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Don’t understand how the new role queue works with the SR for placement matches, but historically I have been placed mid-to-high Gold as support/tank after the initial placement matches 2100-2300. Placed silver in the new role queue placement matches as support despite pumping healing to DPS/Tanks who weren’t communicating in team chat and obviously were not playing their primary roles. Wondering if the Dev Team appropriately calibrated the SR for the new restrictions.

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The initial calibration I’m sure is going to be somewhat inaccurate. There’s a reason they’re having a beta season, and I’m sure SRs will stabilize over time.


First it is important to note that this is a beta and changes may be made in the upcoming season. However it is important to remember this is a bit of a soft reset. Now the last six months of data has been tracked to help build an idea of your role-specific SR, but if you did lose more matches than you won, you may have taken a bit of a hit. Keep playing your following games after placements. This is important as there will still be major adjustments as you continue to develop your skill as a player.


There are just a ton of variables to consider:

  • As WyomingMyst said, it’s a bit of a soft reset because they used months of data to help place you. Which sounds like maybe it should be accurate, until you consider past rankings were based on years worth of data.
  • New rankings are determined by role specific statistics, whereas old rankings were based on an average of generic stats.
  • You will likely be better at one role than another, and worse at one than the others. So you’ll see a min/max between the roles. Just becaue you get a bad rank in one role doesn’t mean you’ll get a bad rank in another.
  • People are placing on all 3 roles, and you’re going to get sub-par teammates on the first day or so. Maybe for the whole beta. Who knows!
  • They are likely to make adjustments to the ranking system when the real season starts.
  • They may or may not use this beta season to place you during the real season. I guess it really depends on how accurate they feel the rankings are.

Instead of focusing on “the system is broken”, or whatever, I would just take a hard look at yourself and consider you may not be as good at a role as you thought you were. Even Jeff Kaplan was surprised by how spread out his role rankings were. And the roles he thought he was better at, he wasn’t. This is actually a good thing because you have tools like the replay system to help you take a hard look at what you are doing and how you can improve.

You had good answers already. My advice: take this Beta Competitive Season as a intensive training camp to get yourself ready for Season 18 and gain the ranks you deserve!


Thank you. Will definitely check out the video.

No worries :slight_smile: Hope it will be useful!

This is such a cop out answer.
Lose more then won huh?
What about the people with a 60+ winrate losing 400 points after winning all placements with all gold medals and a 7k/d?
None of your defence adds up. How about you just say for once “yeah, we messed up”
It would be better PR then your vague indirect answer.

My question was likely inarticulately worded and also perhaps too loaded as to criticisms of other players. But my ultimate focus is on what 2-2-2 is suppose to be addressing and that, I believe, is to promote better game play experiences for the average player and limit the toxicity of the matches. However, I don’t believe it will accomplish it. I think a more robust and clear SR system would benefit the community, as well as a clearer MMR system.

SR is the only indicator we get as players to really see our worth; however, my experience with SR is is that it isn’t a measure of my skill, but really a measure of how well I can coordinate with 4 to 5 strangers with what appears to be disparate interests. I think a clear individual based SR, per hero type, with obvious metrics of measuring performance should be the step Dev Team takes. Make is unambiguous what behaviors are rewarded and what behaviors are punished. Then with MMR, have this be the underlying metric for match making, using data that accounts team play and win/loss.

He don’t work for blizzard bro :rofl:

Your performance is bad despite winning and it is putting you back where you belong?

It seems that I was not being placed appropriately.

Similar thing happened to me I was a diamond level support main and in the beta season I was placed in gold.

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