Server Disconnections due to DDoS Attack - July 8 2018

Hi! I’m a ps4 player and I’m pressed! All of a sudden on the third round of a tight competitive match all the players in my game were starting to lag out, and I was too. All of a sudden we had 2 people leave- both of whom had been actively participating and helping win despite the insane lag that popped out. I stopped lagging, and me and the other 3 players on my team keep going, then we lose that person as well, at the same time 2 of the enemy team back out. Then I’m kicked from the match, and I get sent to the opening screen, right?

It says rejoin match, but I physically cannot join. Despite spamming rejoin the match, i cant get back in. I close my client all the way, and log back in, or try to. It says there was an error, and I can’t get back in. It takes me a few tries, but I get back in to find i lost SR and I’ve been suspended for 8 minutes (By the time i get back in the game, i suppose).

Another member of my team messages me asking if I had the same issue with being unable to rejoin the match, and being unable to enter the game client, and reported the same issue with logging back into the game- he’d lost considerable sr, and he’d also been suspended- for 40 minutes.

I won’t play anymore competitive tonight- it might be something server side, but I know for a fact DDOSing on the console is possible…I just don’t know who did it or what on earth happened, and I’m mad that i lost that much SR over a clear issue with the game or someone else cheating :frowning: any suggestions on what on earth that was?

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servers crashed, everyone got kicked lost 50 sr, super angry, already had 11 leavers in a row today. prob gonna quit for 2 months again…


Hey there all,

Tonight at around 8:30 PST we noticed a server wide issue affecting a large number of players. Thanks to the reports of players like you, we were able to identify an issue extremely quickly. Our developers are currently looking into what caused it and trying to fix it now.

In situations like this, Customer Support doesn’t restore competitive SR lost or remove penalties (including endorsement levels, xp penalties, temporary suspensions, etc.) For more information on this, you can check this link.

Thank you all for working to fix it ! :frowning: its sad that so many people got punished because of a server-wide glitch.

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I didn’t lose any SR myself during this issue but out of curiosity, if this is something Blizzard knows is a faulty error that they themselves have to get involved with in order to fix, why can’t those who lost their SR because of this issue get their SR refunded?

If it’s situations that involve disconnections where the underlying problem of the DC is unknown, then yes I could understand why the person who DC’d can’t get their SR back (to an extent) but why does Blizzard not budge on refunding SR in regards to something that they know is a server wide glitch that they know isn’t the fault of the player?


Amazed at how fast i was able to find info on this by googling. We live in amazing times. Cheers!

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Imagine I’m singing this response: “Because they don’t caaaaare!”

Blizz has made it absolutely clear that they do not at all care about the frustrations that players experience when their servers cause problems. There’s a thousand different solutions that could be implemented to address this issue, but that would require coding them in, and why waste time fixing something the community really, really, really wants fixed when you can put a hamster in a robot and call it a day?


I just wanna know when the server will be back up again any ETA

Yea, I thought before that they really cared for us and took our suggestions into consideration. But if someone can leave the game and have everyone else lose sr because they cant 5v6, 4v6, etc. I dont know how I can feel about a company. You cant win a 5v6 in an even game. If you are all even in skill its not very easy but they dont care as long as we paid for the game.

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Hey folks,

I absolutely understand that it’s frustrating to lose progress for something outside of your control. We’re simply not able to promise any sort of restoration when something like this happens, and it’s not something support is able to grant individually either because the functionality simply does not exist in our tools.

We wanted to let you know something was going on, and that we were looking into fixing it. Once we get it fixed up someone will drop by to let you know. For now, you should avoid competitive modes to avoid further penalties.

Beyond that, any decisions to restore lost ranking, etc would need to be a development level decision and they’d affect anybody affected at the time equally. There’s nothing baked into the system to do this, however, so if you want to suggest changes to penalties and the like, that’d be a good thing to bring up at the general discussion forums or competitive forums. Here, we’re focused on the tech aspect of things.

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I’m assuming this also applies to endorsement levels?

Yes it does. Part of your Endorsement rating is based on not leaving games.

Correct. Editing that in.

Ah, victim blaming, in its purest form. “You lost SR because our servers weren’t working correctly? Your fault.”

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That’s me advising people to not continue behavior that could continue to cause negative impacts on their account. Since we can’t promise things will be restored, I figured it might be wise to point out that it’s not currently safe to stake your SR on stability until we report that the issue is resolved.

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Look, I get that you, personally, can’t fix this issue. I get that the CS team has no power over reinstating SR. C’est la vie.

But don’t pretend Blizz doesn’t fully take a victim-blaming response to SR/Endorsement losses. [Removed by moderation - extremely inappropriate.]

Blizzard servers screw us over, Blizzard refuses to take responsibility for a problem that’s been here for nearly two years and they’ve never once addressed, Blizzard blames the players when we get hurt by it, and Blizzard ignores the frustrations the players express when this keeps happening over and over.

Right, because the last two years of players repeatedly saying “FIX THIS” has clearly made an impact.

NZ player, just queued in LFG presumably (5 LFG and 1 random) with US / AUS players also.

Everyone getting 1100 ping.

I swear this said the issue had been fixed originally…i rejoined because i wanted to win back some SR tonight (feeling good bc I’d been playing well all day!) Only to have it happen again. The issue started with players complainign of lag and suddenly being unable to move at all. It was rather weird, seeing everyone standing still. I wasn’t experiencing any lag before I got kicked.

I played a qp match in the middle to test and see if things were really ok- they were, and i thought i had the go ahead from here! Might have misread it, might have been edited to explain things were still going on. :frowning:

This time I’ve closed the client, logged back in, but it still won’t let me rejoin the match. Clicking the rejoin button does Nothing, and furthermore, I could actually open my lootbox from playing (?) the match.

Figure the status update from my end as well as explainigng im sitting here, unable to rejoin match still…oh well. Realy am going to bed this time, it’ll be fixed in the morning…

Oh Wait! IT let me back in? Maybe??.. but its Right as the match “Finished” and now I’m stuck on a screen that says “Game found, joining game”…

I’m just stuck in “Joining game” now…the searching instead of “play” option is just stuck loading. it’s been like this for a good minute now…hmmmmm

Canceling search does nothing too! Thats odd.

last edit! pressing x on the searching thing actually pulled up the screen with game options this time… Still couldnt cancel the search, but it had the decency to tell me I’d lost another bundle of SR and was now banned for 22 minutes by the time i looked. I logged off all the way. This is a bit silly…oh well! my climb to diamond (again) will continue tomorrow.

Nice. No inappropriate language in that edited section, an entirely apt metaphor used, but you get to delete the one-two punch that calls out this company for its own toxic behavior towards players and make it sound like I’m a villain with your inserted edit. Very nice.

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Cmon I lose 50SR and got a suspension, you can maybe disable comp?

League and other games shut off the comp when they see a MAJOR problem with servers and the players are getting punish by just playing…