What changes to Orisa need to be made?

Almost anyone who plays main or off-tanks know that Orisa is not in a good place compared to Reinhardt and Sigma, so I was wondering what this (lovely) community thinks they should change about her to make her viable.

Take your pick

  1. MainTank Orisa, OffTank Sigma
  2. MainTank Orisa, MainTank Sigma, weaken at close range selfpeel
  3. A modified 1-3-2 with offtanks being moved to DPS, but maximum 1 offtank per team. Then buff barrier tanks till popular enough
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Teammates can now ride her

That is all we need


She needs two charges of her 600 HP barrier, but now cooldown only starts when barrier is broken, replaced or disappears.

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I know it’s crazy but I’d love to be able to rotate her shield 90 degrees before firing it (like Mei’s Ice Wall). Being able to provide crossfire would make her relatively weak shield more impactful without buffing it directly.

I can see the Damage being ramped up and also the Shield changes, I just don’t understand how Rein can have the most health as a shield tank (For his shield I mean) and be able to pull it out whenever and wherever he is, compared to Orisa who can only place it down once and has VERY limited shield health

Other then that, I can agree that Fortify should be able to block abilities and ultimates. For example, Orisa LITERALLY has a highlight intro where Rein charges her and HE GETS KNOCKED DOWN. I can’t understand why they would remove that change and still keep the highlight intro in. If that was the case, any sort of charge or stun (Rein, Brig Shield Bash, Doomfist Rocket Punch) should be able to knock them down too.

I feel like her pull is okay, but making it so that pulling them instantly instead of the slow effect would be way better.

Back to Fortify, the only use for it currently is Fortifying before Shatter, which only saves yourself basically, and walking out of a Grav, which again, DOESN’T save your teammates. There could be way more utility for it, and making it able to block abilities and ultimates would be better.

Rebalance her around a strong barrier and weaker Fortify/Halt. She can be a strong bunker tank (remember those comps?!?) but susceptible to deathball and/or dives depending on map.

I’d like to see her movement speed while firing put back to it’s original slower value, but have her take reduced critical hit damage while she has armor health remaining, sort of reinforce her immovable object style. Could even just take no crit damage while armored but that would likely be too strong.

They need to decide if she is a main tank and buff her barrier or an offtank and buff her fortify. The problem is they keep trying to make her both things by making both abilities viable, and they are making none of them valid.

I kinda like the 2nd one, where there’s maintank orisa and sigma.