What happens to my SR now?

So if I’m a support player in grandmaster, does my SR reset? And MMR? I’m confused, cuz if that’s the case then it’s gonna be a fun climb back to GM

A developer in another thread said that there won’t be mmr reset. I think it’ll start you on same SR for all roles but adjust afterwards. Otherwise well, we’ll get gm in gold matches lol.

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they’ve been tracking role based MMR for a long time now, game already has a pretty good idea how good you are at support and your support games will be at the same skill level if not higher than they are now.

So? Gold players would learn something first hand!

But yeah, most likely … you’ll be where you’re at now .

Mmm … you sure about that? Because that was pointless before 2-2-2.

Jeff said so in the Dev update, they’ve been doing it specifically because off 222 in preparation.

Well, that’s what smurfs say. You don’t really learn anything other than hating the game.

They actually do have a matchmaking system where you get placed with 5 others based on their hero choices over last 5-10 matches or so. But people don’t select what the algorithm thinks they will. So there’s the reason you get people playing random heroes.

Oh, well then … that means SR can vary through roles when starting to queue … a lot!
I mean if Blizzard want them to vary on start :man_shrugging:

Here is the official post from the devs.

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But, you will more or less get that anyways. Without a reset, I am going to be a silver/gold in high plat/low diamond games until I drop.

Maybe not as bad as GM in gold. But a soft reset is practically needed.

Well, I’m not the game designer. I personally would love to see how many people complains about not being able to break a bunker with 2 2 2.

I wish they did a soft reset where you’d gain/lose like 500 SR max based on 5 placement matches. Because i won’t be a masters tank and gold dps. More like 3.5k tank and 3.2k dps max.

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So I’m basically a GM support player still, but since I don’t play tank I’m a bronze atm? Also I don’t try as hard in QP so is that gonna affect me??