⚡ Give Mercy an Ability on her Reload Key

I think the desire is to give Mercy some utility that makes her more fun to play, and less brain dead.

If you could bind reload to some sort of over-charge mechanic it would require some timing and thought about when and how to use it. “Over-charge” could be boosting healing, or it could be splitting the beam, or something else. Regardless, using it too long would cause the staff to over-heat and stop working for a bit.

Obviously the reload-overcharge thing only applies when the staff is out. If she had the pistol out it would reload like normal. The idea is based on the staff doesn’t do anything on reload currently.

I think that this is somewhat of a slippery slope though, as anything you add can be considered over-powered as long as Resurrect still exists. Hell, she was still super popular (but still OP?) when she had 60 HP/s, but then became a “dumpster pick” at 50 HP/s unless you are pocketing a Pharah. 10 HP/s is not huge by itself, but makes a big difference with Resurrect on the table.

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I think they already watch Stylosa’s videos.

I like the ideas! I think another one worth looking at is potentially having both beams at once on a meter like DM. This might enable dive and make pirate ships at lower elos worse, but this would also give some currently non-meta heroes a lot of love.

I figure snipers and GOATS wouldn’t benefit too much from this since no numbers are tweaked.

Normally I’d agree, but overcharge/overload doesn’t add anything new to her kit other than a number increase for a few seconds.
It’s perfect, really.
If it had really good animations and various other visual and sound effects, it would be just what mercy needs.

But it’s just another thing she has, and she already has so many things. Also, she’s not looking underpowered since her last buff.

She’s definitely not underpowered, but she is the only main healer in the game who can’t dramatically increase how much healing they do without an ult.
Also, this would give her a way to make burst impact that players want.
Maybe if when the staff is overcharging/loading, mercy has to aim the beam for x seconds (can be rationalized as the staff is operating outside of normal parameters). It would be interesting to see…

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Yes. That’s because she’s the only main healer that gets to heal 100% of the time with no downtime. No resource meter, no misses, no reload.

The thing is she’s monotonous to play, appart when you use her mobility tricks.
She has always the same impact throughout a game, and I think this is 80% of what this post is about.

If you don’t like how she plays don’t play her. That’s what I’ve done and I remain 100% unaffected by how boring Mercy is.

I like her for the mobility, I don’t particularly care if she gets reworked or not, but was just explaining how many people feel when playing her.

I like this idea, though I would prefer to tweak it a bit. Maybe 80 over 2 seconds on a 8 second cooldown, or 60 on 6. They both translate to the same hps increase, but grant a bit more flexibility while also keeping Mercy from being too bursty (which isn’t where her strength should lie).

That being said, all these versions do increase her effective healing to 60 hps, and more in Valkyrie so I don’t think any of them could be implemented without a cost. The simplest cost I see is add on a cooldown/2 seconds additional cooldown to resurrect every time you use this ability (so, in your version res would get an additional 5 second cooldown every time you used this heal). That way, you have to manage your resources carefully. You can either heal more or you can res more. Obviously, the ult cost would also have to be increased to reflect the increased healing.

I also like SirRocknRyan’s Caduceus overload and overcharge ideas (though they would have to come with their own costs as well), but this one strikes me as being a somewhat simpler solution to the problem.

Perhaps a more modern take on Mercy (or a new healer) would have had some combination of these ideas. Mercy has a resource meter that charges by healing (and perhaps drains slowly when you are not). You can cast resurrect when it is full, bringing the meter back down to 0. You can also hit the R key to give your target the heal over time, but this drains the resource meter by a certain amount as well. The ult would still be Valkyrie, but with less healing on the chain beams and with an increased rate of charge on the resource meter.

Here we go, made a better formatted version:

#reworkMercy | Any Thoughts? - #13 by GreyFalcon-11737

That’s called an off healer, which mercy isnt supposed to be.

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Well, not really.

Mercy is good at supporting 200 HP heroes because of damage boost. She’s an excellent pocket healer, it has nothing to do with being a main or an off healer. Lucio is an off healer and works best with Tanks, Zen is an off healer and works best with DPS, Ana is a main healer who works best with tanks, and Mercy is a main healer who works best with DPS. She always has, even with 60 HPS.

I don’t really agree with that.

Main healers can top people off quickly, offhealers trade utility for being able to help with trash damage.

I think the disparity between tanks and dps has a lot to do with tank synergy (and that they can do similar damage) while no main healers specifically synergize with dps as well as they do with tanks (besides nano).
That’s why every meta has piggiebacked off tanks and supports.

She has an ability on her reload key. It’s her reload. Her pistol exists.

Yes, her pistol exists, but apparently your reading comprehension doesn’t :eyes:

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Yeah, but how are you going to use someone as a main healer, if not for tanks only? There arent any off healers that can compensate for that really.
In both situations is mercy then either better than ana in an unrightful way by being just better stat wise, or she’s pretty trash in comparison to anything else.

Her gun already automatically reloads after switching to the staff.

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Give her a recharge staff for her R, she’s the only hero with a caster weapon, give her something interesting.

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