AFK timer for backfill matches

Every now and then, when I join a backfill match, the AFK threshold time is so short that I don’t see any opponents after exiting the spawn, resulting in an automatic kick.


This is a known issue with the new spawn inactivity timers that will be fixed soon.

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I just wanted to point out that my problem specifically relates to backfill matches.

BTW. it is still possible to abuse this bug, which is why these changes were made in the first place. It looks like selecting a hero resets the timer while in spawn, (sometimes?)

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“Know dev issue” after 6 years. Trash devs don’t respect players and kick people and ban them for actively playing now.

If they “don’t” respect players then how come they acknowledge this issue then? Your point doesn’t really stand. They already mentioned that this is a bug is they aren’t banning them on purpose. The inactivity rule was in response of players abusing the inactivity system by staying in spawn the whole game so the enemy team would get kicked out for it an get a automatic free win by doing practically nothing.

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