Pharah is weird

Why are your ideas always so terrible lol

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Because I’m usually right, but people don’t like to think :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re almost always wrong, and your ideas are always terrible lol

Would that really be the best course of action considering like 65% of all healing mechanics already don’t reach an airborne Pharah :frowning:

Its a tricky situation but reducing an already tiny list of options to get healing would be a bad idea, unless you give Pharah some way to self-heal :o

I don’t like the pharmercy synergy, but reducing pharah’s only reliable source of healing is a pretty bad take. I think damage boost is a bigger problem but nerfing their synergy is pretty complicated

Funny how people seem to like the ideas when they actually get into the game.

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I literally rather have this and a good decent buff for pharah. I don’t even care if I get healed less, give me a decent qol buff in return as well.

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Think of it this way, if they made Pharah worse when combined with Mercy.

Then they could buff Pharah to be more self sufficient when not combined with Mercy.

For instance, 100hp and 100 shieldhealth.

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Hated by the entire playerbase, genji onetricks not included
Open queue is a joke
Experimental is basically no different from what PTR was 90% of the time, also a joke
Mei is one of the worst heroes in the game now lmao
Literally no one but hog mains like hog combo
Good job, you came to the same obvious conclusion that literally any person would for a role queue ui lmao

You went and cherrypicked and still couldn’t get anything good LMAO unsurprising because your ideas are all terrible

I wouldn’t take that deal if it were up to me

Sure you could receive maybe one more bodyshot from a McCree or .3 more seconds of soldier fire before dying, but it wouldn’t solve the healing issue

The only way I can see removing/lowering Mercy heals for Pharah is if you let Pharah heal herself.

Maybe spend fuel resource to do it, so there’s a TrAdEoFf as people around here are so obsessed with lol

Well yeah, it’s probably not the best buff tradeoff, but the idea is to make something that’s a worthwhile tradeoff.

What did GreyFalcon do to you , why are you so antagonistic towards them? :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess, based on post history, a Brig main who doesn’t like the “Brig shouldn’t be an offtank alternative” I’ve been posting.

If that’s the case, pretty petty. You’d think people can discuss ideas objectively in each separate thread but I guess not, sometimes (reaper_shrug)

Their ideas are just obnoxiously dumb

Yeah nah, I have like 2 hours on brig lmao your ideas are just terrible all around

Well if we’re going by what minimal info is in your profile, a bronze tier 1 trick Mercy main who can’t comprehend the overall game design. :slight_smile:

You can just…you know, not respond to someone’s post, if you disagree with their idea

If you feel compelled to respond though (which seems to be the case), at least discuss why you disagree, and put your own ideas on the subject

Don’t just go “LMAO all your ideas are terrible and you’re dumb”

Also I’d like to apologize to OP for participating inadvertently in this derailing

Mercy is more busted than phara change my mind

Lol, I have more experience on class based shooter design than most people on this forum combined.

Tanks and what do we do?

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That would make how terrible your ideas are even sadder LMAO, though it it mirror you having a gold border and still being hardstuck gold I guess