Sym Orb Fix (placeholder)

Thread made so i don’t have to type out idea repeatedly.

Change the mechanics of her orb.

Orb will always be at 100%. No key presses to charge required. Pressing Alt key will fire orb immediately.

As soon as orb is fired a counter will start from 0%—100%. It will take a full second to reach 100%. Pressing the Alt-fire during this time will make the orb fire at the strength/size relative to the percentage count (0% = 10 DPS/small, 100% = 120 DPS/large)

Ammo consumed will also be relative to percentage (1% = 1 ammo, 100% = 10 ammo) but orb will only consume ammo when fired.

This will improve DPS without changing current damage numbers, let Symmetra have a burst option ready without drastically changing her current build and remove the dreaded windup mechanics that are holding her back.


Nuh just let her have the option to charge it for one additional second to restore piercing.


Its good on paper but i would still rather have a point blank 120 orbs and melee combo!

With this changes you cant do a 120 damage to near targets.

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This is better as don’t need wind up. If you get ambushed you can just press the key to have a 120 DPS option IMMEDIATELY. Imagine you turn a corner and see an enemy. Now instead of holding and releasing, you press and splash an orb in their face, then melee combo for 150 damage. Better than aiming the beam or telegraphing your orb to the enemy because of charge windup.

Read again. What i am proposing is a charge that starts strong (so you can orb, melee on reaction should you bump into an enemy unexpectedly)

Sorry i misunderstood the point, i get it now
I thought the travel time of the orb will be equivalent to the damage.

So basically its still charging to 100 without you holding a button for 1 sec?

Basicaly a railgun, fire the secondary and gets a 1 sec cooldown?

Exactly. The charging is happening in the background passively. If you have trigger discipline you will fire max 120 DPS orbs if you let it charge between shots (fire, wait, fire, wait, etc)

If you spam, the orbs will be weaker but more rapid as the need to detect a press and hold condition is removed allowing faster rate of fire.

You know how when you hold alt fire and the orb charges? If you release the orb prematurely (before the full charge) the orb will fire at the strength of the charge it was at.

Now, remove the need to charge the orb manually and let it happen in the background. Pressing the key will fire the orb at the level of its current charge. No holding buttons, no mandatory firing after some time. You control the strength and when it fires as long as you have trigger discipline.

Its actually sounds very good now that i understand the mechanics,and its going to be her on demand burst damage without a clunky wind up.

A great combo for her primary as well

It will definitely help against armor, pocketed enemies and barriers. As you don’t have to drop beam charges for firing your burst option but you will consume ammo quicker, so it balances itself out.


Its a good way to follow up with a burst orb if the enemy went outside your beam range without you waiting for a half/full second to finish the target.

I hope that blizzard look into this and make this as a qol change to the orb.


I like the buff to her orbs, faster charge (or none), and/or faster speed. Buffing the orbs will give her the “longer range” people seem to want from her without changing her primary.

honestly syms orbs are not even that good. shes surpassed by all heroes on terms of spam damage: her orbs are still the slowest projectile, and can be easily avoidable all the time. if anything, symmetras photon projector is the worst weapon in the entire game.
i dont know why people insist on that not being true.

Why won’t you just say it works like pharah instead? AKA it shots instantly but every 1 second?

Edit: I am stupid. You mention small orbs

Because you can spam fire if necessary. Pharah has to wait for the “rocket chamber” animation.

Don’t worry about it. Wish I could animate my idea for more clarity. It’s alot of text to read

That would definitely help her with her high ttk.

People often praise her secondary fire for being actually good, but the more I started comparing those to other weapons and their kill potential, the more I started to believe they are much below average. The fact that you need to prefire it is one of reasons why.

I mean, I guess that would be fine since she has a melee weapon, but I just don’t believe in her melee weapon tbh. So I wouldn’t mind seeing these changes.

Pretty much works like metro steel balls gun. The higher pressure the more damage. This would actually allow symmetra to have some skill shots besides spamming, plus allow you do deal with genji and tracer at close range

if only her weapons starts at 90 and not 65 then her melee weapon will feel more effective to use as follow up after her orbs!

But sadly both her m1 and m2 are not compatible for combo, it doesnt synergise at all.

Mei on the other hand is perfect example of a melee weapons m1 and m2 that go hand in hand.

just let her hold her orb like a Hanzo arrow

Would literally never be useful. It already charges slow.

Either remove lvl 1 beam or let the orbs charge much faster. She needs some form of immediate damage that doesn’t require a wind up so people start respecting the space she can hold again

So Syms 2.0 orbs were never useful?