Sombra PTR Changes from a Sombra Main

  • The decreased move speed in invisibility eliminates certain skilled gap jumps (i.e. crossing certain gaps with just enough speed to make it) which eliminates a lot of fast flank routes. Those that aren’t eliminated are now extremely difficult and unreliable.
  • The increased range for exposure make sit far more difficult to pass through choke points undetected, which basically removes half the point of the skill.
  • Allowing enemies to destroy translocator is a freaking joke. The move is basically your get out of jail free card, except now it’s just been made super unreliable.
  • You can now longer contest the payload while invis. A few seconds over time can literally be game winning - stalling the payload at certain regions of the map give huge attacker and defender advantages, and a few seconds can give time for your team to arrive. Not stalling in 2CP/KOTH makes her even more of a troll pick in those modes

Literally the only bonus to this change is that you can destroy your translocator to reposition it. Everything else is just a massive nerf in every way. Being invis indefinitely is really not that valuable. Basic positioning solves the problem of sneaking up on enemies within them finding you.

EDIT: And to top it off they didn’t address the ONE THING that everyone actually wanted, which was the reliability of hack.

The changes are an absolute joke.


This is ridiculous. I’m honestly really disappointed with this. I don’t understand why they’re incapable of just applying a straight buff.


I don’t understand why they’re incapable of basic logic and reasoning to have realized how terrible of an idea these changes are. the fact that this made it to the PTR is just mind blowing.


Hanzo rework: 4 buffs along with the new skill.
Sombra rework: 2 buffs 3 nerfs.


Its a sad day for Sombra mains everywhere…


Yeah all ten of us…


why did they give her so many nerfs in exchange for the buffs!!! this is maybe the most hurt a video game has made me feel , it feels awful to have to beg and plead for help and when its not enough, or worse something that has a negative effect, knowing it won’t be her Turn to get help again for another half a year.


Good buffs overwhelming tradeoffs sadly


Well now we know why this is so problematic.


Can the translocator be destroyed mid-air? If that’s the case, goodbye diving EMPs aswell.


It’s a character assassination. A huge nerf disguised as a buff.


They definitely aren’t listening to Sombra feedback or even following their own rhetoric on how they want to see Sombra. This does nothing to keep her in combat like they claimed they changed her last time for… perma stealth and translocator? That means hide more and get out of dodge more. This does nothing to keep her in combat or make hacks more reliable / fluent.


I’m totally cool with infinite stealth/translocator timing, but some of the other stuff needs fixing or she’ll be worse than before. I see the infinite duration as something that will separate the good sombras from the bad sombras (who use infinite time doing nothing).

If the FIRST SIX SECONDS of invis were like her old invis (+75% speed, contesting points), you would solve a lot of complaints. Just keep the invis meter, and when it runs out, you shift into the slower, weaker invis. Hell, you could shorten it to 3 seconds if you need to, but just keep the good invis as a short buffed state before descending into the weaker invis.

Translocator should be self-destructible, but NOT destructible by the enemy. Two of her three abilities are already unreliable. Don’t do that to the third.

then put in somvra’s qol changes and we good


Movement speed was fast because you are up against a timer until you decloak. She needed to be fast for those short 10 seconds.

Now that its infinite she no longer needs the speed to be as fast. You can take your time getting somewhere a bit safer without sweating a timer.

How is that a nerf?

But hey…stop playing her and keep crying on the forums. You know what I am gonna do? Still play the hell out of her and have fun doing it! YAY!


They nerfed her stealth so much but the trade off isn’t worth it.

  • longer range to be detected
  • no longer can contest points
  • no longer can make certain jumps

Her translocator being destroysble is just as bad because it can destroyed in mid air by and Sym turrets. I know they had good intentions with these changes but they took too much away without decent compensation. These changes can not be pushed to live because their useless.


I want them to push them live. I think people are blowing this out of proportion. I’ve played her on the PTR and find her so much more responsive than ever. I’m able to sneak around the battlefield, come out when the time is perfect for me and catch everyone off guard very, very often. Its literally PERFECT. They just have to fix translocator being shot out of the sky.


Waw… this is why I said to everyone not to get too excited. This is a nerf, not a buff. detection radius 4m… like what the actual f***…

‘this allows sombra to more easily play as an infiltrator’… but dont get too close to any enemy or you’ll be spotted.

Good job, Blizzard. Good Job.


i dont even play Sombra and i’m sad about how objectively worse these changes make her.


I hope you guys like the way she is now, because knowing Blizzard its going to stay like this no matter how much we complain.


They buffed her abilities but gave them so many drawbacks that this can’t even be considered a “buff.” The only complaint people made about her stealth is that it’s slow going into. instead, they gave her infinite stealth, which is cool but they gave her THREE drawbacks for one simple change. The translocator isn’t as bad but the problem is how easy it’s able to be destroyed by trash damage, which is what she already had a problem with. I’m glad you’re enjoying these changes but they overall are a net nerf for her.