😡 Don't delete Symmetra, Make a New Hero instead #SaveSymmetra

if it were up to me, i would actually delete symm and mei.

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Symmetra’s orbs are stupid . Her left click is boring. Her barrier toss was a mistake that rarely has value.

I can think of a few ways I’d have changed symmetra as a character while still keeping to her theme and type of gameplay.

Blizz did none of them and decided here’s a giant wall. Not impressed.

I seriously despise any Sym players who aren’t happy about the rework. It’s a pure blessing for our community, and much like Hanzo, Sym won’t ever be considered as a troll pick.


First they said in a Dev Update that Symmetra only needs minor buffs.

I was like “Phew we are in good hands”

Then we Geoff posted how the Turrets are changing.

I was like “Wow they are going to make Sym’s clunky Turret mechanics a lot better”

So at this point I thought they were doing well.

It’s when they announced all the other changes, I was like "This is just deleting Symmetra from the game.



Gravity Hammer now called Sniper Hammer.
Hammer now extends to long range, up to 15 m away.

Firestrike now travels faster, explodes on impact and does not penetrate.

Deja vu anyone ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Earthshatter is now an ability.
When cast it shakes the ground. Allies gains a 15% damage buff. Enemies gain a 15% damage nerf.

Charge is now the Ultimate called Shove.
With Shove, Rein extends his hammer across his chest horizontally and shoves everyone, knocking them back 10m.

All these statement are untrue.
The stats show Symmetra’s the same across all ranks.
The stats also show that Symmetra’s fine on attack.

Eh I can hold chokes and blow people up with a Junkrat.

It is how Symemtra does her thing, that’s what makes her unique and that is now being removed from the game.

You must be fun at parties.

Based on the suggested rework, we already know they are removing her from the game. We would like to keep her in the game instead.

And then there are people who want a rework but don’t like this direction that they are taking her because it totally changes the hero to the point where it is akin to deleting them.

Why wait for a hero to be deleted before speaking up?

Like more of the commenters here.

She is viable in GM.

That’s a factually wrong statement.

Well actually Dva was the worst hero. /s
Saying someone is the worst hero does not make them so.
And there is a difference between worst hero and a hero that no one understands how to play.

Why stop a fair comparison?

Sanjay will be fun to play, I assure you that.

But Sanjay is not Symmetra.

The stats do not agree with you.
Symmetra can be buffed without changing her so much that she is a another hero entirely.

Yes I know Symmetra very well. She should not be removed.

[quote=“JangBahadur-1968, post:1, topic:83632”]
Sorry you don’t get to wish it away.

That is a lot for a hero no one understands how to play and sees as useless.

And they should add Sanjay to the list.

So are you advocating that we remove Reinhardt, Brig, Winston, etc?

You may completely hate a hero but if there is a community of people who really like that hero, why should we delete that hero?

It’s the only part I want to stay, because her current Turrets are kind of clunky.

When I heard they were doing this change I was excited, it’s the other changes that chagne Symmetra entirely and remove her from the game.


“What the hell is reading and why are you expecting me to read?”

I probably will. But it’s so far off from Symmetra’s core, that it deletes Symmetra form the game. That’s what makes me angry.

The Devs should add a new hero instead of removing a hero that a part of their community enjoys, albeit it’s a small part of the community

You said you would be OK if she was. When you really shouldn’t be.

I would not be for such reworks that change heroes so much that they essentially remove them.

If McCree was suddently made into a projectile hero. I would not come to the forums to say “I am ok with this change because I personally hate McCree”

I would instead say “McCree becoming projectile, remove sthe hero from the game. Blizzard should add a new hero, instead of removing McCree”

Not every hero will be meta. We just have to accept it and not be scared of those heroes.

Have you seen the ultimate of Deckard Cain in Hots?

He says “Stay a while and listen” and everyone falls asleep lol.

Ability change descriptions are enough to know how the ability is going to change… if you can read that is.

That’s not the attitude we should have towards heroes we don’t enjoy playing against.
I don’t enjoy playing against Pharah but that doesn’t mean we should delete this hero.
If tomorrow a hero you enjoy playing was getting completely redesigned to the point where they were unrecognizable then I would not support that type of rework one bit.

And they changed everything about her to the point where it’s now a different hero.

Here’s some really crazy out of the box thinking… Why not just add that new hero as a new hero?

I bet no one’s thought of that.

I seriously despise any players who leave comments like that. They don’t read, they don’t make any effort to understand the situation and remain in ignorance to what their fellow players are saying.

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ok some people have took my term “meta” the wrong way

it probably wasn’t the best word for me to use

in other words if people are too scared for change she will always be a pain to play compared to other heroes… even the weak ones!

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Says the guy who just quoted like every single reply in this thread in one post and wrote a book.

But it sounds a lot like you didn’t read the rest of my post where I provided the reasoning for that statement.


he responded to when I said it’s really not deleting her
You can’t just wish it to be so. I can’t wish it away because there’s nothing to wish. She’s getting changed but her core concept never does, she’s still point defense with slowing turrets and her utility with the teleport and the new ult. Her lock on was something people knew her for but it hardly defined her.

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I have lol. Honestly I find his whole entire kit to be hysterical and full of Diablo memes.

“Lorenado” lol.

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I’m not advocating removing any hero. Just stating a fact-based observation on how terriblly awkward it always ends up being when you try to put a beat em up in a shooter environment.

I said I don’t care if she gets reworked. I never advocated, in any sense, for her to be deleted. Those are not the same thing.

I explained earlier that I don’t consider a hero being reworked the same as a hero being deleted. At that point, it’s just what you define “deleting” as.

I’m sorry I don’t care about Symmetra. At no point am I trying to convince anyone to change their stance on Symmetra.

People on this forums practically just cover their ears and go “LALLALALA” when someone proves them wrong so I wouldn’t even bother.

Yeah, don’t remake one of the least played or cared about heroes in the game so she’s given a new lease on life.

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yeah no as a person with a lot of sym time under my belt I welcome the changes

I wonder how long it took him to put all those links :x

The hero is considered a troll-pick since 2 years ago, blizzard needs to change that

Dude it’s HOW she does that is what makes her Symmetra.

I mean Reaper Teleports, if he started Teleporting his Team, it would no longer be the same skill. It would no longer feel like Reaper.

If MCree was changed to projectile from hitscan he’d be Hanzo.

You don’t get to wish away Symmetra’s Deletion from the game.

Read the threads where I talk about how she is fundamentally changing at her core, which makes her an entirely new hero.

You’ve been an immense force in arguing for a correct Bastion rework, I don’t know why you are so blindsided when it comes to Symmetra.

I honestly expected better from your Terranguard.

Please read the above thread.

Do you know where they got that from?

I don’t like the new forums either. You can’t reply twice, so gotta write them novels bruh!

It sounds like you didn’t ready the rest of my opening post where I provided the reasoning for why your reasoning is wrong.

It’s fing fun!!! Dude what are you complaining about. Melee in shooters has always been a blast.

The Energy Sword for example was the SHEEET!

Where the hero is changed so much that they are no longer the same hero. At that point the hero is being deleted.

Read the opening post. Click on the links explaining why this is new a hero.

Yea just kill her instead so she never sees the light of day.

… He says as he covers his ears and shouts LALALA at the top of his lungs.

Dude 9 hrs in quick play is not a lot of time.

Take it from a dedicated no-life 300 hour Sym main. :stuck_out_tongue:

well I wrote the threads in the links, so you got a problem, huh bub?

Then stop being ignorant about the hero. Learn to play them and see how they are useful.

Like it’s not rocket science. Learn to see what the hero does and you won’t think hey are troll pick.

Dude I’d probably like the new Heroshe’s turning into. But that’s my point, it’s a NEW HERO, just add it as a hero 28 or 29 or whatever.

Blizzard is a GIANT in the gaming world. They have enough resources to make a new hero.

They have no excuse for deleting one in the game.

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lmao I don’t know how else to put it. I DO NOT AGREE. I read your OP. I do not agree that it’s deleting Symmetra.

And I am not trying to persuade you to change your opinion! Your opinion is yours, it’s 100% okay, and I am not trying to tell you otherwise. I am not telling you that your opinion is wrong. You are allowed to feel that it’s deleting Symmetra.

I don’t hold that same opinion and I am not speaking on anyone’s behalf other than mine on that belief. :expressionless:

The more you keep trying to tell me my opinion - which I am never stating it as anything other than my own feelings - is wrong, the more I’m inclined to respect yours less.

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Except Sym has always and will still teleport teamates so I don’t see the comparison. The range changed and the positioning changed but not the main mechanic.

Except she’s not getting some weird weapon it’s still a charge up beam weapon

There’s nothing to wish away because she’s not being deleted.


Apparently, if we don’t agree that Symmetra is being deleted, then we’re apparently hardcore advocates of her getting said deletion.


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