Sombra PTR Changes from a Sombra Main


I am just going keep it short… These changes are pretty bad and indeed a HUGE NERF. Improvements to Sombra2.0 (check this thread out)

Sigh… I think it time for me to take my break from Overwatch as these changes do not solve her problem at all, and the fact that enemies can now see and detect you from greater range is beyond me.

Not only that, but they reduced her movement speed while keeping her stealth cloak delay at 0.7 seconds…

  • At the point, I am just tired as these are not the ideal changes for Sombra.... as these changes will make her objectively worse than the Sombra we have now....

    I am quite disappointed and just lost at words… 7 soon to be 8 Mega-Thread all with great and constructed details all down the drain.

    I love you Blizzard, but I hate what you did with Sombra.

    Here is a video of the PTR Changes.

  • Improvements to Sombra2.0
    How is Sombra nerfed?

    The saddest this about this reply is that Patch 1.25 didn’t even fix a thing about Sombra Bugs let alone Sombra2.0 is just by default worse than Sombra1.0 even Sombra1.5

    Saddest day for a Sombra Main.


    There’s no defending this. It’s bad.


    Yes, it is pretty pointless now as these changes are horrible…


    hey no one cares, its all about Hammond now.


    I suppose.


    The changes are an absolute joke. I literally cannot fathom what they were thinking with these changes. Like what was the logical through process for believing that any single one of these changes is in any way beneficial… They took the least picked hero with the lowest win rate and found a way to make her even more frustrating to play, and still didn’t fix the hack bugs… Just wow. Mind blown.


    So… not quite revived as you hoped in your previous thread xd


    Actually, if I’m not mistaken, they fixed her Translocator bug… which was caused by… patch 1.25 :stuck_out_tongue:


    Well, you will see Sombra on the bottom of the tier list in all ranking now, well even more so.


    Lol oh yes, they fixed it then proceed to make it 5hp and destroyable by enemies… Feels bad.


    I’m expecting to see the pick rate drop by a considerable amount now, probably even more than after her last nerf. Her win % is likely also going to plummet.


    So many terrible changes. Sigh


    I just can’t fathom it.


    Feels bad…


    We need Ezma to give Sombra an potion to make her stronger.


    I love the infinite stealth. I think that’s a great improvement that gives her more flexibility in her kit.

    Her DPS seems fine now after the last buff.

    To me the big problems she has now are:

    1. The cool down caused by interrupted hack. This seems completely overdone.
    2. The time to gain stealth (0.7s) seems too long. It should be something less.

    I think if these two small things were changed she’d be fun to play. The gun damage buff alone she got a few patches back made a huge improvement in the feel of her character.


    I don’t hVe enough play time on her but why are you considering this a nerd? What part of the change has made her worse and why?


    It looks so clumsy it feels you are running in a tar.
    And still, concerns are not addressed.


    Omg I didn’t realize the opponent could destroy the Translocator too! Wow…