Did they change the SR system?


So I finished my placements on the role queue beta for support. My friend and I queued together the whole time. They played mercy/lucio and I played Ana/bap. Their SR was 3664 and mine was 3752. They got placed 3579 and I got placed 3901?
We won 3 of our placements so why did they get placed so much lower and I got placed way higher??? Did they change something?


Placements are still bugged as they were on PTR unfortunately Sr adjustments and placements will be all together a bit wanky for this beta test period :\


There has been a soft reset, but your role specific performance over the last six months does have an influence to the development of your role specific skill rating.

PSA: there was soft SR reset

Ok, i havent played tank on that acc since december (more than 6 months). Maybe i played like 2-3 games. Ended up with 5 wins in placements with very good stats (i would say, hardcarried at least 3 games on Zarya) and got 20 sr lower than before. I dont get it…


The System is still roughly basing off your last played season. But I’d say Keep going at it since you can still make great progress on roles you enjoy :smiley:


I havent touched that role on that acc in last 3 seasons (literally since december or something). They said that stats were tracked in last 6 months, right?


Their role specific MMR was probably under their end of season 17 MMR and the other way around for you. For example I just finished my support placements with 4 losses and 1 win and placed higher than my s17 SR (3063 vs 3051).