The new inactivity rules are extreme

Wow, that’s actually sad that they didnt think of this

More like another case of them clearly not playing their own game.

I picked ana not knowing these changes were in place, didn’t leave spawn in time and was booted with a 15 minute ban.

Definitely should have some sort of internet requirement or quick ping test to queue. mcdonalds wifi isn’t cutting it.

I mean, spawn camps can happen, but is not there more than one entrance? Or way to pick another hero, who can sneak out or make a TP?

I was backfilled in a game and was nearly removed due to iNaCtIvItY

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Spawn camping just became more viable? Awesome.

There are always at least 2 spawn doors btw

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Hi folks,

We are aware of this issue and are working towards a solution. No ETA as of yet.

Apologies to anyone who’s been affected by this.


Good to see posts managing expectations.


I got placed in a backfill QP match and it kicked me for inactivity before I could do anything because I picked Mercy and the team was already healed. So even though I left spawn and was attached to a DPS, it kicked me.



wow an apology I’m shocked

got a 8 hour suspension after the 3 or 4th time i got randomly kicked at the beginning of a game. que times are like 10 min+ im in another browser and the first thing i hear from the game is the inactivity viewer half the time, i was going to play instead they ruined the game for 11 other people becuase they kicked me for being 10 seconds late starting. they literally dont play their own game and its so obvious

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Except for lolbotz, sounds like he really did deserve to be kicked.


Kind of like the government, let’s fix something till it’s broke. Good job.

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Yea and they obvious won’t spawncamp both doors right…

People are ignorant enough to keep going through the main entrance.

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go on the browser on your phone…this way you can hear the game… sounds like you did deserve to be kicked

Good to see posts at all, you mean.

This, staggering a dva is considered ok by the devs team, where do you draw the line whether something is ok or not ?

And these inactivity levels should apply as well during the gameplay.

To kick out Trolls are only “Throwing in purpose games”