How would you nerf Rein or buff other tanks?

I’m just curious I suppose.

I would bring orisa and sigma up in ways to not bring back double shield
Also would buff winston,, hog and WB

I don’t actually know how to do that, but you get the idea

Well Rein is fine by himself it’s the heroes who enable him that make him so strong so… Zarya doesn’t gain beam charge when Rein’s shield is up and he’s bubbled.

Orisa’s nerf reverted that was completely unneeded.

Hammond maybe increase his shield range a bit

Hog is fine

D.Va is fine

Maybe make it so when Sigma uses his ult whoever is stuck in it can’t use abilities

idk I don’t think about tanks super often.

I’m a big fan of option #3:

  1. MainTank Orisa, OffTank Sigma
  2. MainTank Orisa, MainTank Sigma, weaken at close range selfpeel
  3. A modified 1-3-2 with offtanks being moved to DPS, but maximum 1 offtank per team. Then buff barrier tanks till popular enough

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I wouldn’t nerf Rein or buff other tanks.

If they nerf Rein I’d like his barrier brought down to 1500. That should be enough to make him as codependent on Zarya as Orisa is on Sig. plus it enable Road and Orisa to be ran since Road and Orisa can just burn his shield.

If not,

Bring fortify back to 50%. Reduce self slow while firing

Sigma nerfs to hyper spheres reverted, and a slightly lower CD on KG.

Winston increase ratio of armor to HP

Dva reduce self slow while firing 20%

HOg gets his damage reduction buff plus heal from 1-3-2.

I’d start there