Improvements to Sombra2.0


I know I said I was going post this thread earlier, but I had to finish an exam. Anyways, that is beyond the point.

In this section below the line I will display the original changes that are currently on the PTR for everyone to view it if you haven’t already.

Sombra 2.0 Changes as of June28,2018

Here is a list of Pro(Buffs) and Cons(Nerfs) In the Patch Note.

The Postives of These Changes.

  • She can now cancel her Translocator at free will.
  • Has infinite amount of time on her Translocator.
  • Has infinite amount of time to remain in stealth.
  • Can easily get the back line while in stealth and sit on point and reveal the location of the enemies position indefinitely.
  • You can now have an escape exit that last forever, with proper positioning and location of your Translocator.
  • I think that is all the positives that comes along with these changes. Please feel free to add onto this list as you please.

    The Negatives Of These Changes.

  • Can now be reveal to enemies at much greater range (4m)
  • Enemies can now destroy your translocator.
  • Your Translocator health has been reduce to 5HP.
  • Decrease in the buff movement speed while in stealth, went from +75% movement speed down to +50% movement speed.
  • Can no longer contest the objective while you are in stealth.
  • Translocator's audio cue has now increase in volume, meaning enemies can detect and find your translocator from even more distance.
  • Translocator now display two brighter visual while translocating in mid-air, making it more visual for the enemy to see.
  • All of Sombra's abilities will now be neglected from literally a start bullet of a mediocre 5 damage.
  • I think that is all the negatives that comes along with these changes. Please feel free to add onto this list as you please.

    :blue_heart: Please take a moment to discussion about the positives and negatives of these changes and let me know how you feel about them. (please provide both positive and critical feedback if needed)


    My Ideas Are Posted Below.

    Changes To Stealth.

  • Stealth is now an abilities that can used freely

  • (No Cooldown)
  • Stealth detect radius reduce from 4m back to 2m
  • Stealth Bonus Movement Speed remains the same (+75% Movement Speed)
  • Stealth can no longer contest objectives.
  • Stealth cast time has been reduced from 0.7s to 0.5s
  • (For Both Cloaking and De-Cloaking)

    The whole objective for these changes is to allow her to remain that fast nimble hero as these changes will fix some of her issue when it comes down to stealth alone.

    Changes To Translocator

    These changes above are not to bad, but it need some improvements.

  • When Sombra is in Stealth Mode, her translocator will now be invisible to the enemies eyes, and the audio cue will be more so on the silence side.

  • (You will still be able to hear it, but you have to be within melee distance to hear it. 5m)
  • When Sombra is not in Stealth Mode, her translocator will now be visible to the enemies eyes, and the audio cue will be the same audio cue on the PTR.

  • Increase Translocator from 5hp to 20hp

  • (It will still be destroyable by the enemies.)
  • When you cancel your own Translocator or translocate to that location, it will send out a pulse wave that will reveal the enemies location and ultimate charge to only Sombra within it’s radius.

  • (We can for now say the radius will be within 5m)

    With these changesI feel like it will keep the core of PTR Change, but it will also promote make so you can use the Translocator as an another form of utility to gain information.

    There are reasons for these changes that I proposed above as I feel as though it will still make her that nimble assassin like hero, but also that stealthy keen scout that the devs are trying to push her towards.

    ○These are only changes that I will make to the PTR Changes,as I have 7 other Mega-Thread listing ideas of her other kit.

    It includes minor buffs and some QoL Changes. I will post the threads below.

    ALL Somvra's Mega-Threads Related To Sombra.

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    That is all 7 Mega-Thread Please feel free to comment and like those threads and let me know what you think of it.

    I beileve that is it for tonight, I really enjoy for all the positive feedbacks, and let me know how you think about this version of Sombra. If you have any suggestion, please don’t hesitant in voicing your ideas in this thread.

    And Remember …

    “Everything can be hacked… and everyone.”

    -Boop :purple_heart:

    Moving to PTR Feedback -Boop

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    I’m glad you can stay strong, but until Blizzard’s balance team learns how to do their job, I’m done. Bye Sombra. It was fun while it lasted.


    I still have a very sliver of hope in the devs, as I don’t think non really know what direction they want for Sombra. I just feel like if they attempt to read some of my ideas, this alone can formulate some ideas in the way they want to improve Sombra.


    Too late, we’re already seeing the liars and people with no clue what they’re talking about say this is fine, a buff or even op.
    Yesterday there was a guy saying that he just didn’t main sombra on one account but on one of his other 6, people are just false flagging and making up fuzz.

    They know exactly what sombra needs, self reliance and a tad bit of damage.
    They just won’t give it to her, do you think it’s a coincidence they’ve majorly buffed/changed every part of her kit EXCEPT her reliable damage?

    And now that there’s people acting like this change is all fine and dandy and spamming threads blizz is gonna see 3 of these vs 300 complain threads, see that people are “enjoying it”, pat themselves on a back for a job well done and push it to live.


    These changes are much better. Pay attention, Blizzard, some people are smarter than you!


    Thank you Somvra for not giving up, i saw you saying becoming a mercy one trick, im just glad you still staying strong with Sombra :slight_smile: :heart:


    Honestly, I see nothing wrong with Somvra’s rendition of stealth. I don’t know why they are so afraid to just buff her without also adding such debilitating conditions.


    Exactly, hopefully I can turn this thread into another useful mega-thread as well.


    These changes would definitely fix sombra a little bit. Who knew the playerbase would be better at balancing than the devs.


    Bless this thread and its Creator :heart:


    That way the PTR changes are relatively the same, but with modification.


    We’ve known since the Mercy rework to be honest.
    Countless great suggestion from the community in all manner of character reworks have been outright ignored by the developers and moderators on here. I honestly believe their forum and community management team have no say whatsoever in the development process.


    I dont really care for the sombra changes i walk around with mei or zarya… or any character and spy check like tf2 lol

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve 360 and tapped a sombra and the whole team g@ngb@ngs her plus you cant even walk past ppl anymore making find a good spot to set up almost impossible

    when she got buffed hanzo was indirectly buffed making random sonar arrow checks scary for a sombra

    what I’d change is

    trans locator

    remove audio cue and make it a visual cue make the purple light brighter and give it its normal sound cue so that ppl will have to look for it
    make it stick to wall that will give a sombra more choices

    invis the range on detected is kinda sad make it smaller i feel like you can amplify her sounds before you out right show here


    What can I say, I have to stay loyal to my main since I main her since launch. :sweat_smile:


    It is beyond me that there are putting such restriction to her buffs… I don’t know honestly.


    You know me Mamalamadoo I always try when it comes to these changes.


    I really appreciate this so much, as you know I try my best.


    I need to re-edit the post as the hidden text got a little messed up! but if I am not mistaken I think I said to reduce the detect meter from 4m to 2m.


    Whatever they decide to do, that detection range needs to be reverted. I could accept every other bad decision but this one is too much. She can’t pass by choke points anymore properly, especially so with her loud here-I-am-come-kill-me translocator.

    I like the op ideas but honestly, I wish they would just revert all the changes and build up from there. Sure permanent invisibility is a nice idea but I don’t want Sombra to have too much downtime, especially considering she can’t do much in stealth.

    And Scouting is not really a good use of her time. Its actually really silly the more you think about it. Other characters can “scout” and attack better than she can already.


    These changes better stay on the PTR and never come to the live servers