The new inactivity rules are extreme

In yesterday’s patch, The inactivity warnings have changed, Now as long as you stay in spawn you will keep getting kicked even if you’re moving and shooting which lead to many games today where i was either spawn camping or getting spawn camped with the stomped team players getting kicked from the game multiple times just for not being able to leave base because of the spawn camp, I think the inactivity change should definitely get reverted to how it was before patch


Another case of blizzard not knowing how their game works…

Idk why they felt the need to fix something that literally no one complained about.





Oh that’s nice, so now low rank games will have people losing extra SR as they are farmed (due to PBSR and death # having an effect on it) since they can no longer just stay in the spawn if they have three leavers.


As the old saying goes.

“Don’t fix what’s not broken.”


As the old saying goes.

“Blizzard, wake up!”


Because they don’t play their own games.

Makes it look like they are doing something useful.


Isn’t this because of the bot farming problem?


well it seems like it has created a bigger problem now


saw this on the bug report forum a few days ago


Actually it was complained about. There was a case of bots (and actual players sadly) who would all afk in the spawn room so the other team would all be kicked for inactivity.


Really the ideal answer to this is to leave the inactivity rule and make spawncamping a kickable/bannable rule, because it’s still such an obnoxious strategy.

Because either you’re bad at it, and thus wasting yours and everyone else’s time (basically throwing) or you’re good at it, and basically harassing a player or players into being unable to play the game.

Getting rid of both fixes the bots and the :eggplant: move. Win-win all around, I say.


on attack you can still do that , you will just have to rejoin a couple of times after getting kicked and wait till the enemy gets kicked and go cap 1st point , but if you’re forcefully spawn camped you dont want to keep getting kicked and lose endorsement level or even -50 sr if you get kicked in the last 10 seconds and cant rejoin in time before the game ends

Where do you draw the line on that statement??

Really spawn camping isn’ t nearly as efficient as killing them right before they get to their team again. One wastes 7 seconds of their time and keeps you away from the fight. The other wastes 20-30 seconds of their time, and you get to keep harassing the other team.


Shhhh. It remains unfixed.

I’m not understanding the question. Like the line of what constitutes spawncamping or the line of what constitutes it being obnoxious or what-?

I am going to try to check in the game to confirm if there were changes to the AFK rules. Previously there were two rules (and those rules may still exist).

  • You must actively move every 45 seconds.
  • You must deal damage or provide healing every three minutes.

I believe if there was an undocumented change, it is probably to prevent an exploit which I have been investigating personally for some time now. I am going to be numb on the details of exactly how this is done.

Now it appears you must make a valid effort to exit the spawn. I understand the complaints about spawn camping but remember to utilize all possible exits and adjusting your team composition to counter any spawn camping strategies. The way I see it if you die outside of the safe zone and buffer zone that should break any AFK timers, and if that is not actually happening, then I would consider that a bug.

To help me out please post replay codes of your matches where you encountered this. If possible specify the time index of the replay (not the round or match timer) of when you were kicked.


i have noticed it as well.
alt tab to change music mid-game bcuz mayb that song isn’t working for my team.
naa inactive timer
like 4 secs of afk and there it is.
shoot move leave spawn still can’t shake it
wut a joke

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In blizzard’s case “I wonder if I smash my head on the computer what will happen”