"probably the TOP thing the designers and I are focused on is barriers..."

And league usage doesn’t matter anymore because they use a banning system and the vast majority of players do not.

On live last week Rein was almost 40% of the tank picks, up 10% over his monthly pick-rate after being banned for a week (during which his pick-rate on live was 0%).

In the live game he’s very, very strong and people know it.

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You do realize that lowering TTK will make barriers MORE necessary for everyone except those high enough ranked to play a coordinated dive?

I hope Jeff understands that barriers in and of itself arent an issue. Having multiple of them on the field is just not fun. It extremely slows down the pace of the game and it makes certain heroes unviable.

Actually, those are last week’s data, which mirrored the ladder bans.

…I wasn’t saying to lower ttk… I was saying to increase it (i.e. people live longer). nor was I saying to increase it without putting in mechanics to account for having 2 “main healers” and/or 2 barrier spam tanks.

Thats because tank changes sounded like they’re not coming for a bit, but support changes are coming in a few days.

I’d be interested in possible tank changes but I feel like they’ve been doing the role such a disservice that I’m better off not thinking about it till its here.

ah yes in a world where echo’s shield breaking exists we need less barriers

as if echo already doesn’t make shields such as sigma and orisa’s useless


Well they could do this stuff at the drop of a hat.


Projected Barrier

  • Increased to 900HP, up from 600HP.
  • Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds.


Experimental Barrier

  • Decreased to 600HP, down from 900HP
  • No cooldown delay when deploying and canceling the barrier.

Although it wouldn’t make much sense, what with lowering Sigma’s stun.
Since that feels like an offtank sort of thing.

No, Jeff is a Rein player. He was talking about making Rein’s shield the size of Sym’s Ult.

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I’d rather they didn’t :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, honestly I’d prefer they go either with something like making all barrier tanks into main tanks, gutting their selfpeel, discord ignores barriers, and raising firepower.

Or go with that modified 1-3-2, and then just shower main tanks with buffs.

They already hit tanks with a barrier patch, the tanks don’t need more rolescaping, it needs buffs after getting thoroughly dunked on.

They could have handled tank balance months ago by buffing dive tanks and giving the older tank busters a place in the meta.

Well there is that idea I had where they could just make it so that main tanks are fun, strictly with balance changes.

✅ Need more Barrier Tank players?

Yeah, that makes more sense to me.

It’d be cool if the devs gave us a hint or two as to what they’re planning. Maybe tanks will get cc resistance.

Sigma gets 700 less starting with 1500, and Rein got 400 less starting with 2000. Everyone saw it coming that Rein would be meta, including the devs themselves. It was on purpose.

So, your suggestion is to revert all of orisa’s changes, and dumpster sigma?

Then, after you’ve forced everyone into the hell that is a mandatory orisa/reinhardt double-barrier meta so oppressive they’ll feel it down in Bronze, your big plan to buff the off tanks is a series of buffs so inconsequential they wouldn’t feel them now?

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I’m actually more of a fan of the other two options.

  1. MainTank Orisa, OffTank Sigma
  2. MainTank Orisa, MainTank Sigma, weaken at close range selfpeel
  3. A modified 1-3-2 with offtanks being moved to DPS, but maximum 1 offtank per team. Then buff barrier tanks till popular enough

Meanwhile, Doomfist continues to run a train over the game.

Good balance, Blizzard.

Widow/Hanzo/Ashe/McCree all pretty much require a barrier to play against (and McCree requires a barrier himself lol).

Buuuuuuuuut who are we kidding they’re just gonna nerf his barrier some more :woman_shrugging:t6:

My apologies, then. I thought that was what you meant.