Hey Reinhardt advocates, what should the solution be?

Excuse me, I am not useless. I supposedly feed more than any other tank, just use your bubble and you found a use. Us Hogs are used to carrying decrepit Zarya mains as is. So buckle up, we are about to go Hog Wild. And I have no clue what that even means, that is how crazy it is.


Whisper whisper

The other Tanks can literally all do something about Rein and Earthshatter.
Literally all of them. The only one who struggles with it or has unrealisticly crappy times at it is frickin Ball.

That being said, they’ve been overnerfed.

Don’t buff Winston.
Don’t buff D.Va.
If you buff Ball or Zarya, they need compensation nerfs.
Buff everything else.

Hog Zar is such a stupid comp I refuse to play it. Now, you want to lose on Orisa Hog or Rein Hog?

Don’t be so dramatic. I’ve tested your disbelief twice about Reinhardt being the only viable tank and have given solutions.

There are steps to go forward but people need to be smart about it.

Wanting a character to stay gutted isn’t ok and wanting them to be overbuffed to surpass someone else also isn’t ok. Neither of this is balance when put in a vacuum, it’s favoritism


Yeah, I feel you. I usually rolled out with Hammond, had some fun then noticed my team couldn’t get close to the point, so back to spawn for an obligatory Rein I went.

On some good days I get to play some Winston for different flavor, but that s about it.

I m still having fun learning Rein so it doesn’t bother me that much, but I can only imagine the pain of someone who just wants to play their favorite tank but can’t.

Hopefully the new patch will address it.

Pick your favorite.

  1. MainTank Orisa, OffTank Sigma
  2. MainTank Orisa, MainTank Sigma, weaken at close range selfpeel
  3. A modified 1-3-2 with offtanks being moved to DPS, but maximum 1 offtank per team. Then buff barrier tanks till popular enough

I hate Orisa mains with a burning passion. They think hook is their cooldown and then when they realize you are ignoring their halts they try to halt targets you are going for. I had that happen and they had the audacity to ask, “how did you miss that hook, Hog” after pulling the target out of my hook. They can nerf her again and again so that I never have to play with her, please.

But yeah, seriously, if they do not want to buff Rein, they could try nerfing all the tanks. That might help get more people to play Rein.

1-3-2 doesn’t address that Orisa/Sigma/Winston will still be in the game, but useless throw picks. Unless they’re made off tanks and sent to DPS?

I’ve only played that maybe… 6 times now? Oddly enough, it crushed 5 out of 6 of those times. Granted, 3 of those had us running Doom as the true main tank…

I still prefer Sigma-Hog though, for its added flexibility, especially if the enemy isn’t running Ana for once.

An Orisa and Hog that combos is literally free kills. Dunno why Hog players hate free kills, but whatever.

Sigma/Hog is basically a guaranteed tank deletion with the hook into rock combos. Oh dear lord is it filthy.

The funniest thing about S/H at lower ranks is how increasingly tilted the enemy will get, to the point of trying to gang---- the Hog and thereby all getting hit by the same rock, easily barriered off, and then ulted into a corner for quick poetic justice. And so forth.

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Sig Hog feels like it would just get mowed down from long range.

It lives on the threat of your DPS and the survivability of your Ana, as far as I can tell.

Try reading the concept a little deeper.
✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

By blocking DoubleBarrier, and DoubleOffTank.
It means you can buff barrier tanks a lot, all up to the same power level. With no concern if 2Barrier/0Barrier is too overpowered/underpowered.

To the point where maybe we end up with a 700hp Reinhardt with 90 damage hammer swings, and all the other barrier tanks buffed to similar levels.

Last time we had that it was the same, though. Great Reinhardt (and Zarya oddly…) and terrible Orisa/Sigma/Winston/etc.

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That’s not really a design limitation though.

They could buff them further, they just didn’t.

Yeah but I think at this point it’s clear they want Reinhardt > other tanks.

As somebody who told them to do that, the reason is because Rein is popular if you have to pick one Tank to be the best.

And they where rushing to throw out a January patch to get ready for OWL.

Now they are coming back and fixing their sloppy jury rig fix for something better.

And not being able to stack barrier tanks, makes it a lot easier to buff them.

and I usually get a useless roadhog. Great! Now I have to play Rein

Your first mistake was thinking that Rein-Hog was ever a good composition in the first place

Ball-hog is unironically better.