Bring back the pink mercy skin ❤️

wait until they announce ‘Overwatch 3’ in a few years, put Overwatch 2 on hold for 2+ years and tell everyone the skins don’t transfer over or there is a cost to transfer a skin over lol

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Given that you do not know me personally, and it is unlikely in the extreme that you know anyone involved in this discussion on the side of the skin returning, there is no way that you can know any of us at all, much less well enough to know where our priorities lie

Further, the charity is priority. One can want money to go to a charity and want a skin…the two are not mutually exclusive

also, you should review the descriptions of group A and group B which have been discussed many times on many pink mercy threads. Different folks have different expectations when it comes to charity. BCRF and other charities understand and accept this, so I am unsure why certain forum members do not

“Just donate” is an appeal to group A

Pink Mercy is an appeal to Group B

as such the appeal above is mis-targeted and misses the point entirely

I dont know of any low quality individuals here on this thread, but what I have seen quite a bit of is certain forum members coming to threads like this one solely to attack other forum members. Such actions are against both the rules and the spirit of this forum, and as such, these actions should cease

“pretending” in this context is another attacking word

I have not seen any pretending

Begging in this context is another attacking word

There is almost no chance that you know any of the devs at all, much less well enough to know what they do or do not do in terms of reading the forums

actually, none of the Pink Mercy threads I am aware of have ever met the forum definition of spam

“begging” is again an attacking term in the context it is used here

I do not see participating in such threads as a waste of time, at all

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this transaction can already be fully handled within the OW shop

there’s no need to contrive a separate means to donate and receive the skin

Groups A and B have been explained many times in many Pink Mercy threads

“Just donate” is an appeal to Group A

Pink Mercy is an appeal to Group B

as such, “just donate” is mis-targeted in threads about Pink Mercy, like this one

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The Sombra skin is nice. It was exclusive in 2018 to Blizzcon and Haloween terror event in 2019. I was pretty sure it came back during the Remix events but was wrong. I’m missing the 2016, 2017 and 2019 Blizzcon skins. Since the Demon Sombra skin in 2018 got released later in 2019, I thought that it would be the same with the 2019 ones but nope lol. I missed that it said in the description on the Sombra one that it would return at a later date but not on the 2019 skins. Other than the Blizzcon skins mentioned, I also missed out on Pink Mercy.

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Pink mercy skin isn’t coming back. Blues posted that it wasn’t coming back. It isn’t coming back.


This is but a fraction

actually, this is incorrect

there was indeed a statement in blue text that addressed the Pink Mercy skin, but what that statement said does not match with the statement quoted here


many topics in these forums have been repeated many times

many of those repeated topics have been repeated far more than Pink Mercy, but for some reason, Pink Mercy is the only one brought up in this way

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I wasn’t demanding the skin but I am questioning why people want it so bad and again they say “legally” they’ll bring the charity back and peeps who dont own the skin can get it but I don’t think thats the case I swear theres a loop hole.

Rather have a new skin btw a new skin than an old one lets keep buying OLD SKINS FOLKS WOOOOO!

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imo, if someone wants a skin, I dont think it matters how old it is

as for why people want it, it is felt by many that it is a very pretty skin, and it includes sound effects which is not something one gets with most skins. Further, Mercy is arguably the most popular character in the game. There is also the charity-benefiting aspect that is attractive to many players

There’s probably many more reasons, but this is a good start on such a list.

a fraction of what bro?

i literally only said pink mercy x pink hanzo cuz i ship them now cuz its hilarious. why was i tagged in this

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Loud angry horde noise

Peeps just want a skin all I see honestly.

while there is nothing wrong with that, the accompanying claim is quite often that those same people dont care about the charity at all

Of course there is nothing wrong with wanting a skin it’s fine but the charity well it’s true many people if not all of them don’t care about the charity they never did so why are we pretending?

The people who are against the skin maybe a tad bit hateful due to the fact it’s Mercy but at least their “honest” so if you want the skin please do it HONESTLY!

while there are without a doubt a few people who want the skin dont care about the charity, I know of no valid data that even suggests that many (or all, as is stated above) dont care about the charity

since “all” includes me, and I care about the charity, the “all” is wrong, for starters

caring about the charity and wanting the skin are not mutually exclusive

I don’t see anyone who wants to purchase this item acting in a dishonest manner.

What I do see and a lot of it) is some forum members going out of their way to attack fellow forum members for simply wanting to legitimately buy a legitimate product

Do you really care about the charity? Now I rather not assume but. . . do you donate to this charity?

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I have already answered that question

In this post? Reply with it.

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I have already fully clarified this item, and as such I will not be addressing this specific item any further in this side conversation

So you haven’t answered the question I have asked have you or have you not donated to the breast cancer charity?

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