Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

Countering doesn’t work like that: counters are countering specific playstyle. For example, if other team has many CC heroes, both DF and Genji get countered, as both rely on same tactics.

While I can see that people want counters for GOATs that isnt a mirror comp I dont care about Mercy being meta. For me she could be D-Tier again if that means valk and e-rez are gone forever. I want to have fun alongside the other heroes not be their pocket sidekick.


In fact, I would want Mercy to never be a part of meta, so she would be safe from further ridiculous and broken “updates” devs always ruin meta healers with.


Same. I like mass rez better now than when it was live because I actually feel like she isn’t niche anymore and can be used everywhere since valk has no downsides. She’s just…always okay

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I would declare it as community language.
It’s like, you see many say “DPS? Why not DD?”. But still, they won’t use DD because DPS is the common way to say Damage Dealer in the OW community.

I don’t think it’s that hard to understand for the dev’s if we are say thing’s like DPS, Burst or so.

Well, scrap the GOATs part, keep the cool part, and add a heal burst to give her back that feeling of “oomph”.

Would this be fun?

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But the thing is, there are ways around the CC damage… like you can Pharah against the Brigitte… you can keep your distance and not jump in to engage Brig in close combat…

Same with Widowmaker… people disregard her and then they get shot in the face…

There is Pharah… people genuinely try to use Junkrat against her…

I mean playing Genji will only get you so far, until our DPS wakes up and play their role as oppose to playing their favourites, then they wouldn’t be complaining about CC and disruption

Actually the DPS have different roles and different functions and different purposes but our beloved DPS mains can’t take a hint that Genji vs Pharah, isn’t exactly what their teams needs right now.

All of those heroes are dangerous mostly in specific situations: Pharah and Widowmaker need open spaces. But heroes like Genji and DF are dangerous almost everywhere.

Why I have yet to not despise the way this title was written…

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This is why DPS mains feel so isolated and targetted all the time by the community. You’re not helping anyone by pinning the blame on an entire group of people.

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Usually it’s opposite way in actual game. They are majority of community, too.

Aria Rose will be chatting with Daiya about the #reworkMercy movement today (December 14th) at 12 pm CST. If you guys want to tune in : https://www.twitch.tv/daiyaow.
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It’s fun playing Mercy and taking out a Widowmaker, that just took out Mercy. I still think I royally ticked off a Widow that was on the statue on Kings Row that killed me. She was just standing their, so I aimed carefully and fired off 5 shots straight to her head. 3 shots hit before she even had a chance to move, but by then it was too late.

Grenade isn’t optimal, but a well thrown mine does wonders especially on an Ulting Pharah. Or a flying or grounded Mercy for that matter.

Been there, done that, posted it on my YouTube channel.

This, THIS RIGHT HERE is the crux of the problem with the game. With a game that is all about the “Ability to change Heroes at any time” why is there such an SR DING if you actually play the game as it is SUPPOSED to be played by changing Heroes.

Enemy team has a Pharah (for argument sake)- you as a Junkrat change to Soldier 76 to counter BUT get an SR (and XP) ding for doing so.


That Sr system is so weird. Like so much toxicity comes from how Sr is judged. From either the swap ding or the opposite where like, Mercy had that Sr exploit that blizzard just…didn’t changed really. Why is just numbers the basis of Sr? Couldn’t rez to healing ratio been looked at or something? Its a mess.


There is second flaw, that usually isn’t acknowledged - you changing heroes can make other teammates forced to change their heroes. For example, if you have Ana as healer, and pick smaller tank like Zarya, they have to switch off Ana to maintain their healing on same level. Opposite is also true - if you have Mercy, and team decides to go with many tanks, you have to pick Ana or Moira with stronger healing.

Besides, ultimate abilities are getting reset with hero changing, going to waste.

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This idea comes from a place that removes Valkyrie and replaces it with something to the equivalent of a burst and aoe ability. Like a Mass Damage Stop/Invulnerability for a second or two. Enough to heal up a key target on 60hps which is all she would have.

There is no freeflight and no space bar GA sling boost in this idea.

There is only GA with an E that gives her one single independent mobility skill on a cooldown that can she can combine to do what I believe she currently can do too much of. Perhaps even do it like Hanzo’s space bar jump but it is more vertical and you get some bonus glide time, saves on edges, etc. and if you use while using GA maybe it acts like current sling boost but goes on cooldown.

It can still leave room for some sort of E as well, maybe just some sort of cleanse or whatever, who knows. Something small, maybe she can throw out a second damage boost on another person because we want her to enable damage dealers. Or maybe something that gives someone infinite infinite ammo for a small duration. She would enable Soldier, especially during ult and that wouldn’t be a bad thing because we all know he isn’t in a great spot. It would work with Pharah, Ash, Widow, Orisa, Hammond, Winston, Sym, Sombra, ANYONE WITH AMMO and that manages to enable characters who are sometimes under used.


Mercy’s hero information does say “Abilities are enhanced” for Valk… Except Resurrect because that’s apparently not an ability :smile: :woman_shrugging: They should make Rez a ultimate again and have Valk an ability. It makes sense #ReworkMercy


This isn’t that much of a problem, really, given that you can just use your ult and swap right afterwards. It’s not rocket science, and those 20 or so odd seconds, tops, are not going to lose you the game (if they do, you’d have lost, anyway).

Depends from ult: some ults can easily be charged back, when needed, while some(mostly support/combo ults) are taking a while to prepare. Switching hero will mean leaving your team without important ult(usually defensive) for a while.