The new inactivity rules are extreme

QP isnt the only mode ya know…

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Well, yes.


I don’t mind the change in spawn, the real problem is that there is an area OUTSIDE of the “safe zone” spawn areas where the timer still persists.

I got kicked from a QP match earlier because I got up to grab a tissue and blow my nose as the match was beginning. By the time I got back, the inactivity timer had kicked in (was at about 7 or so on the countdown) and I DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO GET OUTSIDE THE REQUIRED ZONE even though I was trying to. The area in question extended beyond the spawn and out towards the first stairwell on the left of Horizon Lunar Colony.

Glad to hear that it’s being worked on at Blizz’s end. AFK sucks, particularly if it can be abused in some way to cheat the other time, but this is ridiculous.

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I’m sorry. But how does one get spawn killed? So many heroes can exit the spawn room without being targeted or seen….

Some can bulldoze out while the team protects. Idk but I find it odd. (Never been or seen spawn camping ingame. Heard of it)

I’m not gonna lie, this is hilarous from someone that prefers the funny side of OW… :rofl: :upside_down_face:

(they posted a video but I can’t quote that just to give context to my reply mods…ty)…

If you’re keeping one or more enemies from playing the game at all, - meaning they can’t shoot you/defend themselves, they can’t move past a certain place, they can’t help or aid their team in any way. I’m not talking the occasional stagger or beating a team so bad it’s like they’re not even trying (because I’ve had games like that, but the beaten team still puts up a valiant effort regardless), I’m talking actively stopping them from any kind of regular play.

That’s the something that shouldn’t be allowed. If you’re going to flaunt your skill, kill them in a way that still gives them a sporting chance to react.

Be shocked only if they keep someone communicating like this for longer than 4 months. Blizard has some major repetition to repair and will do anything right now.

Caught me off guard earlier, back filled a match checked both teams picks. Made my pick got the timer, but it kept ticking as I was moving and the team was spawn trapped at the time lol. I had to jump out the door amd somehow avoided instant death as zen but didnt last long. We were good after that but I would have been kicked for sure had I not read this already.

Nah, the backfill inactivity timer is really aggressive compared to normal timer, it starts to count down 5 seconds after you fill in on the match and only barely after you’ve noticed you’re in game from the flashing desktop icon, so you don’t even have time to finish up typing a discord message before it demands you pick a character. I’ve legitimately gotten kicked out of a game before because it refused to load normally for me.

With this change, it’s going to be impossible to actually backfill, pick a character and manage to actually walk out of spawn and do something of note before the kick comes out, even if they acted immediately upon backfill.

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Yeah, you’re right. I tend to forget arcade modes exist, like open queue.

Oh, you mean competitive. Well, it’s probably for the best for the game to be stricter on AFK or poorly skilled players and that it tries acting to kick them out sooner—especially if it results in a cancelled match, since no one wants an unfair stomp (that would be just poor sportsmanship otherwise!).

You underestimate how many spawncamp victims don’t try or even know about other spawn doors.

Getting stuck in spawn without breaking out and dealing a single point of damage is the victim’s fault.

Yeah this falls apart on some maps where the exits are very close together, like on second point Havana.


Everyone has complained about griefers that actively stay in spawn & occasionally move to stop the auto kick.
That problem just never gets talked about as much between the players in the community, compared to “nerfing” heroes.

the only engineers left are the “architects” (who can’t code, or won’t demean themselves by coding) and the sexy new interns

all the others left for other companies that pay at least the median salary

Been playing very actively, this timer has been there for a while. It’s not a new thing. I get too many leavers on competitive myself.

And yet people are shocked Blizzard doesn’t post on their own forums.

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Can you please just, like, tell the team to include a rule where the team holding the objective (meaning the defender) gets the timer reset when they’re within the objective? I mean, it’s pretty simple to do as it’s a game check that happens on every tick anyways.

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I had this exact same thing happen to me. I was like i’m HEALING and moving my beam to targets. Got kicked

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The sad part is…a rollback is technically pretty easy to do.
You just have to admit you messed up and do the rollback.

When you are a programmer, you are bound to make many mistakes for a whole variety of reasons. That’s part of the job.
It’s okay to make mistakes. But by the gods, fix them. In a normal company, a recently introduced issue should take priority and anyone refusing to fix it gets fired.


It should be easy enough to implement, whilst keeping the idea of aggressive inactivity to remove botter exploiting in spawn for things like deranking purposes.

Less botters, derankers, smurfs, bought accounts = happier community.

If these are already implemented but for some buggy reason do not work then… just fix the bug I guess.