The new inactivity rules are extreme

well people did complain about and some lazy throwers would just stay in spawn and move a little.

Imagine how boring you game has to be, that players use bots to grind it.

You supposed to play this game, like drug addict on speeds. Without distractions such as setting better music.

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hello, I was the person who brought light to this tactic months ago and wanted to warn blizz before people made bots for it. blizz never bothered, but then there were reports of bots so they had to do something. this is not the way I wanted it to be fixed. this is probably the worse way to solve this issue because now spawn camping will actually become a big issue.


Holy hell they cant do a single thing right. I come to the forums to see if something worth happens with this game i loved so much but it just gets worse and worse.


You should have thought of that BEFORE reporting. Because Blizzard always fix things in their own unique fashion.

I won’t be surprised, if they would add “kill zone” with timer in spawn room, so if you stay inside for too long, you are teleported out for enemy team to kill.

ummm instead of trying to get a can of worms solution of “make spawn camping kickable/bannable” (i.e. it’d be legit hard to enforce as it’s just relying on reports which we all know isn’t all that reliable and leaves plenty of room for different subjective disputes as what constitutes as “spawnkilling” can be pretty subjective if not simply disputable),
why not just implement more punishments in enemy spawn areas?
e.g. indestructible turrets that only work in a set distance from spawn that deals very significant damage to enemies nearby (e.g. say 30~50% of max hp per second) granting a safe space outside of spawn.

After the incidents and the public outcry, it is fair to say that Bli$$ard now hates its own community and is holding a grudge . Thus, they will deal out punishments left and right with blatant and hidden changes to make the gaming experience as worse as possible for everyone.

They know, that the silent majority will applaud these changes because law and order is what they want.

so lets say you have 2 leavers on your team and now you have to some how convince the remaining of your team to group up inside spawn and push from a side or else you will all keep getting kicked , you just created a bigger problem instead of fixing one , people can and will abuse this whenever they spawn camp anyone , defenders can purposly bodyblock spawn doors with shields to force enemies in leading to them getting forcefully kicked


I’m really confused how Blizz didn’t see this happening. I know the whole “they don’t play the game” thing is a joke, but in this case it seems apt. I can’t think of any other reason beyond they just didn’t know better.


What are you doing if you literally can’t leave the spawn room even for a second? There are multiple exits (some of which can be unreachable by most enemy heroes), you have a massive spawn advantage, and in some cases you’re able to shoot at the enemy while being invulnerable.

I’ve never experienced spawn camping so effective that nobody was able to get through the doors for several minutes.


I’m pretty sure the kicking helps against bot accounts staying in spawn. I’ve seen a 6 stack of bots in many of my friend’s games a few days ago. Someone with lvl25 accounts in bronze just standing in the spawn room, occasionally moving to not get kicked.

Likely to resell the accounts.


any damage you inflict while being in the safe zone or the buffer zone doesnt reset inactivity , and you dont need to leave the safe zone only but you have to leave the buffer zone aswell ( you can take damage in the buffer zone ) so basically you can be shooting enemies and getting shot in spawn and still get counted as inactive , if the afk timer is ticking and you die in the buffer zone , you will respawn with the timer still ticking and get kicked


I know, but the point was that you have all these advantages when it comes to fighting back and escaping. Even if you die immediately after exiting, you should still be able to do so.


I’ve been spawn camped a fair amount, but I can still deal damage when I exit. Never been kicked for inactivity.

Only time this happens is when no one on the enemy leaves their spawn room and you can’t actually shoot them on some maps, like Anubis or any map that has a wall in front of where they respawn.

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In their attempts to address derankers and smurfs, they actually made it worse. At least people knew when they had derankers in team, because derankers sat on spawn. Now all derankers will move on map and do minimal damage.



Even if that is the case, this still seems like a dumb “fix” to me.

Why not just make it so that sitting on the objective (even if said objective is a fully captured hill in KotH) counts as an “activity” for the purposes of not being kicked?


I assume this was done to combat idle bots but the problem is that in the nature of overwatch as a game, this will be used by very good team to leave the enemy no chance to leave base for “easy” wins. Like heck the strategy might be to try to play it safe and build ult to make yourself an exit. But what will be the point now if you are kicked before your ult is even charged?

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I feel this is the driving slogan behind the philosophy of ‘fixing’ things.

It may be just me, but I often feel the devs usually have the right hero targeted for nerfs/buffs, but then proceed to completely miss the mark on what makes that hero OP or weak and end up changing something that was perfectly fine.

Also, you’d think ‘What if they are being spawn-camped?’ would have been a reasonable and logical question to come up during the conversation around this new time out change.

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I can see this being a real problem on some maps. Some maps basically have one exit. Sure there might be 3 doors but they all lead to one narrow choke the enemies can easily camp.

First point on Rialto suffers from this pretty badly as does Paris I believe.

Guys, guys- don’t be so negative! This is actually a good a fix! It kicks the toxic AFK Torbs from hammering on their turrets in spawn all game long! It gets rid of poor-performing teammates who are too lame to walk out of spawn without dying from spawn campers. And if you are that winning team whose blocked the enemy up entirely in their own spawnroom—just ask yourselves: is anyone really having fun? Let the game kick the bad players and get you some proper challenging opponents who can fight back meaningfully!

Now, if only Blizzard would double down on kicking (and thus punishing) the players experiencing chronic excessive packet loss (experienced as frequent “lag spikes” and “rubber banding” btw), as motivation to stop playing and ruining their teammates’ games and actually fix their Internet!

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