✍️ Proof Mercy is weaker in 6 sentences

Saying “Mercy is balanced because res no longer makes her a must pick due to the helpful nerfs” means that you can ignore it as a must-have when comparing healers and very quickly realize that aside from output Mercy has nowhere near the survivability of a Brigitte Moira or Lucio. Duel one as Mercy and find out. Oh what? That’s right, you still need a team mate for mobility, proof that you’re more crippled without one AND with one that has bad positioning. Mercy simply needs better defense now to make her a more reliable pick for a ONE STAR hero who shouldn’t need to master aim. Possibly convert her Guardian Angel into a more independent version on a longer cooldown when her pistol is drawn. Nothing special, just reliable, cause every hero has an unlockable ability when they draw a side arm besides her. (sleep, bash, coach.)

Slight buff to healing and I’d be happy.

I don’t really think she needs more output. You’re completely right on something needing to change. Check out the suggestion and let me know your take

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Like torbs mini molten core. I’m all for it. I used to be in the crowd that thought she was just fine but then I kinda realized I just flat out dropped her after the recent nerfs. Moira is my go to now and healers as a whole in my low elo kinda suck now lol. She needs some sort of help. I feel like shes close to what she should be tho.

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Your totally right about that. I just want to get past proving that the sky is blue so we can see what small change she needs.

Seems like the loud few-numbered want to pretend it’s always gray, as opposed to occasionally and not the main focus.

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70 healing on the main Valkyrie beam should fix her.


Again that’s not a terrible path of thought, you’ve definitely got the right balance sense of something needing to change. Many things could but what could you see my suggestion helping you with in your gameplay experience?

I’m worried it might remove a drawback form her, making her to versatile. Could be wrong though.

The healer with the lowest average deaths has bad survivability? :thinking:


Would you like a discussion? I’m confused if you’re heavily passionate or if you want to hear another perspective.

I’m confused why someone is saying Mercy is weak at something that she appears to be statistically the best.


Well don’t be because you have a point. It just gets messier than morning hair when adding 6 characters into the mix all working together to keep 1 alive.
When separated you can better see what hero needs more work, as they might not always have aware teammates, tank team mates, or team mates at all.

That said, if you did want to have a discussion, I am looking for opinions on this concept. Got any thoughts?

The changes dident even effect her mobility. Nani??

Her shift ability - while reliant on your team mates for sure - still offers you a fast spammable option, I’m not sure if I’d say she has nowhere near the same amount of survivability.

Lest we forget she also self-heals after a certain period of time back to full, basically making it so that if you don’t flank her successfully your work gets erased for free.