So.... what's the next experiment card?

Since the patch went live today, what is the next set of changes? Maybe they’re looking at reworking Orisa/Sig to be stronger individually but not have overwhelming synergy? Maybe they listened about the Bastion suggestions? Maybe looking into reducing the overall power level of the game?

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I hope we see Bastion changes, but at this point I’ve almost given up honestly.

If we don’t see any changes for Bastion next then I will just have to accept Bastion will be useless until OW2. He will be quite good in some PvE missions I guess so that’s something to look forward to.


I’m hoping for UI changes that look at tanking/supporting and aim to reward them more appropriately.

And of course, Valkyrie changes with skill and the Mercy player’s impact in mind, but I’m more likely to go on a double date with Helen of Troy and Cleopatra before that happens.


I personally really hope they look into bap and mercy. I’m doubtful tho


One can only hope…

Things like this will not likely appear in the experimental card but instead would go to the PTR.


How about “Make Mei a Tank so OWL players don’t hate life”

Or “Making BarrierTanks have more variety and be more desirable to DPS players and DoubleOffTank players, so DPS Queue times don’t destroy this game and Overwatch 2”:


Rocket Hammer

  • Damage increased to 85, up from 75.


Tesla Cannon

  • Damage increased to 70 damage per second, up from 60.


Fusion Driver

  • Damage increased to 13, up from 11.

Protective Barrier

  • Increased to 900HP, up from 600HP
  • Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds, down from 10 seconds.


  • Damage reduction lowered to 10%, down from 40%.
  • Immune to critical headshot multipliers.
  • Does not give ultimate charge to enemy players.
  • Bodyblocks enemy Ultimates like Earthshatter.


  • No longer applies a Slow effect to enemies.



  • Direct Hit damage increased to 65, up from 55.
  • Immune to self-damage from this ability.


  • Immune to self-damage from this ability.

Experimental Barrier

  • Increased to 1300HP, up from 900HP.
  • Regeneration rate to something reasonable.

Kinetic Grasp

  • Duration reduced to 1 second.


Orb of Discord

  • Can target enemy players behind enemy barriers.
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