Role Queue Launch Times

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Thanks to everyone that has been participating in our Role Queue Beta Season! We’ve been reading all your feedback and we look forward to officially launching Role Queue to Competitive Play and Quick Play soon.

As you may have read previously, we’ve been planning to enable Role Queue for Competitive Play and Quick Play simultaneously. However, Role Queue is a huge change to Overwatch gameplay and we want to ensure a smooth launch for both Competitive and Quick Play. To this end, we’ve decided to separate the launch times and delay Role Queue for Quick Play until September 3rd at 11:00 PST. This will allow us to fully support and respond to any issues that may arise for both Competitive Play and Quick Play.

Please reference below for Role Queue official launch times:

  • Competitive Play: August 31st @ 5PM PST (September 1st 00:00 UTC)

  • Quick Play: September 3rd @ 11AM PST

  • Quick Play Classic (Arcade Card): September 3rd @ 11AM PST

Thank you again for your patience and feedback!

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RQ coming to QP on the 3rd
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Let’s do this!!!




And when starts comp classic?



Comp classic? That’s a good joke.


There. There. It will be alright.


Btw, this is going to be permanently available right? Not just a mode you see once a week like “No Limits”?


Noooo QP delays :tired_face: now to wait even longer to start OW again


Pls nerf sigma orisa and symmetra, pls jeff, actually no skill in ow :frowning:


Please, for the love of Lord Kaplan, allow us to play FFA while in queue! Skirmish is useless as practice since you have to walk from spawn and look for enemies. FFA would allow us to practice aim and movement with fast and near respawns.

I mean come on Blizzard, you knew there were going to be long queue times. How have you not added more options to pass the time?


“Old darkness my old friend”
I will miss you fun comps,the creativity and the various choices to run with…officially the gameplay will feel the same pretty much every game everywhere…which is stupid…it will not make any difference between comp and qp
I do find this role queue interesting since u can play the role u want no matter how good you are but idk if that’s worth the price


learn from your failures and counter. You got this!


Massive thanks to the Overwatch dev team for creating this amazing feature!!! Now i can queue into Competitve without having to worry about the character ill have to play! :smile:
I siriously can’t thank you guys enough


Molly, we need assurance QPC is permanent.

Please add a Competitive Classic too. Many of us don’t want 2-2-2 every… single… zzzzzz


Noooooo, my quick plaaaaaaaay :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I wannaaaa play role queue with my frieeends but we’ll have to wait mooore to play together in quick play!!!


Reset MMR please, please


Where’s my symm revert and brig buffs. We will rise up and start a rebellion!!! I need to speak to Jeff!!!


better than the joke of comp we have now.