What Do Tanks Currently Offer To Overwatch?

It’s a combination of face tanking and damage prevention

Reinhardt’s shield, Sigma’s shield, Orisa’s shield of course, but also Zarya’s bubbles, D.va’s matrix, Roadhog’s sheer health, etc.

All of the tanks can tank at least 3X the damage any other character type can if not more

Playing a tank feels bad because you’re playing a game that actively hates Tanks.

It’s real convenient for Jeff Kaplan to pop around and soak up all the memes and attention, but when glaring issues start cropping up in the basic gameplay, what does that foppish Hobbit do?

Creates Overwatch 2.

So yea, Tanking is going to be a dead class in the near future. No one is going to want to Tank and no one wants to play against a Tank.

/end rant

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They are working on it.

You know what that means?

They’re going to nerf Tanks again. Why?

‘They cause issues because they have shields and CC’.

I swear, Kaplan is literally floating on good will 24/7.

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I can’t tell if I avoid them by being on console or by being in custom games.

I never ever really see toxicity like that.

“You’ve reached the maximum number of likes. Please wait 1 infinite hours before trying again.”
At least, that’s what it feels like to me.

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Well I figure I’ve posted 3 good approaches to fixing tanks recently:

  1. MainTank Orisa, OffTank Sigma
  2. MainTank Orisa, MainTank Sigma, weaken at close range selfpeel
  3. A modified 1-3-2 with offtanks being moved to DPS, but maximum 1 offtank per team. Then buff barrier tanks till popular enough

Despite nerfs from the 4 second duration, 1 second gaps, 15m super Matrix days of 2017; I’d say D.Va is the best Tank at preventing damage. You can actively protect your team mates even when enemy DPS are in eyeball-licking range. Zarya Bubble is okay if you see someone about to lose a duel but it’s not super strong. The barriers overall though feel so exploitable.

Orisa’s barrier is a clutch save that deploys too slowly to save anyone. Rein’s becomes inert as long as any flanker is in play or a Reaper gets close. Sigma is okay at his magic range but he’s so paper-thin and his shield disappears when he dies. Out of all the barriers Winston’s might be the best right now. It protects 360 degrees and deploys super fast for quick saves. Shame about the long cooldown though, any fight that lasts longer than 3 seconds and you’re just free ultimate charge for anyone willing to chase you down.

That last part may just be a Silver/Gold issue though. Reaper and Ganji’s here will just stick to a Winston like glue (all the way back to their spawn) just to farm ultimate charge.

The problem with those is that you aren’t nerfing tanks hard enough. Jeff Kaplan is not a man that does half measures on anything; for example ‘How to counter Dive pre-Brigette’.

Expect one of the following:

  1. Shields are smaller.
  2. CC has a longer cooldown or is flat out reduced.
  3. Barrier tanks are removed from the game.

The third option might sound hyperbolic, however, what do you expect from a group that would rather create PvE content and charge you an extra $40 for it?

Well, shields definitely feel paper thin right now if they aren’t worked around correctly

Take Orisa for instance, her shield is super weak right? The reason for that though is because she’s the tank that does the most damage from the longest range.

If you bring characters along that synergize with that and break the enemy shield before they can get close to you, then it hardly matters that Orisa’s shield is weak. Even better is that Orisa’s shield is suited to this playstyle by having its health tied to a cooldown rather than a regeneration. This means that if you are able to continuously put out damage and keep the enemy away, then Orisa’s shield will end up blocking more damage over a match than other tank’s shields can.

With that being said, Orisa could still use a buff, but playing the right characters with your tanks is important to make any of them work properly.

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I agree with this entirely actually. The hardest part is getting your team to appreciate that.

“Myah, why is Orisa playing so far back”
-Teammates currently dryhumping each other in the choke.

On the flipside though, if most people can’t play around a certain play style to begin with, is it even a good play style?

Man, I don’t know what game you are playing, tanks are absolutely critical to a team.

At this point, they’re ult bots. Which is a big reason for Rein being so popular as his ults so strong and synergises with other heroes so well.

Edit: He’s also the only one who can juggle shield usage near instnatly to block things like nade

Custom Games, probably. And you’re very right about the likes thing…
Hence why I do this: :+1: :rofl:

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Yout seal of approval?

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Yep, that’s it. I use it pretty liberally now because it’s fun, but that’s originally why I started doing it :v: :rofl:

It looks like a weird floating…creature…with one hand. I think it’s amusing. He can be serious, too… :point_up: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I actually imagine a human.

Person laughing and slamming their hand on a table with a thumbs up.

I don’t really know what meaning this’d be.

Displeased at an immoral lie or has won a checkmate or is about to provide a good counter argument.

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Pretty much!

:v: :rofl: This is just…happy. A happy floating head.

I also like these ones: :point_up: :grimacing: - He thinks whatever is going on is a little…questionable…But, of course, he likes to greet people: :wave: :rofl: AND he does have the capacity to fall in love… :v: :heart_eyes:

I wouldn’t say “can’t” but rather “won’t”, intentionally or otherwise

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What are tanks good for in any game? Maybe that could help you find your answer instead of mumbling on about whatever it is you have to say

In MOBAs: Creep killing and jungling
In PvE: Drawing aggro and secondary damage dealing

As for PvP shooters though, that’s tough. Overwatch is a bit of a trendsetter. Closest thing I can think of is using a Riot Shield in Call of Duty and we would just laugh those people out of the lobby back in the day.

So in regards to:

Nothing useful in PvP.