#reworkMercy | Any Thoughts?


With the buzz going about on social media, people from all different ranks (pros, casual players etc.) and even various popular YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and even OWL coaches and other staff seem to be giving their thoughts about the movement. I am curious…

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[Moderator Edit] Lets not call out the Dev’s.


Exactly what I was thinking! I’m interested in hearing what they have to say :grinning:

Let’s make our hero more impactful, skillful, and fun #ReworkMercy:hugs:


Please do not buff her, we’re already having enough stress dealing with people she rezzes.


they already said that they have no plan to rework any hero and if they will it will probably be bastion


They literally have said the same thing twice. I think they said it before and after blizzcon.


I think I could definitely see devs paying attention to Mercy after OWL starts up.

So maybe late February.


Didn’t you hear, she’s great now because of Ashe, she can hold M2 to another hero.


We really need their thoughts. And I hope we also get their attention. We really want our hero back. Hopefully with something new, not broken and with a bit more oomph.


It would be really nice to know what the dev’s think! :slight_smile:


lol hi!!!

Yeah! Honestly with how much traction the movement’s been getting youtube and other social platforms, I’m really interested in what they think!


Rework doesn’t mean buff my dude. Additionally, the talk specifically that OP is mentioning brought up several ideas (a new NON-mass rez ult, changes to Valk, aspects of her kit, and even removing rez with something else).


Well, I was thinking of a buff in SirRockRyan’s post:


Caduceus Staff


  • Cooldown ability for the Reload button on Caduceus Staff.
  • Activates the following capabilities for 2 seconds:
    • Healing per second raised to 100, from 50.
    • Damage boosted bullets and non-explosives now pierce through multiple enemies.
  • 10 second cooldown, starting after the ability finishes.

⚡ Give Mercy an Ability on her Reload Key
✍️ Proof Mercy is weaker in 6 sentences
Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

The only thing I think she needs is her primary beam on Valkyrie to be 70hps.


I REALLY hate the idea of removing Rez. Personally I think it would be a bad way to fix the problem since Rez is the only DIRECT counter we have to 1 shot heroes. I still think it has potential to be an ultimate and I hope if they are planning to keep it as an ability that it can work without making the rest of her kit bad.


Those who wish for a rework for Mercy may want to talk to a few folks who mained Torb or Symm before their recent reworks

Be careful what you wish for


Without Rez is doesn’t even feel like mercy. Yes she brings one person back from the dead big deal. I just don’t see how it’s that bad depending on which character.


Sweetheart. Mercy got a rework. Mercy Torb and sym are all on the same boat. Mercy’s Sunk down after her rework while sym and Torb are barely staying afloat after theirs.


Agreed. Also, with power creep and Ult spam becoming more and more of a problem these days, I feel that Ressurect is more important than ever. I personally don’t see them removing the ability any time soon. Regardless though, it would be nice to see their thoughts on the various ideas, suggestions, and other feedback that’s been going about on the hero as of recently. I’ve seen lots of really great stuff regarding solutions to her current lack of impact. :slight_smile:

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Erm, Mercy got a rework, and we got an OP Moth for almost an entire year that everybody hated.

I think we have an idea of what a failed rework is,


This, I think the last thing anyone wants at this point is for Mercy to be made OP again.

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