😡 Don't delete Symmetra, Make a New Hero instead #SaveSymmetra

They already made Moira and Brigitte

Considering all the ones being unfairly banned since Fueygate, I would say that is high enough. Pretty much only the people that actually enjoy playing Symmetra still play her from fear of being reported on sight.

But my intention behind that “a lot” is saying its not one person or two representing the whole category, like it often is on Top 500 (one or two symmetra players only). Her pickrate in GM is not that far away from her general pickrate, so from all the people that play Symmetra, probably her distribution curve is very similar to the general public distribution curve as well.

Eg, compare that to Widowmaker. Her pickrate skyrockets from diamond and above compared to her general pickrate.

The general issue with Sym (and melee/short range heroes in general) is this is an FPS. Plain and simple. The S stands for shooter.

Blizzard and Co are trying to balance heroes that, by their very nature, don’t work well in an FPS with heavy ranged DPS, unfortunately. To work, they generally need some kind of shtick that will feel terrible to play against (i.e. Doomfist insta-kill fist, Brigitte Shield Stun, Sym’s target tracking, etc.), or cause all kinds of weird glitchy issues (hitbox on Rhein’s charge).

They’re trying to dig out of a hole lined by ice covered in grease. Good luck to them.

if YOU think so…

but the devs already made their decision. the rework is coming.

if you dont like it… no one is forcing you to play the new symm. everyone can play the hero they want to.


I mean, you are 100% entitled to feel how you feel about her.

I just honestly despise Symmetra’s mechanics as they are atm. I hate playing her, and I don’t like playing against her. I hate her gun, I hate her turrets, I hate her playstyle…I’m not a fan of any of it. So I’m personally 100% okay with them getting rid of the current Symmetra, and redesigning her.


her turrets will be more powerful… so that part stays :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t hate what the turrets do, I hate setting them up and how limited range she has with setting them up, as well as how easy they are to take out.

Symmetra- “Im not feeling so good…”

angry deletion noises

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Devs making their decision don’t mean we have to be happy with it. See all the Roadhog players that don’t like his nerfed weapon, all the Lúcio players that don’t like the new wallride mechanics, all the D.va players that don’t like the reduced DM uptime, and all the Mercy players that don’t enjoy Valkyrie.

I don’t like that our society relies so much on fossil fuel to work, but I still have to ride on a bus every day to go to work. That don’t mean I need to give up advocating for clean energy sources just because I ride a diesel-fueled bus every day.

In the same vein, I can play and enjoy the reworked Symmetra (it’s a new hero, after all), and still think the path the devs took to rework her to be flawed.

I hold the same feelings towards Widowmaker. I hate the sniper archetype in every FPS out there. I’m fine with it on single player games, but not on PvP multiplayer because snipers either are dead weight for their team, or they carry the game. There is very little room for balance when you put 1hit-kill on the line.

Yet, the main difference between you and me is that now that Widow is on the game, I will never call the devs to delete her from the game in a serious manner. Exactly because I know that, despise my hatred for her concept as a hero, there are players out there that enjoy those aspects of her kit. So, now Blizzard have to balance the game around they having a sniper in the roster. Forever.

Symmetra was bought into the game as one of the 12 initial heroes as the non-healing support. I embraced that concept fully, and learned in the past 2 years how to properly use her. Blizzard giving up on the concept is not only giving up on Symmetra, but also closing the doors to any future hero that may be another non-healign support. They just relegated themselves to always slap healing in all future support heroes they ever develop, and that is a bigger problem for future design than Symmetra by herself.

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What the hell even is this Sanjay BS and why are you treating it like it’s something official instead of something people made up?


This post is way overblown. Relax and try out the rework. You may love it!


no one is forcing you to take the bus… you can get yourself a vehicle of your choice or find another job.
but you even say it yourself… you adapted… and you can do the same after the rework.

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I never called for her to be deleted lol. None of those reasons are why I personally dislike Symmetra…and that is exactly what I have been saying. Personally. My opinions =/= fact or general consensus.

I don’t dislike Symmetra’s current design because she can’t heal. I don’t care what category she’s in. I don’t enjoy playing as her, or against her because of her mechanics. I also personally just don’t care if all supports are healers. :man_shrugging:

They’re literally my personal feelings…which is why I prefaced what I said with “If you don’t like the changes, that’s 100% okay”

She will never be meta if people are too scared of change

You don’t know the conditions in my country, state, city or family to make that claim. When you are weighting your principles and basic surviving, your principles get thrown away very quickly.

Same intention, different wording.

If they reworked Widowmaker to get rid of her instakill headshot tomorrow, even if I don’t like her, I would be siding with the Widow players that this idea is asinine. That’s also why I, despite not playing much Mercy, still side with the Mercy players that felt robbed of their ultimate with her rework.

She don’t need to be meta. Meta is fluid anyway. Look at Tracer.

That’s…really an issue of what you and I consider “deleting”.

I don’t think they’re “deleting” Symmetra even if it means changing her mechanics around. If you do, that’s…well, that’s completely fine. I just don’t consider this “deleting” her.

:man_shrugging: :

And like I said, I’m not speaking on anyone’s behalf other than my own, nor am I trying to persuade anyone of anything regarding the matter.


I’d die laughing if this was ever an actual ability.

When it’s out, it’s not going back. It will be too late

Stop telling people to wait

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That’s not what I’m saying at all…
People who are judging it have literally no experience with it. Just basing their opinions on damage values and ability descriptions.
Who knows? When it comes out, you might even prefer it!

When we come to the point where people can get experience with it, it won’t matter if they like it or not

It will be done. Blizzard won’t revert

This is the only time to complain, and i’m taking it