Removed for inactivity

Is this is a new joke or an old one?
When tank or support leaves comp/QP we are getting spawn camped unable to go outside momentarily or in this case i died and when i respawn i had 5 sec inactivity warning before i got out i was kicked out of the game. Happened few times now.

Just wondering what’s the idea behind it? Go out and feed and die or regroup in the spawn room and get kicked out for inactivity? pick your poison


I literally had this happen to me yesterday. I just go out the spawn and emote. The whole game is a joke, let alone competitive mode. And any criticism of this game here on the forums will be met by blizzard lackeys, and correction squad, telling you how wrong you are, to shut up, and play the game.


it’s new, it is going to be fixed

not sure why they needed to change it in the first place though, the way it worked before they made it so extreme seemed fine to me


Look at their wordings, “anyone who is affected” as if it’s like some people or handful of players. It has been happening to me so many times and to my teammates too!

fixed in ow2 like everything else?

it’s cost me some games but they don’t care. alt accounts aka idgaf accnts and mmr rigging have cost me a career in the owl and my own mvp skin.

You said it, not me =]

OWL skill at Bronze? :face_with_monocle:

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