How does this ranking system work?

Can someone explain to me how this ranking system works? Does it go off your highest rank you’ve been on a account? Does it go off medals or deaths? How many ults you get a game?

Placed tank got 2596 which isn’t bad, i honestly thought and i feel like i should be a bronze tank. I hate tanking and i straight out suck at it.

Placed DPS 2700, i had one good DPS game with ashe. I hade 25,000 damage and 45 gold eilms. Rest of my games i played horrible, couldn’t get anything done.

Placed 2602 as healer… This one bugs me and this is where i begin to question the ranking system. Now i’ve never been diamond, but i have been 2992. When i hit 2992 I was mostly playing healer, i consider myself a healer main. During my placement i had anywhere from 10-20k healing, i always had gold healing and i made sure to keep my deaths low. I believe there was only 1 game where i had more than 5 deaths. Other than that my deaths stayed under 5.

I was doing placement with my friend he died more than me and never had gold healing. He also didn’t get as many ults as me. He got placed in the 2800s. So i ask how does think ranking work?

It can’t be going off deaths or golds because i got placed lower. Is it going off how high your account as ever been? if that’s the case shouldn’t i be closer to 2992? Now i’m by no means saying i should be placed TOP 500 or something crazy. I believe plat is good placement for me, i just want to know how the game decides to rank you Lower or Higher in each tier. If anyone has information about it, lemme know or if something like this happen to you.

As far as role specific placments goes, the development team have stated they have been tracking and building your role specific stats throughout several months now. So that as you complete your placements they should be accurate to how you really play in each role.

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It is based on your hidden MMR for those roles and where you left the previous season off SR wise. To get it more accurate you’ll have to keep playing more and more games.

If it’s basing it off last season i could see my placements being the way they are. I didn’t finish strong last season. Thanks for the information.

That’s how all previous seasons worked, your placements placed you roughly around where your SR ended for the previous one.

Yeah, I’d say just grind your way back up (or down lol) to where you feel you can’t go further.

Ya, essentially imagine you have a +/- for each role. You’ll be seeded at your last mmr +/- your role adjustment. I imagine the role estimate is based off their performance based measurements for plat and below.