…good point. But really helps the lower tier get a fresh start or profiles that been bouncing around

Yea that’s true. Lol

This isn’t my area of expertise but MMR won’t be reset to zero. For active players, we’ve been tracking per role MMR to get an estimate of about where you would land. You’ll still have to do 5 placement matches for each role and MMR will adjust a bit more quickly early on.


Wait…you’ve been tracking per role MMR for some time now? Really?

Neat. I’m not actually totally opposed to this.


for months as jeff said on the seagull stream…

Thats good since I one tricked Lucio to GM.

So for someone like myself who basically played only Lucio, Hog, and Ana at a Masters/GM level my DPS MMR should be much lower?

Thanks for your answer! I was also curious about what would happen to my MMR :))

Nope Jeff said no reset, because it would expose how randomly broken the current system is.
Let all the people that paid to get boosted and benefitted from cheaters stay where they are.
That makes SR credible. :rofl:

If he had any real faith in the system they implemented a reset would be a non-issue, especially since they have recognized there are cheaters in the game.


What about non-active players?

This is my first time being interested in competitive for a long time, but it would probably not be balanced matching me with first time players.

seagull’s stream confirmed no reset.

they’ve been gathering role data for the past several months

there might be a slight reset, but we still will be “seeded” on day one of 222

Unless of course you’re a GM Hog and only held back by unlucky crap teams :smiley:

Good to have you here on the forums! Thank you for being here!

My thoughts and feelings of the game’s current system:

Match maker MMR and Competitive play MMR resets do help. I understand a person doesn’t want to be completely de-ranked to “0” on any game. As playing Dead By Daylight they take it TOO Far on their resets. However, a person should be given forgiveness each season and allowed to play in far greater spectrum of teams and then learn that season from their mistakes to improve their gameplay.

I can have my good days and bad days, but who really doesn’t. I’d really agree here, that a Reset each season is necessary, and perhaps SHORTER seasons.

I’ve heard RUMORS that the Quickplay system determines our MMR for Competitive even. This concerns me. There are days where I play sub-par in Quickplay after LONG nights or days of loading honeybees onto LARGE trucks and I LOVE to chill on overwatch, Kick back with my favorite can of Soda during the “Slow season” and just enjoy the game.

When it comes to Competitive play, I am ready to go. I turn my phones OFF, shut down ALL other game clients I have running in the background. “De-louse” windows 10 and check my incoming suppy voltage from the wall to the PC and completely PURGE the network right before jumping into the game of Competitive play. Because it is ON! I’d really like to say that Quickplay should ALWAYS be separate of any type of MMR rating for Competitive, because many of us treat QP as “CHILL n’ Fun Mode”.

Thank you!

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I’m curious to know how it looks like for people that were GM/ T500 up until season 13 (in the case of my main account), but stopped playing comp until this season? What are the ideas for accounts that have been inactive in this “tracking” period? Also, I feel like 5 placement games fall a bit short, if the mmr is as loose as on the ptr.

For example I placed this alt account of mine in high master/ GM for S15 and S16, and I could tell based on my ptr games that the sr has been more or less tracked. But what about high rank accounts that have been inactive for a longer period?

I won’t have trouble climbing as I got to gm on all roles previously already, but considering that my skill is still there (as I got to gm on my alt accounts over and over again), I’m not sure what to think of if I had to grind my way up again on my main due to the fact that I was inactive, so no progress could be tracked for the new system?

Are there plans on adding back partly a performance based SR?