People need to start to respect the stats

Well thats the thing. They arent statistically significant. The higher you climb the less casula and the more competitive it gets. People might not care in lower ranks, but thats not the case in GM.

What are the objective facts that confirm this?
Or are you just blindly assuming these two claims based on your own emotions?

Its impossible to prove a negative. Usually someone who makes a positive claim has to back that up. But just by the fact how different you see pickrates and winrates are as you go through the ranks should show you that the meta changes as you progress. Which heroes are and arent meta matters more at the high end than at mid to low ranks. People at the high ranks play whats successful, thats literally the reason why they are in high ranks.

I mean i do admit that he wasn’t trash before the buffs but other heroes were/are more broken but that’s how today’s OW is…

And considering that Genji is still struggling a sh#tton in GM, i don’t think that they’ll revert any of the buffs, maybe they’ll add an Ult Charge nerf.

When Blizz posts their objective stats taken directly from their servers and not from a 3rd party website with questionable accuracy, we can officially go off of stats.

I think official stats would put soooo much forum bickering to rest and likely justify lots of these “out of touch” changes that devs seem to be doing. Beats me why they keep them to themselves.

The devs already gave an official response regarding Genji. He was doing fine in January.

He was buffed 5 months later. Something changed? If they had released something like that last month, I’d question the buffs too. Though do note that Josh didn’t reveal much data, just winrate rankings among DPS heroes(and only two of them). We don’t even know how much lower 6th place is to 5th place. Hardly useful stats, even if they came from a dev.

I’m sure echo’s inclusion was a big factor in why they buffed Genji. I believe they referenced her in their patch note explanation too.

And if you can’t prove something, you can’t assume it either.

No, that doesn’t show the meta changes, because the meta isn’t defined as what people choose to play, even though people often choose to play the meta.

That’s definitely true.

But not everybody does as I’ve already said, and this influences the statistics.

People in high ranks are there because they are good at the game. Choosing the right hero is only a very small part of it. You can always flex to whatever’s best and still be bronze and you can one trick off meta and be GM. Playing meta heroes might get you a few 100 sr higher than if you played off meta if you’re equally skilled with them, but that’s about it. Positioning, gamesense, movement, aim, awareness, cooldown management, that’s the main reason they’re in GM.

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And if you can’t prove something, you can’t assume it either.

Yes, just as i cant prove that there isnt a flying spaghetti monster. But for sure as hell i can say its very unlikely to exist.

why do people keep saying this when his winrate literally was negative in gm, one of 5 heroes who had a negative winrate in gm.
the other hero you guys hated and got nerfed for no reason (hanzo) STILL has a negative winrate in gm

He didnt. When the buffs first hit experiemntal i was looking at his stats and he had like around 55% winrate.

You can definitely prove a negative, you can easily prove square circles don’t exist.
If you like, we can make your assumptions positive and they keep the same meaning.

“They are statistically insignificant”
“people care in GM”

You can use spaghetti excuses all you want but your argument remains based on assumptions based on your own gut feelings… kind of ironic.

genji was in no way shape or form 55% winrate you’re lying.
I literally checked multiple times.

he was objectively mediocre, now he is objectively op. asking for him to be buffed previously is justifiable just as asking for him to be nerfed now is.


he was like the 9th most played dps with 54% wr gm, aka mediocre.

Stop discord raiding the forums, seriously.

But…the devs stated quite clearly that genji was argumentively balanced

An equivalent take is to buff brig or Lucio…four times .

“Brig was very middle of the pack so we shaved 1 second off of bash, made repair pack cool down 5 seconds so each one comes faster and is more relevant during the fight”

Or by win rates , taking Mercy’s 55 buff, and adding 3 more:
"Mercy now heals 55, Rez is now 1 second, ga is one second, and dmg boost is now 35 "
Like… They confirmed that genji was in fact: balanced. And then buffed him so…

What exactly is the definition of a square circle? I mean, all circles you see in your screen right now are basically a bunch of really small squares that form a circle, so in a sense, all circles you see in your monitor may be categorized as square circles.

Point being: You still can’t prove they don’t exist, because the first thing you need to do is form a definition, and once you formed a definition, you start trying to prove a positive first. Ie, that this thing exists.

Genji was never trash. He just had a lot of counters. Now he got overbuffed for whatever reason - i guess “mobile burst dps heroes” are much more important than other dps heroes in the game, and now the heroes that used to counter him can barely stand a chance against him

Discord raiding wut?

I dont have a screen shot anymore, but here is my post from june 7.

But i dont have proof… if i didnt have too much time on my hand. Overbuff still provides daily pickrates from the last 6 months. So calculating the monthly winrate by adding up all pickrate from may 7 to June 7 actually provides you your average of around 55% winrate.


|62,50%|June 6|
|48,84%|June 5|
|51,02%|June 4|
|63,49%|June 3|
|44,19%|June 2|
|58,82%|June 1|
|46,91%|May 31|
|50,88%|May 30|
|37,65%|May 29|
|62,86%|May 28|
|53,76%|May 27|
|61,82%|May 26|
|54,55%|May 25|
|64,20%|May 24|
|61,97%|May 23|
|55,88%|May 22|
|48,57%|May 21|
|69,01%|May 20|
|65,12%|May 19|
|52,38%|May 18|
|53,85%|May 17|
|65,22%|May 16|
|46,74%|May 15|
|48,94%|May 14|
|51,02%|May 13|
|56,21%|May 12|
|56,58%|May 11|
|64,29%|May 10|
|44,44%|May 9|
|60,00%|May 8|
|54,17%|May 7|