😡 Don't delete Symmetra, Make a New Hero instead #SaveSymmetra

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I love how people see this as a ‘rework’ and not the hero essentially being erased and replaced w/ a few abilties recycled and somewhat improved
I don’t look at this and see a nrw and improved Symm
I look at it and see a new hero disguised as an old hero who was ‘reworked’


I didn’t knew that. TIL.

May as well delete her. I’m super salty about this rework. All of the ideas are good and they will be successful, just don’t apply it to a current hero. Create a new one.

Keep fighting the good fight, brother. I will keep fighting until sym dies.


It sounds like you didn’t ready the rest of my opening post where I provided the reasoning for why your reasoning is wrong.

The problem is that people don’t like current sym’s design, so small tweaks that are not on the order of large reworks will never be sufficient for people to accept her as a non-troll pick. That was my point.

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TBH I didn’t even know this was an issue until it was mentioned above. Good to know, though :slight_smile:

I didn’t know about it until I accidentally did it out of habit from before.

The point is that we had “large reworks” before. Mercy was a large rework. Symmetra 2.0 was a large rework. D.va 3.0 was a large rework. Hanzo was a large rework.

All of those fundamentally changed how the hero should work with their team and the enemy team. All of them required some adaptation time so their mains would feel comfortable playing them again. And all of them, at most, changed 2 key abilities at once.

Symmetra 3.0 goes beyond “large rework”. The only aspect of her kit remaining is the turrets, and they are changing enough that if we only got the turret changes and keep everything else on Symmetra equal, I would call that a large rework as well.

Myself, I know I’ll probably adapt to the changes. It don’t mean I can’t be mad about the way Blizzard is handling this second rework.


That’s the point.

That’s what we want. Symmetra is a terribly designed hero who has no place in this game.

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I fail to see how a rework “deletes” Symmetra.

  • She will still have area denial with her turrets (and they will function far better than her earlier kit, at least in closer areas).

  • She will still be able to teleport allies, albeit a shorter distant but more frequently.

  • She will still toss down a barrier, albeit as an Ultimate with unlimited range and a lot of health.

  • She will still have her damage ramp, though it will be more like Zarya’s beam with a greater range/damage and be an excellent barrier buster with it.

The only things I don’t agree with this rework, is the fact that she is losing her Shield Generator and her orbs will no longer pierce.

(Quit making these threads)

To me the truth is this is a completely different hero with similarities to Symmetra. There’s no denying that her character is being deleted the scary part to me is how easily Blizzard is convinced that they need to delete parts of heroes and create new ones instead of turning the heroes. They’ve down this with Hanzo, D.VA, and Mercy and on a larger scale with Symmetra. I just feel like Blizzard is saying if your hero isn’t meta then go main another hero because we’re gonna delete them. It just discourages players from choosing a diverse hero pool, we have to pick what everyone else says is right. No more discovering metas and reinventing you follow the one YouTuber or Pro who happen to popularize a meta and do as everyone else or we delete a character you like. Just not a game I think I want to pursue knowing if I play a unpopular character they’ll be deleted.

Problem with that block of text you wrote is that many non-meta heroes are not being changed.

Symmetra is being remade because even Blizzard realized the design they made for her does not work.

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I didn’t spend 400 hours on sym practicing her and getting gm for her to be deleted

Preach it

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So what you are saying is that you aren’t good without an auto lock on gun, that ramps up to 120 DPS (Soldier 76’s is 100 I think). Yes it is short range but its impossible to get unlatched once you are on it. It also feels awful when you get killed around the corner, with the Symmetra looking in a completely different direction. I am happy it is getting removed so players like you don’t climb without any mechanical skill.

She’s not being deleted though. The main parts of her kits are still present, and then some. We also don’t even know what she will look and feel like yet, and are only going off stage 1 hypotheticals.

She still will have teleporter. She will still have her turrets. She apparently is getting a mega barrier. She’s going to be a barrier buster now. She still has a powerful laser beam. She sounds super cool!

Teleporter as a normal kit ability sounds sweet. Then her turrets will probably be good counters to Pharah and heroes reliant on short range damage (so now you can place turrets too high for Winston to zap, or Brigitte to whack).

Right now she’s considered a troll pick, or a one-trick pick. And neither one of those types of people are respected in the game. I think we should all be glad Blizzard is going to make her more useful for more team compositions, while not being reliant on teammates all the time.

All I see here is a garbage Symmetra main that can’t cope with the fact that you have to look at people to kill them. I looked at your stats and saw that a lot of your time is dedicated to the hag.
Also on console (where I play, yes I’m also gold) she is borderline OP due to the fact that you can just jump around and get kills. It is very hard to track her when doing that so it feels awful. Yes ,i know I’m not the best, but regardless of that I hate her. I believe this is a change for the better. It removes the no skill part of her (for the most part) and replaces it with non-lock on a beam (though from the stats they gave us it feels a bit tad strong.

It does not remove the core aspect of her, which is teleporting teammates and having a beam weapon, along with her turrets All they did was change some properties of her kit. You are blowing this way out of proportion.

P.S. My stats may make me look like I’m a Genji main, but I’m not, I stopped playing him a while ago and even then I only played him in QP, In comp I only play tanks and healers, and DPS when I can (very rare).

No we won’t.

Blizz explicitly said they have reduced the number of turrets to cut back on this sentry-nest oriented playstyle.

Which is ironic because its more DPS liek than the direction they’re going in, which s going to require her to stay with the team more … like a support.

The only thing I recognise about Sym from these changes are the turrets, and even they’re being sidelined.

The part I like least tbh is the orb changes. Symmetra’s secondary fire i the most unique part of her kit, but these changes will just make her a bad Zarya/Junk/Pharah.

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Lol you people still exist

Go to COD

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let me remind you can’t judge bubkiss from playtimes mate it did not record the original arcade times and it does not record custom games or ptr testing

Blizzard just know that there are so many Symmetra mains that are so excited for everything that you are doing with the new Symmetra. She is going to be so much fun and we are so glad that you spent the extra time on her! Im so happy that you listened to how the majority of the community wanted her teleporter to work! #symmetra3.0 #soexcited!